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November 16, 2016
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April 27, 2000
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January 29, 1964
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JJ Approved For Release 2000/06/01 : CIA-RDP79T01003A001800230002-5 29 January 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Dissemination Control Branch, DD/CR FROM Chief, Publications Staff, ORR SUBJECT Transmittal of Material It is requested that the attached copies of CIA/RR CB 64-3, New Steel Plant May Strengthen Bulgaria,s Economic Ties With the West, January 1964, Secret/NO FOREIGN DtSS24, be forward's& as follows: State, INA Communications Center, Room 7816, State Dept. Bldg. For EMbassies in Berlin, Moscow, Sofia, Bonn, London, and Paris Attachments: Copies 0001 - 0006 of CB 64-3 cc: CGS/RB Thedt;svFnmiii-nredby memorandum has been completed pig Date: Approved For Release 20 SIC:313' 25X1 A '1 .6g1 -RDP79T01003A001800230002-5 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/06/01 : CIA-RDP79T01003A001800230002-5 roject No 23.5071 Tar CIA/RR CB 64-3 ritie New Steel P1anIy...azj.t_r_e22.hen Bulgaria's Economic Ties With The West --- January 1964 (SECRET/NO FOREIGN DISSEM) sible Analyst and Branch RECOMMENDED DISTRIBUTION TO STA FE ?L; Bloa Berlin, Germany B uc barest, Romania pe et, Hungary lvioecow, USSR a, :Prague, Czechoslovakia Sofia, Bulgaria k:--- W,ar saw, Poland Brad Yugoslavia Bern, Switzerland ?,e Bonn, Germany v russets, Belgium Copenhagen, Denmark. Frankfurt, Germany Geneva, SwitzerLand Helsinki, Finland The liague, Netherlands Lisbon, Portugal,/ Loadon, England Luxembourg, Luxembourg Madrid,: Spain Oslo, Norway Pari France Rome, Italy Stockholm, Vienna, Aus Pacific 'Wellington, New Zealand Ma.nila, Philippines Canberra,: Aostralia aiielbourne, Australia Far East ?????.??????????????.A......,??? mar, 3aagkok., raaila.nal Djakarta, Indonesia Hong Kong (i.anizoora, Barma Kuala Lurnpu.r, Malaya Saigon? Viettlain Seoul, Korea Singapore, British. Taipei, Formosa Tokyo?iapan Vientiane, Laos Phnom Penh, Cambodia C off:1-,,-)*Pc,, Ceylon Nr East & South Asia, Ankara, Turkey Athens, Greece Cairo, Egypt Damasaus, Syria i'a6;eh1Ughatitstati Karachi, Pakistan New Delhi, India Nicosia, cyprus Tehran, Iran Baghdad, Iraq Tel Aviv, Israel Beirut, Lebanon Amman, Jordon Jidda, Saudi Arabia Ottawa, Canada Approved For RelegeNBENtil.: ARA R/MM 25X1A Guate:.-.11a anain.a n l3uenoi4 Airt,s, A rc,m.ritito Bogota Colornb Santiagn, Chile La Paz, Baliyia Montevideo, Ux qa CaraC enm Air .c Yaoreie, 1...,,opolfiv Ad di A bal.c., AQClit, Ghana Abieljan? Ivory Nairobi, Kenya Mont ovl a, Lant!t,) Rabat, ivicsrocc:- Lagoa. Nigert.? Mogadt9ciri, Khartfr,1 ,;q; funie? unttit., Pretoria, 3 out Algiera, Cotonou, Lathe ,ay Dakar. , e g 1 Bamako, taalz GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic downgrading and NO .11 1003A001800230002-5