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November 16, 2016
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February 7, 2000
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September 1, 1975
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CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION DISSEM: 17 Sep 75' NO ELITE 25X1A SERIES NUMBER ER RP 75-25 CLASSIFICATION OF REPORT SECRET DISTRIBUTION TO RC 70 DATE OF DOCUMENT September 1975 NUMBER OF COPIES 200 NUMBER IN RC COPY DATE NO.(S) RECIPIENT SENT RETURNED 1-2 DDI 12 Sep 75 3-6 Reserve 7 D/OER " 17 Sep 75 8 DD/OER 'I II 9 via O/D/OER I' 22 Sep 75 10 SA/ER & D/SA/ER " 17 Sep 75 11 Ch/ D/ D 12 DCh/ D/ D 13 D/IT 25X1A 14 D/NIO II 15 NIO/ USSR 11 16 O/NIO/EC 25X1A 17 St/P 18, 19 via CRS/ADL) 20 II 21 TI 22, 23 D/IT 15 Sep 75 24-59 External dissem - see attached 17- Sep 75 60 MISSING ! ! ! 21 Oct 75 _ 61 CGAS/HE/OPS, 2G40, H q. r7= Sep 75 62 Finished Intelligence Project " 25X1A 63 D/OPR II 64 D/CGAS 65 Ch/ DC D " 66, 67 OTR/II " 68 STATSPEG 69 D/CRS 70 CRS/ISG/SAIO I' 71 D/OGCR 72 D/OCI 73 D/OSR 25X1A 74-79 'I 80 OCI S ecial Projects 25X1 " 81 TI 25X1A 82 D/IAS " 83 D/NPIC " 84-86 D/IT 87, 88 D /I If 89 Q/0 if 90 DI C 25Se 75 91 D/U it 92 oVed For Rele P Analyst, WIT (Project 34.7 7) - FORM 2353 (13) 2.65 copy A prove or a ease RECIPIENT NO. (S) SENT RETURNED 93 St/ CS 25X1A -17Sep 75 94-97 Destroyed 17 Sep 75 98 via SA/ER 6 Oct 75 113 if dtd 25 Sep 75) 99-101 is OCI 17 Oct 75 102, 10 SA/ER 104,10 via SA/ER " 106,10' is OCI 108-11 a SA/ER ((-'/-t- " D - 7r 112 113 See above 6 Oct 75 114-12 Filed in St/P/C IT 130 Archives file 16 Oct 75 131 -20 Records Center 18 Sep 75 114 Art Morrissey, Office of Strategic Affairs, 26 Sep 75 INR/State 115 via CRS/DSB 2 Oct 75 116 Harold Allen, Dept. of Commerce via 3 Oct 75 CRS/DSB 90 Joe Adams, Assistant to the Under Sec. 3 Oct 75 De t. of the Treasur 118 DD(-) SE via CRS/DSB 9 Oct 75 122 Seymour Goodman, EWT/EB/State via 14 Oct 75 CRS/DS'B 119-12 123-1279129 16 Oct 75 25X1C 25X1 7 '0/SE 17 Oct 75 25X1A I 3 JA ; o 06 S 1 f '` 25X1A 25X1 C Appromed For Release 2000/05/15: IA-R Approved For Release 2000/05/15 CIA-RDP79TO1098A000600040001-6 CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION DATE 60F DOC NT _ CLA FICATION OF REPORT Fc, C7 3 FORM APPFGYQd a- ~nnninsi1 si - rIA-RDP79Tb1098A000600 4000 2-65 2353 (13) COPY pproved For Releasp,9Q/05/15 : CIA-RDP79T i NO. (S) SENT RETURNED Approvqd For Release 2000/05/15: CIA-RDP79TO1098A000600040001-6 CONFIDENTIAL do s ~ ;Approved F r: Release 2000/05/15: CIA-RDP79TO1098AO00600040001-6 Distribution List for: OER project number 34.07057, Trends in Soviet Civil Aviation. 1. Vficheal H. Styles, Director Office of Aviation Department of State Attention: Al R emas 2. ? Charles O. Cary, Assistant Admi Office of International Avizttjo Federal Aviation Administratio nist n Af n, Dep rator fairs, artment of Tra nsp ortation Room 1,011E 3. Philip Intern Office Depart s E. ati of men Franklin, Chief onal Transportation D International Program t of Transportation Room 5216A ivisi s on `f 4. Rosari o Scibilia, Deputy Director 49 Bureau of International Affairs Civil Aeronautics Board Washington, D. C. L. William Seidman ' Assistant to the President, F: t International Economic Affairs, White:House 6. John Niehuss Counci for International Policy Execut~ve Office Building 7. elf David ~lliot - National Security Council Staff Execut .ve Office Building 25X1A DIN 2133 1C877 Defense Intelligence Agency Robert: Batten - -w.. Systems Division Langley Research Center National Aeronaut,icai Space Admininstration HamptoIi, Va. Mail Stop 249A Approved For Release P79TOI 098AO00600040001-6 LiVINrIULIV I IHL Approved F r'Release 2000/05/15: CIA-RDP79TO1098AO00600040001-6 2 _'5~ 10. Robert H. Baraz Office of Political-Military Affairs and Theatre Forces Bureau of Intelligence and Research Department of State Washington, D.C. Roon;- .6638 National Security Ager,oy Fort Meade Md. 12. Steven Shervais - pia ?~~ Headquarter.., Military Airlift Command/INZ o: ScottlAir Force Base Belleville, Ill. 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release LGSWEN~P79TO1O98AOOO6OOO4OOO1-6 SECRET Appred.,E.oe1e1 a 2000/05/15: CIA-RDP79T01098A000600040001-6 Project No. Title: 25X1A Responsible Analyst and Branch: SOVIET BLOC .k.