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November 16, 2016
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April 27, 2000
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November 5, 1964
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,Approved For Release 2000/06/01 : F;_479T01003A002100170002-8 5 November 1964 25X1A MEMORANDUM FOR: ATTENTION FROM Chief, Publications Staff, ORR SUBJECT . Release of Information 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C 1. It is requested that information from the following sources in CIA/RR CB 64-71, India and Communist China Contemplate the Use of 1, 000-Kilowatt Rad o Transmitters for Broadcasts to Southeast Asia, November 1964, SECRET NO FOREIGN DISSEM, be examined to de- termine whether or not there is any objection to the release of this information 25X1A 2. If this information is approved for release to the above recipients, these sources will be deleted from the bibliography before the report is forwarded. 2SX1A 25X1 C Attachments: Copies #184 & #185 of CB 64-71 /M7lle C%U ;Jr`!gti d ` Approved For Release 2000/06/01 9 100170002-8 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/06/01 : CIA-RDP79h1003A002100170002-8 13 November 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR-. Chief, Dissemination Control Branch, DD/CR FROM Chief, Publications Staff, ORR SUBJECT Transmittal of b ,terial It is requested that the attached copies of CIA/RR CB 6k-Ti, India and, Communist China Contem late the use of 1, 000-Kilowatt Radio Transmitters for oadcasts to Southeast Asia November 196, Secret/W0 F (N DIB , tiFforwarded as o lows: State, INR Communications Center, Room 7818, State Dept. Bldg. Suggested distribution for Embassies in Bangkok, Djakarta, ong Kong Ran?oo !, Kuala Lumpur, Sa.9_gon, Seoul;, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Vientiane,: nom Penh, Colombo, and Landon ILLEGIB LY~ Lys A.Z Y r. l this memorandum has been completed, By Pate: ~G Slav 6 Attachments: Copies 4213 - #2226 of Ct CGSIRB 64-71 For Release 2000/06 SECRET 25X1A 79T01 003A002100170002-8 Title India and Communist China Contemplate the Use of 1, 000-Kilowatt Approved For Release 2000/06/01 CIA-RDP79T01003A002100170002-8 ` CIA/RR CB 64-71 xxxxxxxxxxxx Project: 32. 5189 Radio Transmitters for Broadcasts to Southeast Asia --- I ovember 1964 (SECRET NO FOREIGN DISSEM) Responsible Analyst and Branch -- RECOMMENDED DISTRIBUTION TO STATE POSTS Berlin, Germany Bur. ha:rest, Romania. Budapest, Hungary Moxrcow, USSR Prague, Czechoslovakia Sofia, Bulgaria b 'a.R saw, Poland r Belgrade, Yugoslavia Bern, Switzerland B OYliat, Gt a r inany Brussels, Belgium Copenhagen, Denmark Fr?,.rrkfurt,, Germany t : enccva? Switzerland Helsinki, Finland The Hague. Netherlands t isbon,;. Portugal Lo sdou., Lnglaad Luxembourg, Luxembourg Madrid, Spain Oslos, Norway Paris, France Rome, Italy Stockholm, Sweden Vienna, Austria Wellington, New Zealand Manila, Philippines Canberra, Australia Melbourne, Australia. SFCAET Approved For Release 2000/0 angkok,, Thailand Tong Kong Rangoon, Burma 'kuata Lumpur? 14.14 `Saigon, Vietnam d,Seonl, Korea ,Singapore,, British Malaya Taipei Formosa ~a, okyo:; Japan Vientiane, Laos Phnom Penh: Cap -tbodia ~i;.a fdlS llay l,% ey ? a~1 Near East & South . MS/COM ARA 25X1A Mexico Guatemala Panama B raziilia, Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina Bogota, Colombia Santiago, Chile La Paz, Bolivia Montevideo, Uruguay Ca i o.Lae, d ~~ .caeca Yaounde, Cameroun Leopoldville, Congo Addis Ababa, Ethopis. Accra, Ghana Abidjan, - Ivory Coast Nairobi, Kenya Monrovia., Liberia Tripoli-.; Libya. Rabat, Morocco Lagos, Nigeria Mogadiscio,. Somal Khartoum, Sudan Tunis, Tunisia. PTetatia, South Africa Algiers, Algeria Cotonou, Dahomey Dakar, Senegal Bamako, Mali Ankara, Turkey At-hens, Greece Cairo,; Egypt Damascus, Syria Kabul, Afghant-1-s.n Karachi, Pakisa tan New Delhi, India Nicosia, Cyprus Tehran,, Iran Baghdad, Iraq Tel Aviv,, Is rael Beirut, Lebanon Amman, Jordan Jidda, Saudi Ai-abia Ottawa, C anada GROUP 1 Excluded trcm automatic downgrading and ..: 3AO02100170002-8 Approved For Release 200Qt0W0tt.aC .RDP79TO1003AO02100170002-8 ; Subject Analyst a d 3 neh 25X1A Unedited drai Editedk d 7 of C" Other Text check Source check Releasable to, 25X1 C DISTRIBUTION 1 sent to AD/RR #2 it to DDI 03 checked for release OLIPSD notified to Dieaeminat1 Approved For Release 2000/06/dl : CIA-RDP79TO1003AO02100170002-8 -7- 25X1 C Approved For Release Sources: P AI CIA-RD P E 3 4002100170002-8 1. State, New Delhi. Airgram A-1053, 23 Apr 64, p. 1-3. OFF USE. FBIS. Daily Report (Middle East, Africa, and West Europe); not 96, 15 May #64, p. 1. U. 25X1A Analysts: State, New Delhi. Ziftt~mnlng T-521, p. 2, 14 Aug 64. S. Coord: ORR 25X1A Approved For Releas "'W66 1i A- ~1' 4 03A002100170002-8