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December 14, 2016
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December 20, 2002
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December 14, 1966
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Approve or Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP79TiQW75A0095 OQ ,ret 25X1 - uN ~VGG'~++ DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Central Intelligence Bulletin State Dept. review completed 25X1 Top Secret 159 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975A009500020001-4 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO09500020001-4 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO09500020001-4 Approver R4 6A0095000203 -4 25X1 14 December. 1966 Central Intelligence Bulletin CONTENTS 1. Vietnam: Current situation report. (Page 1) 25X1 3. Berlin: East Germany's intransigence does not yet rule out holiday pass arrangement. (Page 4) 4. Communist China - Macao: Portuguese capitula- tion reduces threat of further disturbances. (Page 5) 5. Panama: Robles government injects canal ne- gotiations into approaching election campaign. (Page 6) 6. Note: Venezuela. (Page 7) Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975A0g95000200005X1 a Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975A000020001-4 \ NORTH VIETNAM Dong Hot N "-4 rW' Demilitarized Zone 9 ?Quang Tri Sepone? QUANG TRI `: ~[ Hue 1 f D WA THIENI C A M B O D I A (n ?Sarawane 'Pa Nang QUANG NAM OUANG TIN hpLai ?QVang Ngai eINH DINER,= nn nne PLEIKU t Nhon Cheo lReo; HU OON PHU 1s / YEN Tuy Hoa SOUTH VIETNAM 0 25 50 75 100 Mdes l1 15 Sn J5 n .....e.e,. 65120 12-66 CIA App oved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO09500020 01-4 25X1 25X1 14 INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Map Approveor Re 25X1 *Vietnam: (Information as of 4:30 AM EST) The Military Situation in South Vietnam: US forces are participating in 12 of 27 battalion- size or larger Allied search-and-destroy operations now in progress, but no major enemy contact has been re- ported in the past 24 hours. Elements of the South Vietnamese 21st Division conducting search-and destroy Operation DAN CHI 270D in the delta province of Chuong Thien today over- ran a Viet Cong POW camp southwest of the provincial capital of Duc Long. Sixty-four South Vietnamese para- military and regular troops were liberated without enemy resistance. Sizable quantities of Viet Cong documents, am- munition, and explosives have been captured in this operation since it began on 12 December. (Map) North Vietnamese Military Developments: North Vietnamese air defense elements yesterday offered heavy resistance to US aircraft conducting strikes against three major targets within 20 miles of Hanoi. Two US planes were lost to surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and a third was downed by antiaircraft artillery fire. Preliminary pilot reports indicate the attacks on the Yen Vien rail yard, the Van Dien vehicle depot, and the Xuan Mai highway bridge were successful and that a SAM site was also destroyed. (continued) 14 Dec 66 1 Approved For Rel se 2003104118 : - 0950002000 4. 1 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975A000020001-4 25X1 App 14 INTELLIGENCE ULLETIN MaD Approved W ReIo PA00950001gk9.r4 DRV fighter aircraft- -airborne in record numbers-- failed to shoot down any US planes despite their use of air-to-air missiles (AAMs). Seven MIG encounters were reported, involving a total of at least 12 MIG-21s and nine MIG-17s, The DRV Air Force has yet to score a kill with an AAM despite several efforts during past two weeks. 14 Dec 66 Approved For Rel CIA-RD CAW= 20013MR-if 18 . A00950002QQ~kf 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO09500020001-4 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO09500020001-4 Approver Re ease 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP79T00 75A009500020001-4 Berlin: East Germany's unofficial announcement that West Berlin must recognize the GDR as the price for a holiday pass agreement does not rule out some visiting arrangements for West Berliners. The East Germans want to avoid the,onus for preventing the popular Christmas visits. They may still back down in order to reach an agreement--the first agreement in 1963 was not signed until 17 Decem- ber. Or they may offer passes directly to individual West Berliners without any agreement. Some preparations for visiting already have been made. Application forms and pass blanks reportedly were printed in November, and within the last two weeks between 15 and 20 processing booths were erected at two of the four surface crossing points. 14 Dec 66 Approved For ReI4 009500020051*1 Approved Re Communist China - Macao: Acceptance by local Chinese authorities of capitulation by Portuguese authorities reduces the threat of renewed disturb- ances, at least for the time being. The official Chinese news agency has announced the capitulation, and the withdrawal of four Chinese Communist gunboats from the area sug ests an inten- tion to relax pressure for the present. 25X1 This display of Portuguese inability and unwilling- ness to resist Chinese Communist pressure makes it clear that Peking can at. any time score further cheap and easy political victories at Portugal's expense. For the moment, however, Peking will probably be satisfied with the acknowledgment, by Macao authori- ties that the Communists have the predominant role in respect to Chinese Communist citizens of Macao. 14 Dec 66 Approved For Rele se - 009500020001-4 25X1 25X1 Approver pr Rel ase 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP79T0097 A009500020001-4 Panama The Robles government appears to be trying to improve its position for the approaching political campaign by engaging in a pressure cam- paign on the canal issue. In a conversation with a US Embassy official, Secretary General Jacome of Robles' Liberal party defended recent editorials in party president Samudio's newspaper that called for psychological warfare with the US on the treaty issue. Jacome justified the editorials on. the : basis that government leaders must be in the forefront on "patriotic issues. " He said that press attacks would become 'seven stronger" unless treaty prospects improved. A weekly paper, considered to be President Robles' mouthpiece, on 7 December carried an ed- itorial questioning US faith in the negotiations. The slow pace of the canal talks has been a con- tinuing subject of opposition criticism in Panama. As elections approach and politicians. look for means to defend the administration's position, the govern- ment will find it increasingly difficult to maintain a restrained attitude toward the US. 14 Dec 66 Approved For Relese 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP79T00975 1009500020001-4 25X1 25X1 Approved Nrl"ReI ase 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T0097 009500020001-4 NOTE Venezuela: In two separate attacks yesterday, terrorists injured the Venezuelan Army chief of staff and killed a retired major who had participated in the conviction of a terrorist in 1963. The attackers left leaflets threatening to kill three military officers for every terrorist arrested. President Leoni has sus- pended constitutional guarantees, probably to give the authorities the means to cope with the terrorists and to allay military discontent with government inaction against them. 25X1 14 Dec 66 ,,r_v,, Approved For RoIease 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP79TOO Top S oretFor Relea 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP79TOO975AO09WO20001-4 Top Secret Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO09500020001-4