-Bulgaria, Sofia 412zechoslovakia, Prague rmany, Berlin cJi,iTh-gary, Budapest &Pdfand, Warsaw rRo-mania, Bucharest R, Moscow EUROPE stria, Vienna lgium, Brussels (1 copy of all reports for f n A+ ti1tan-1 er, US Mission to NAM) vv .11 copy for US Mission to the European Communities) &-D'enmark, Copenhagen ,,England, London Finland, Helsinki fiance, Paris rmany, 43o ri Munich Iceland, Reykjavik Ireland, Dublin ,,,ht.Ty, Rome Luxembourg, Luxembourg Malta, Velletta etherlands, The Hague ay, Oslo Portugal, Lisbon Spain, Madrid Sweden, Stockholm ,.8w tzerland. ern Geneva ?goslavia, Belgrade 7 Australia, Canberra Melbourne Philippines, Manila New Zealand, Wellington FAR EAST Burma, Rangoon Formosa, Taipei Hong Kong Indonesia; Djakarta Japan, Tokyo Korea, Seoul Laos, Vientiane Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Singapore Thailand, Bangkok (2 cys - I cy for US Rep Vietnam, Saigon (2 cys if report receives Vietnam distribution) ANADA, OTTAWA (see reverse side) Approved For Release 2000/05/S O -'RDP79T01098A000600040001-6 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/05/15: CIA-RDP79T01098A000600040001-6? AFRICA NEAR EAST AND SOUTH ASIA Algeria, Algiers Afghanistan, Kabul Botswana, Gaberones Ceylon, Colombo Burundi, Bujumbura Cyprus, Nicosia Cameroun, Yaounde Egypt, Cairo Central African Republic, Bangui Greece, Athens Chad, Fort Lamy India, New Delhi Congo, Kinshasa Iran, Tehran Dahomey, Cotonou Iraq, Baghdad Ethopia, Addis Ababa Israel, Tel Aviv Gabon, Libreville Jordan, Amman Gambia, Bathurst Kuwait, Kuwait Ghana, Accra Lebanon, Beirut Guinea, Conakry ? Nepal, Katmandu Ivory Coast, Abidjan Pakistan, Rawalpindi Kenya, Nairobi Saudi Arabia, Jidda Lesotho, Maseru 'South Yemen, Aden Liberia, Monrovia Syria, Damascus Libya, Tripoli Turkey, Ankara Malagasy Republic, Tananarive Mali, Bamako ARA Malawi, Zomba Mauritania, Novakchott Argentina, Buenos Aires Mauritius, Port-Louis Bahamas, Nassau Morocco, Rabat Barbados, Bridgetown Mozambique, Lourenco Marques Bolivia, La Paz Niger, Niamey Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Nigeria, Lagos Chile, Santiago Rhodesia, Salisbury Colombia, Bogota Rwanda,. Kigali Costa Rica, San Jose Senegal, Dakar Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo Sierra Leone, Free Town Ecuador, Quito Somalia, Mogadiscio El Salvador, San Salvador South Africa, Pretoria Guatemala, Guatemala Sudan, Khartoum Guyana, Georgetown Swaziland, Mbabane Haiti, Port au Prince Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Honduras, Tegucigalpa Togo, oLorne Jamaica, Kingston Tunisia, Tunis Mexico, Mexico City Uganda, Kampala Nicaragua, Managua Upper Volta, Ouagadougou Panama, Panama Zambia, Lusaka Paraguay, Asuncion Peru, Lima Trinidad, Port of Spain Uruguay, Montevideo Venezuela, Caracas - Approved For Release 2000/058 C&I 1 DP79T01098A000600040001-6 Approved For Release 2000/0 1 79TO1O98AO 0 0040001-6 Distribution List for: OER project number 34.07057, Trends in Soviet Civil Aviation. (S ) , Zx.-,...~? -2 1. Micheal H. Styles, Director Office of Aviation Department of State Attention: Al Remas 2. Charles 0. Cary, Assistant Administrator Office of International Aviation Affairsj, Federal Aviation Administration Department of Transportation 3. Philip E. Franklin, Chief International Transportation Division Office of International Programs Department of Transportation Room 5216A 4. Rosario Scibilia, Deputy Director Bureau of International Affairs Civil Aeronautics Board Washington, D. C. 5. -LF., i l l i am S e idman Assi ant to the President, tern nal Economic Affairs Ina Whit ou 6. John Niehuss Council for International Policy Executive Office Building 7. David Elliot National Security Council Staff Executive Office Building 8. DIN 2B 25X1A 1C877 Defense Intelligence Agency 25X1A 9. Robert Batten Systems Division Langley Research Center National Aeronautical Space Admininstration Hampton, Va. Mail Stop 249A Approved For Release 2000/0 FI 15 CIAIRDP79TO1 O98AOOO6OOO4OOO1-6 CONEN AL CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release-2000/05/15: CIA-RDP79TO1098A000600040001-6 10. Robert H. Baraz Office of Political-Military Affairs and Theatre Forces Bureau of Intelligence and Research Department of State Washington, D.C. 25X1A Room 6638 11. National Security Agency 25X1A 12. Steven Shervais Headquarter, Military Airlift Command/IN.Z, Scott Air Force Base Belleville, Ill. Approved For Release 200?n5c~5~CI'fiRDPn79T01098A000600040001-6 TIA,