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November 9, 2016
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April 6, 1999
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October 24, 1950
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Approved For Release 1999/09/21 : CIA-RDP7, TO1049A000200090009-8 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 : CIA-RDP79TO1049A000200090009-8 Approved FRelease 199MMbA-RDPZT01049A000200090009-8 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Project: IP-179 OFFICE OF REPORTS AND ESTIMATES Project Initiation Memorandum Date: 21 October 1950 To: D/L% From: Publications Division, Projects Planning Subject: Propaganda in Chile 25X6 Sts. t.ement of Project Origin: Internal (K-3373) Problem: 25X1A sco : Graphics (if and); Draft due in D/Pub: When convenient Responsible Division: D/ILA Internal Coordination: De artnental responsibilities: Classification to be no higher than: Secret Recommended Dissemination: Requester only 25X6 25X6 Approved For Release 1-939 9/221 : CIA-RDP79T01049A000200090009-8 EET Approved F*v ReleaI&j t ~T01049A000200090009-8 ? o jeot: I ice- / 2 9 OFFICE OF REPORTS AND ESTIMATES From: Publications Dava.43on, Projects Plan ; 25X6 P" P Subject: St .u mc nt of Project aYWa~wx+mH~velua* Zh 4 _-.x-2 < - 3 3 7 ~.) Graff=ha cs (if an : - Draft due In _J'ub: hj Ices oral Lb iV z L / A Internal Co rds.ajt3 IDe zarfir~stori - mmun~svn - C~iZE 25X1A Dissor nation deadline Date: 25X6 -?" 25X6 C1 3 a ,tion to be no hjgae?r a~u G2~r Recor nded Djsse ninations . f vG9kt. 1_ Approved For Release 1999/09/21 : CIA-RDP79TO1049A000200090009-8 25X1A Approved F Release 199 CIA-RDP:iiiT01049A000200090009-8 19 October 1950 ivlED,ORANDUMM FOR: CHIEF, D/PUB, ORE ATTENTION : 25X1 A SUBJECT Propaganda in Chile 25X6 REFER NCE : Case K-3378 25X6 2. It is requested that you elaborate on this statement and include, if possible, the names of known- pro'agandists in Chile, the media used by them, and any available English translations of their work. 3. For your information an IBM card run was made on this subject by the OOD Library, and no documents were found pertinent to the subject. 1~. Any questions relating to this request :ay oe directed 25X1 A to of this office, on extension 3215. ntelligence Support Branch 25X6 25X1A Approved For Release 199,99f 1 : CIA-RDP79T01049A000200090009-8 ET C A D I I -R 1 ~Fvmvvvcvv mni ITIN[Z ANT] RECORD 090009-8 INSTRUCTIONS: Officer designations should be used in the "TO" column. Under each comment a line should be drawn across sheet and each comment numbered to correspond with the number in the "TO" column. Each officer should initial (check mark insufficient) before further routing. This Routing and Record Sheet should be returned to Registry. L Chief , ATTIC: D PubORE ROOM NO. 5X1 A OFFICER'S INITIALS . .l t} i 19 October 1950 p~ P79T01049)WM2O MWOO= ''OFFICE FEET 199 O. 51-10 R F r ft Approved Fo&.Release 1999/0 I UA-RDP7.aT01049A000200090009-8 /Pub (Attns ProJea 0bief, D/'LA 25X6 T P-1791 D/I 1950 subject, Octobor 1950 Tent : or 4ii to elaborate upon the state- 25X6 25X1A Emm i8 Approved For Release 19999f0~W ? CIA-RDP79TO1049A000200090009-8