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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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October 26, 1970
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Approved For Release-2000/08/29: CIA-RDP80-0030 O 0100010020-5 26 October 1970 2?Il .I0RAIIDLiI FOfl: Director of Training SUBJECT ? : Iteccmnenclations Concerning a Seminar for Senior Officers 1. The OTfl ad hoc commit ~ ee --- scat up and directed by you to consider the deri.;-obility of ectablishiri; a training prosrcm for senior officers (GS-15/16) - 'rcco,.~nu:s that priorit~? consideration be Given note to its devel.crment. There eppeer to be some' compellir_G reasons at this time t.hy :Lich a step U:lould be i?_ucll emphasis has been ^'iven to iraprovinl and. b'Cc'leellill P.t;enc's; for j1nior and mid--career officers -- With t e L;eneral o?:, of doe-erring their understendi.:13 of the i n_te1li-cnce ?-o c: s i on ."'s it operates in a !orld of rro.!ing co::.- a plexity. This objective i s deserving of at least equal em_'.a.sis at the senior officer level. The needs of their ctn. _personal develoi-nont com- bined With the ur;r er:cy of r:aintc'i nine, : ency l.:-ofessionalisrl suLtiest the existence of a major rcgaircment for such a prog;rerl. The objectives would be to iDrovide these officers i ith the opporti::i.lty and resource: to reviev the status of the intelligence rro_'essien, to comprehend develon- ing trends in the profess ion e.b..-;ut which they may be only dimly sear,::,, and to re-Eeeval ate and shs._ -en their o-:n shills. An additional objective would be to provide these officers ;!ith the most profound judgments able concerning, domest' c and fo::'eig;:l a fairs, the reletionshirs bet-..eon them, and the potential i =act o i these events upon intelligence as a major function A corlplemen tar y n.b je ctive would be the ultimate establjs1r ent of a i_~ t:i_^.n al intelli hnce seminar c t this senio level -- omen to State and DOD ...- ehich soul c~ represent an additional means through .,hicll CLt. could e.-:ercise le-de 'ship and exert influence in the intelligence co;aMmnity. 2. The #olloeinC; additional considerations underlie our recolrm~^enda.- tion: a. There is no s~7nropriate program currently existing .,,Llich provides senior intc?.l `_uence officers With an opportunity to revicv them- cen ~r o cz>sion and to re-evaluate or hone their owm professional s. .11.:. I.:a.n'.- other c gencies concerned uit:l lTatione l Securit`.' of ia'__r s have such grog: ams and the Civil Service Cor.Loi scion recently e.;tabliehed the Fcders 1 Executive to fill this need on behalf of old-line domestic agencies. In CL^. the Auv:nced Intelligence Seminar (average grade about lt}) end the COS Ser.iine.r r_prescnt the nearest ap- proxiria.tion to a "senior" cqurse. TIC COS Sc:dinar is, of ~m., fn% 7. 7 7 ] Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000.100010020-5 Approved Fdr F clogs W081291*cqj*.~ avj ~a b lic? ( ?~ t , ~t study 1for u truly Y)I?oL11'rct l (ii; is particular- ly li.riited by the to-,.-weal: ti,;ie fa.cto2r). b. ? The won-A"c'ncy ,-enior courses to .fliicll Agency officer are p)stccl (z;ar coll(- r-e , StatL-e Senior Scr:]ilLar, PEI, inancgc- vent pros2tenci clo no'.: con,;ic'c,- the intelli;;encc profs: ^iot1. (I have attended bot_a IT?iC and F~ I and, therefore, speak fro;.l personal c;:perience),. They are 9.:.11r~; ;ant as repro; entationsl essinrients, a,ici tilers' is ouch substance to be gained. Dut, the va.r colleges deft]. with subjects rhich are essentially familiar to a senior .Cntel? iUence officer (however new they might be to a pilot or a. do --troyer captain), and the F_L'I (a valuable experience) is of:,ed o;-irlarily at personal growth and renewal the uchietir; ent of r.-anogerial bc:lcn ce end health. This is dictated by the enor i:o>us variety of a encies represented in a class. REI si::1ply cotld not concentrate on the problems of a particular activity within governnent. 25X1A Beyond this, the number o:f available spaces for CIS', offi- cers. in the senior schools is not sufficient to provide training f'or all of those Cc--e-..-vin- this h . nd of opportunity. This suI- gests the e::istcnce o:r a serious long-term gap -- or void -- ?n the professional deve=:,-,p:lont of na.ny of our most promising offi- cers. Many will have ^ only an orientation program (some i eve not had the;; much) and p4rliaps a special course or two (Grid or l anagement . T.iis su(;t eats the need for a senior program -- not to replace the others, but rather tc provide oppo tur_i ty for on Oddi ti oral num c:cr of office r: (;p e year would more than double our cur rent op; ortuni ty level). C. The DIS National 'Senior Intell-! Bence Course is, in fact neither national ro srenio= . CIE_ has not found it :articulerly stirilulati ns it does provide our officers who cttcnd with an aPPrecietion o:` the vacLness and corlple::ity of the BCD intelligence effort. It would not :?epresent what one would have in mind for a truly senior course. d? There continues to be a judgerient on the park of some top officials in CL that I? rochial.::sal inhibits our activities - perticularly among senior officers. 