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December 15, 2016
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January 29, 2004
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July 28, 1969
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Approved For Release 2004/03/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975A014JQ.Qe1-6 25X1 DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Central Intelligence Bulletin State Department review completed Secret _ 5Q 28 July 1969 Approved For Release 2004/03/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975A014200070001-6 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14200070001-6 Approved For Release 2004/03/11 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO14200070001-6 Approved For Release 2004/?'C1'RDP79T00975A014200070001-6 No. 0179/69 28 July 1969 Central Intelligence Bulletin CONTENTS South Vietnam: Situation report. (Page 1) E t-Israel: A tougher Israeli stance has not dissuaded Egypt from attacking across the Suez Canal. (Page 2) Czechoslovakia: Tensions are rising between the authorities and the populace. (Page 3) El Salvador - Honduras: Troop withdrawals remain a key issue in the search for a formula to end the crisis. (Page 5) Communist China: Imports of fertilizer and grain continue to maintain the balance between food production and population growth. (Page 6) Brazil: The government is moving toward restoring as 1 ted degree of political normality. (Page 7) 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/% , RDP79T00975A014200070001-6 Approved For Release 2004/03/11 ? o f 9T00975AO14200070001-6 NORTH \ nVIETNA, Battalion; VC 200- 400 N V A 300- 500 Demilitarized Zone ment: VC 1,000-1,500 u4. ,.ng Tri NVA 1,200-2,000 Division: VC 5,000-7,000 - N V A 5,000 8,000 Ca Ma HUA THIEIYv aN ug I CORPS WUANG NAM LAOS. . Tonle r \ Sap CAMBO'DflA G ULF OF SIAM KILN \ TuON PHONG ~A yFC QUANG TINj QUANG . ,..... IyGAI .DINH.G. ClINH EARLAG Han Me Thuat