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December 15, 2016
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May 28, 2003
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July 2, 1969
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Approved For Release 2003/06/11 CIA-RDP79T00975A01400Se I 25X1 DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Central Intelligence Bulletin Secret 5O: 2 July 1969 Approved For Release 2003106/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975A014000120001-2 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/06/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2 Approved For Release 2003/06/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2 Approved For Release 2003/06C~WFTDP79T00975A014000120001-2 No. 0157/69 2 July 1969 Central Intelligence Bulletin CONTENTS South Vietnam: Situation report. (Page 1) Chile: The progressive nationalization agreement is under attack by leftist groups. (Page 2) El Salvador - Honduras: Both countries have agreed to mediation of their dispute, but there has been little progress. (Page 3) Paraguay: Inept handling of student unrest has cre- ated a tense political atmosphere. (Page 4) USSR: The Soviets are reported to be working on an advanced version of their supersonic transport. (Page 5) Afghanistan: The government's tougher policy on stu- dent agitation may lead to serious disorders (Page 6) Argentina: General strike (Page 7) South Korea: Student demonstrations (Page 7) Approved For Release 2003//QMR IA-,RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2 Approved For Release 2003/c`RDP79T00975A014000120001-2 VIETNAM 6AM IRANM SOUTH VIETNAM Battalion: VC 200 400 Demilitarized Zone Regiment: VC 1,0001,500 NVA 1,2002,000 I MILES 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/0%FC- J'1DP79T00975A014000120001-2 Approved For Release 20031$6 ,FC A-RDP79T00975A014000120001-2 C South Vietnam: Some Communist main force units in several important areas once again appear to be entering a period of partial disengagement. In the central highlands, the principal enemy forces responsible for the recent siege of Ben Het-- the North Vietnamese 28th, 40th, and 66th regiments-- appear to have withdrawn to Cambodian sanctuary. Nearer Saigon, in III Corps, elements of the Viet Cong 5th Division have pulled back from forward staging areas near Xuan Loc to traditional base areas deep in War Zone "D," while those of the 9th Division are refitting and regrouping in sanctuaries along the Tay Ninh Province - Cambodian border. On the other hand, several Communist combat units are preoccupied with preparations for another upsurge or "highpoint" of attacks sometime during July. In the central highlands the enemy continues busy with attack planning in Binh Dinh and Pleiku provinces. The North Vietnamese 1st and 7th divi- sions also continue tactical maneuvers around po- tential allied targets in both Tay Ninh and Binh Long provinces. (Map) 3 2 Jul 69 Central Intelligence Bulletin Approved For Release 2003/S RDP79T00975A014000120001-2 Approved For Release 2003/06K: Ck 2DP79T00975A014000120001-2 Chile: The progressive nationalization agree- ment is already being attacked by leftist political groups. Under the agreement, Chile will purchase 51 percent of the Anaconda Company's operations within three years and will buy the remaining 49 percent over a longer period. The Communists have attacked the latter purchase arrangement and also a three- year management contract with Anaconda. Rather than answering the Communists, the government has accused them of lacking patriotism. Partly because the.Com- munists are wary of getting on the wrong side of a nationalistic issue, and partly because they fear they would be the first target in any government crackdown on the left, they have toned down their attacks. In addition to Communist criticism of the agree- ment, the Socialist and Radical parties have announced that they intend to continue to fight for their bills now before congress that call for immediate national- ization of Anaconda with little compensation. Even if congress passes nationalization legislation, it could not get the necessary votes to override Frei's inevitable without defections from his party. 2 Jul 69 Central Intelligence Bulletin 2 Approved For Release 2009'5A-RDP79T00975A014000120001-2 Approved For Release 2003098 I RDP79T00975A014000120001-2 El Salvador - Honduras: Both countries have agreed in principle to mediation of their dispute, but little progress has,been made to heal the breach in diplomatic and commercial relations. The Salvadoran Government, which initiated the break on 26 June, has set five conditions for accept- ance of mediation. These include immediate cessation of the persecution and expulsion of Salvadorans in Honduras, punishment of those responsible for crimes against Salvadorans, and payment of reparations. El Salvador has refused to drop the charge of genocide it brought before the OAS Human Rights Commission and has demanded that all Salvadorans who fled Hon- duras be allowed to return to their homes, busi- nesses, and jobs if they wish to do so. The Honduran Government particularly resents the genocide charge, maintaining that it took prompt action to ensure the safety of Salvadorans in Hon- duras. Many of the approximately 10,000 Salvadorans who have fled Honduras apparently had been there il- legally, and it is unlikely that Honduras can be persuaded to readmit all of them. Indeed, Honduras is suspicious that many Salvadorans still in the country originally entered illegally and has ordered that all Salvadorans must register for documentation within one month or be expelled. Trade between Honduras