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December 12, 2016
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November 14, 2000
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August 4, 1952
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ECRE A rove F Re ease 200 ^ nY4 ~ i DP79TO104 A000700070002-2 e um ? UNITED ' S TES GOVERNMENT C~ TO s thief, Vapor" nridaa DaT$ y l~gust 1951 THE t (2dsf, Kstsrials tlvisiomy OAR FROM (adef, Food ad Agrioolta. Brest Cat susJsm Agriculture, damming mammal, Vol. III, isvisawd b A/Ar, K/D? 1. Os real: The gs rsl rs.stias of hal,tats In t Food mad Agrioalt*W$r-saoh who have read srjeek repast is Wei it is ?Lr- tooriab" and has some fastaal walcasssm? It is realised, rswrsr, oabraver that preparing a -aaiook of this mstave rsprsse*ts a as. and requires original thimkiag said a detailed kasrledp of a rather broad field. Ths ooasnts and suggssticas offered by the Food and Agriculture Branch are those of Agricultural tsslmddw and sot of specialists on questions and procedures .smarming sabstap. 2. boor of Oomkontst Several eta meita in the Agricultural section are o gnus om aooaraay and in other oases preosdwes, sug- gssted are somewhat s nrealistio if not completely impracticable. Sass examples are as follorst a) On pars 1, it is stated that the Russian, people east on a very low-calorts ration and that vidraproad starvation is fairly common. Actually, on a calorie basis, diets in the USSR soupsrs tarorably 11th Europe as a whole and are higher than awaragecalorie intakes in several European, Asiatic, Africans, and lliddls last osMrise. Thera have been only two periods in ro?st years (19'22 and 1932 ) whoa widespread star- vation occurred, (The starvation that rspoetsdly osears is elan labor camps is probably net des to a shortage of toed 1a the USSR ar a whole.) Perhaps the statea- it is 4wtism ssmald be minted to iadisate that discs am of poor goality OF *stsrm standards and that, ealastrttics is fairly seisme b) The last tares is smsss of the that-paragraph ? page 1 are sari sb we Is it sommu rd dedlalle to stases psopls who are frisad .y to the W It is tm that imeYstsii areas $w food itaar 25X1 C tats priority oar tali assds at the pspsistlam, ote. '. . Approved For Release 2001/03/04: ffs-RUM01 049AO0070007 0002-2 Approved For Rele 2001/03/04 25X1 C B.Ds Joa 79101 000700070002-2 Nftaw, 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79TO1049A000700070002-2