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December 9, 2016
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April 9, 2001
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February 1, 1965
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Approved For Release 2001/04/27 S e-ft"T01003A002200100001-5 CIA/RR CB 65-JO Q4A. February 1965 INTELLIGENCE BRIEF Copy No INFLATIONARY PRESSURES ADD TO INDONESIA'S WOES DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Office of Research and Reports GROUP 1 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Excluded from automatic Approved For Release 2001/04/27 : (-~ ' ~ 01003A002200100001'-5 declossiflcation Approved For Release 2001/04/27 CIA-RDP79TO1003AO02200100001-5 This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, Title 18, USC, Secs. 793 and 794, the trans- mission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 2001/04/27 : CIA-RDP79TO1003AO02200100001-5 RD COPY NO. PUB. DATE LOCATION MASTER URI. GY1? M MAXIMUM STOCK MINIMU 1 SA6h E( ) DI CUT TO TO DATE DATE COPIE9 DEBT 3V COPIES ES TO DATE CUT TO DATE COPIES IES TO 0 DATE 7-?1 MASTER DATE IES / NUMBER OF COPIES DATE NUMBER OF COPIES DATE RECEIVED OR ISSUED ' I ' RECEIVED OR ISSUED REC' D ISS' D SAL MO. DAY YR. D REC SS D BAL DAY YR. 11 65 Unit #231 - 280 Diet 0 0 . jr 3S r 6 .! a9 Gs' ~~ `gas G a g P Gf a -r tx- r oVS:: s r Moscow, The ague, London, Paris, 'Wellington, Manila, Canberra, Melbourne, Bangkok, Djakarta, Hong Ko7ng, Rangoon, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Seoul) Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, Colombo, Kabul., Karachi, Baxdad, and Ottawa 25X1A copies' - #229,, +231 - #245 cc: CGS/BB The diss~m~'~atioa has been omP,eted; th+s memorandum eh,~,.j Y : B Date'1 Approved For Release 2001/04/27 : CIA SECRET is- '~Zia03 002200100001-5 Approved For Release 204 Project No. 46. 5218 Report Series CIA/RR CB 65-10 Title Inflationary Pressures Add to Indonesia's Woes -- February 1965 (SECRET7NO FOREIGN DISSEM) 25X1A RECOMMENDED DISTRIBUTION TO STATE POSTS Far East Berlin, Germany zingkok, Thailand / Mexico, Indonesia Bucharest, Romania Guatemala .Budapest, Hungary ong Kong Panama V /Moscow, USSR angoon, Burma Brazillia, Brazil Prague, Czechoslovakia Kuala Lumpur, Malaya Buenos Aires, Argentina Sofia, Bulgaria aigon, Vietnam Bogota, Colombia Warsaw, Poland 7 eou.1, Korea Santiago, Chile British Malaya o re a in La Paz, Bolivia . p , g Z Europe Yaipei, Formosa Montevideo, Uruguay . bkyo, Japan Caracas, Venezuela Belgrade, Yugoslavia ienti.ane, Laos Bern, Switzerland hnom Penh, Cambodia Bonn, Germany ol.o.mbo, Ceylon 7 Brussels, Belgium Yaounde, Cameroun Copenhagen, Denmark Leopoldville, Congo Frankfurt, Germany Addis Ababa, Ethopia Geneva, Switzerland Ankara, Turkey Accra, Ghana Helsinki, Finland Athens, Greece Abidjan, Ivory Coast ,/The Hague, Netherlands Cairo, Egypt Nairobi, Kenya Lisbon, Portugal Camascus, Syria Monrovia, Liberia London, England A-abul, Afghanistan Tripoli., Libya Luxembourg, Luxembourg /Karachi, Pakistan Rabat, Morocco Madrid, Spain New Delhi, India Lagos, Nigeria Oslo, Norway Nicosia, Cyprus Mogadiscio, Somal .,Paris, France Tehran, Iran Khartoum, Sudan Rome, Italy 'aghdad, Iraq Tunis, Tunisia Stockholm, Sweden Tel Aviv, Israel Pretoria, South Africa. Vienna, Austria Beirut, Lebanon Algiers, Algeria Jordon Amman Cotonou, Dahomey Pacific , Jidda, Saudi Arabia Dakar, Senegal Bamako, Mali Wellington, New Zealand J Ottawa, Canada `Manila, Philippines melbourrie, ForIelease 2001/04/ r: 4 D SECRET Filled In RECORD OF REVIEW OF ORR PUBLICATIONS FOR SECURITY/SANITIZ ROVAL (-q C , 5,2 ly) ~, 6 BRAN CIT 1 25X1 C 25X1A 00001-5 (9-36-43) Excluded from omotic FORM 2358 12-64 downgrading and decleclossiflcafion