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December 15, 2016
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February 11, 2004
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September 8, 1970
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Approved For Release 2004/03/17: CIA-RDP79T00975A017-SCCFO-8 25X1 DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Central Intelligence Bulletin Secret 50 State Department review completed 8 September 1970 Approved For Release 2004/03/17 : CIA-RDP79T00975A017100030001-8 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03/17 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO17100030001-8 Approved For Release 2004/03/17 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO17100030001-8 Approved For Release 2004/0?/'Y7"C tip'kDP79T00975A017100030001-8 No. 0215/70 8 September 1970 Central Intelligence Bulletin Arab States - Israel: Fedayeen hijackers still hold two aircraft and some 180 passengers. (Page 1) Cambodia: There were scattered harassing attacks but no major new actions over the weekend. (Page 3) Thailand: The government has completed a successful counterinsurgency operation in the north. (Page 5) Japan: The head of the Defense Agency has offered reassurances on Tokyo's nuclear intentions. (Page 6) Japan: The steel industry has moved to increase im- ports of coking coal from Communist countries. (Page 7) 25X1 OAU: The African summit has condemned the UK, France, anc West Germany for arms sales to South Africa. (Page 9) Romania-Chile: A recent agreement provides for jointly owned facilities in both countries. (Page 10) Chile: Allende's victory is likely to keep the country in a prolonged state of tension. (Page 11) 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/OS h -as-&l -kDP79T00975A017100030001-8 Approved For Release 2004/1C'ATRDP79T00975A017100030001-8 I Arab States - Israel: Fedayeen hijackers con- tinue to hold two aircraft and some 180 passengers as tensions mount in the Middle East. Demanding the release by late Wednesday of fed- ayeen held by authorities in West Germany, Switzer- land, the UK, and Israel, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is threatening to blow up Swissair and TWA aircraft and passengers now being held in Jordan. A Pan Am 747, also hijacked by the PFLP, was blown up after its passengers were evacuated in Cairo Sunday night. Swiss, West German, British, and US officials are attempting to work out details for a possible prisoner, passenger, and plane exchange. Tel Aviv's attitude toward the release of Is- raeli-held commandos--they may number as high as 2,000--is not yet clear. The US Embassy, however, believes Tel Aviv may ultimately agree to the release of some and even attempt to broaden the exchange to other Israeli prisoners held in Arab countries. In Jordan, new shooting incidents threaten the latest attempt to ease the tensions between the gov- ernment and the fedayeen. King Husayn's ability to control the situation is being questioned by the US Embassy. The embassy believes that the PFLP has once again upstaged the more moderate Fatah group, which this time has found it expedient to congratulate the PFLP for its hijacking successes. The situation along the Suez Canal has remained quiet, but Tel Aviv has withdrawn from the Jarring talks. Israeli Ambassador to the UN Tekoah has re- turned to New York, but there seems virtually no chance that substantive talks on the questions of peace will begin soon. Both Israeli Prime Minister Meir and Foreign Mi-niqi-im-r Phan are scheduled o visit the US next week. 8 Sep 70 Central Intelligence Bulletin 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/0 HC-Itl , DP79T00975A017100030001-8 Approved For Release 2004/7-`L=DP79T00975A017100030001-8 CAMBODIA: Current Situation Phnom', PKompongSpeua( "1 0Prey V1ng `..Trgm Kbf r a an 1T ~npmy y SJ' baras~~2j attar' Princ-pal city (10,000 or over) Population over 125 per sq. mi. :_ ~...~ Communist-controlled area Light enemy attack ,s~ig+rn A Approved For Release 2004/ '1t } 2DP79T00975A017100030001-8 Approved For Release 2004/0~t7`:'f:1ioCRDP79T00975A017100030001-8 Cambodia: Communist forces carried out scat- tered harassing attacks against government defensive positions in several areas over the weekend, but no major new enemy actions were reported. Enemy troops maintained pressure on the town of Saang, attacking a nearby village yesterday and burning several bridges in the area. The Cambodian Army continues to report sizable numbers of Commu- nist troops near Saang, and also to the west near the towns of Tram Khnar and Srang. Light enemy attacks were also reported on gov- ernment positions near the cities of Siem Reap, Svay Rieng, Takeo, and Kompong Speu during the weekend, but few casualties resulted. Meanwhile, elements of a newly formed task force were to proceed north to Skoun on Route 6 yesterday, in the first stage of an effort to open that road all the way to Kompong Thom. 8 Sep 70 Central Intelligence Bulletin 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/03*`:-'~ RDP79T00975A017100030001-8 Approved For Release 2004/RDP79T00975A017100030001-8 Government forces rout insurgents Insurgents step-up organizational activity 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/9M1k .!