and El Salvador has com- pletely stopped and land traffic between Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica is reportedy coming to a standstill. Failure to reach a quick settlement of the dispute can be expected to cause further economic dislocations within the Central American Common Mar- ket. Central Intelligence Bulletin Approved For Release 2003/QOM ,t DP79T00975A014000120001-2 Approved For Release 2003/0~L116RIPPP79T00975A014000120001-2 Paraguay: The government's inept handling of mounting student unrest has created a tense political atmosphere. In mid-June, security forces overreacted to leftist-led student demonstrations against Governor Rockefeller. Several students were severely beaten and others were arrested. These tactics sparked new demonstrations against police brutality and resulted in more violence. There has been little violence since 21 June, but university students and many sec- ondary school pupils continue on strike. The government is refusing to bring arrested students to trial, and maintains that the agitators are Communists. It has alienated the elite by clum- sily trying to cover up the fact that incriminating evidence against one student was obtained through an illegal search. So far the public has shown little sign of be- coming actively involved, but the opposition parties have condemned the government's repressive measures and the Catholic bishops have issued a statement which implies that they are sympathetic to the students. The student disturbances do not pose an imme- diate threat to the government, but the opposition's increasingly vociferous attacks on it are tempting President Stroessner to reverse his long-standing attempts at political liberalization, and he may move to silence criticism of his administration. 2 Jul 69 Central Intelligence Bulletin 4 Approved For Release 2003/06/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2 SECRET SECRET Approved For Release 2003/06/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2 USSR: The USSR reportedly is working on an ad- vanced version of the TU-144 supersonic transport. it would be an all-titanium version of the TU-144. The use of titanium would permit higher cruising speeds and substantial weight savings, as well as greater payload and range. The present TU-144 is providing the Soviets with valuable experience in SST operations, and would buy some time for the development of an im- proved titanium version that could still reach the world market about the same time as the first gen- eration of Western SSTs. 2 Jul 69 Central Intelligence Bulletin 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003Tb~/fi"1R~IiRDP79T00975A014000120001-2 SECRET Approved For Release 2003/06/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2 Afghanistan: The government has adopted a tougher attitude toward student and faculty agita- tors, raising the possibility of new clashes be- tween security forces and militants. Prime Minister Etemadi, in a radio speech on 28 June, warned that the government would no longer tolerate the agitation that has sporadically dis- rupted life in Kabul for the past three months, and would use the full powers at its command to main- tain order. His basically uncompromising speech warned dissident faculty members that they were also members of the Afghan civil service and were subject to government rules and, regulations. Following a long meeting on the 26th with Ete- madi, the Kabul University Senate appealed to all students and faculty to,'resume classes on 29 June, threatening disciplinary measures against those students who refused. Some students did return to classes, and a majority of both the students and faculty appears willing to follow suit, although many are fearful of reprisals from the militants. Etemadi's tough speech leaves the government with little room to back down in the event that the warning goes unheeded. How far the leaders of the dissident students and faculty are willing to go in the face of government threats to use force is not yet clear, but their uncompromising stance in the past points to the probability of new and possibly serious clashes with security forces. 25X' 2 Jul 69 Central Intelligence Bulletin 6 Approved For Release 2003 1 ''I~ & RDP79T00975A014000120001-2 Approved For Release 2003/($BGitB ] DP79T00975A014000120001-2 NOTES C Argentina: Yesterday's general strike by the militant antigovernment bloc of unions had limited success. Despite the adoption of stringent measures by security forces operating under the newly imposed nationwide state of siege, terrorists bombed an elec- tric power plant and some railroad cars in the capi- tal. Assassinated labor chief Augusto Vandor's metalworkers union. has called a 24-hour strike of mournin for today, and some other unions may join it. South Korea: The government appears to be main- taining its cautious but firm approach toward student demonstrators opposed to a third term for President Pak. For the fourth straight day, Seoul riot police yesterday drove back thousands of student protesters attempting to leave their respective campuses, but appear to have made only a minimum number of arrests. In an apparently related move to help cool off the situation, the authorities have released many of those arrested when the demonstrations began last week. At least one major campus has been closed for two days to den the students a rallying place. F Approved For Release 2003/0310G {IE9fDP79T00975A014000120001-2 Central Intelligence Bulletin Secraaproved For Release 2003/06/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2 Secret Approved For Release 2003/06/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14000120001-2