'i - ? file not a cure-ell. a carefully tailored senior progro^l might well contribute to a. diminution of this problem. .e. The world -- donectic and foreign -- continues to grow in comple::ity. The role Lion between d-mastic and foreign affairs is inevitably nov in- decor, situation in his Studies in Intelli gcnce S _t a, It-0 1` entitled "Tile Agency and the Futu~?e." He ( pai staten`' a?oree :. that., "mrao_e Approved For Release 2000/08gf ft: DP80-00308A000100010020-5 r) Approved Fpltceti t i`l m C C., ?. C 16L'1 n~c,C ~ Uild le:Lr imle - mr ~.)r i.nLcl.l~-~;cnrc c,a11n:)t butt be desirable for an /'~Cency till ~r~ 1'.t.: dace in bcinC j..; t.) tell the u ; Govcl?nr.icnt nat 25X1A jtiLt whot I1L"! 110 1Y)'n: d and is Ila nl);but ti1iot is t:r, happen." sui;?~ests an CTU seminar on the future. rLhc? future .- and thr art of :Ritt:r~la~y --. would obviously be a vital poi-t of the r)rc-)p,):ed prograr,l. 3. Virtuolly every di.scll.ision of this t7L'O JSaJ. surfaced vigorous opposition -- or pre: urncd oppo::i.tion. The major factors appear to be the folloving: a . It vii l be expcr._ ive in a. time of shrinlting budgets -- reel estate (1-000 H. glebe lid? not accepted as "first class") additional rersonnel, travel money, money for high-class lec- tures are all si(rLfieant c:or_side aliens. 'b. It has been nronosed before -- or tried before (CS Seminar) - and has either been shot clown or failed. The claim that "the time is now -ripe" i_s old hot. The time is al,:ays rime for what- ever one vents to do. The OILIP preg_?ora call has been reilectinI; lac% of requirement i?or such a prog:4r+1. Hour do we now rational- ize this requirement? c. The CS will object, ?a:.r'ticulcrly if -representatives fror.i other agencies attend. The DDI vill mrhans find it hard to accept the e::istcn_ce of such a. requirement. d. The "uorl.-load" :- ndrore will be re-stimulated. e have too raeny yc021e in training now. H v can ve .Pare more -- er- tieul.a.rly at, the level. suggestee . e. This vill not fl,' unless Lt is a joint program involving ? the di=?ccto, tes from its v< wry by e ,, lc 'h e _,, .lc n~__n. 1.aluarsel: n~ DCI vouldt be "nice to have, " but nJt necessa:il;r sib ni ficant In rcall- Getting such a program off the ground. Z:. For the r?,a.s:-ns cited in Tara :.-cals 1 and 2, and in spite of the objections in para.~C 1 3; ure recommend that a tor-CA fate of fell, 1971, be set for the establishr.'_c It of a senior seminar on intelligence to be of app'?o::irua.tely tiree m ;laths du_e.tlon (t'tlis time ireme i.-onrescnts a. thortcning of your initial :': nos 1 -- as a corl?r?or.:ise with :1a11Y su es- tions lie unearthed r_lich suggested a 2,,-6 vice:, prog:.?am) -- to be conducted tvice y'ear'ly -- and to include t-,:enty-five officers pcr seminar. We e150 ? recotu end the plaliiiing of eltcl etiv,'e ~1I'agrcros i? ch wowId alloy for the follouring sass lbili tics: en aU.?-CL1 semi.rar; a semi::a.r including CZ':, State cnd I'OD of ce::'c for tle e ~ ~ CL A, ~: irec--1o:1tL pc?riad; C scrlillar n- eludinC CLn, State, and DOD for the i irst `lures .~onths, but limited to CI/l for the final i:lonth. --3-- Approved For Release 2000/08/2,A=RPP80-00308A000100010020-5 j. We 1?ccc, it) rn 0 ~Q~~$~~i~; har nnot been a. The US ?}"tie t1C :r`cene t111CC' I,, a c. tc:;ivr , rn6 In many vc_,, j ect.-: more i::tp'rtant for this level officer than for the jttili r W uld_ be o i.i.ied not merely o t the "con- cerilcd citizen, " but ^t the intelligence -,once professional dor.leotic and "na- tional occur ity" end 1:,cnsitivc to the po i_1 is , 14.E at viii-Ch they coincide. This ;3~ction should include not only on enelysis of the dicru>>tiono and c]_ce o.ges in US society, but how these iectorc rclste to developments in US io:.'cign policy and to e-mclua- tions of the US by other notions. Should include congressional ewe of foreign policy end impact till c;:?eupon, plus views of in- fluential rye':;;'~ .?Yi cn and e.ced(( micions (in addition, how do these people see CIP a`i.tting into US society of the 70s). On the ot?rer and: -- a critique of Congress, the fourth estate, and the role of uotld be useful. We might even rgo so for as to discuss the state of literary and performing arts in the. US. (2 weeks ) b. The US and the r??crld This should i nclrc.e sa' hi stic;~tec? discussions of the key geocrc ;chic areas (with er"!p e, s is on tie r r!ng or conflicting in- tt rp etation o d~ tiE_1_,r i its i_! Li? ac areas) and US ' relations end pr.oblecis the_ein. This would be standard. However, we should acid studies oa a_ticalar a_.u ;I inLi policy n-_oble:o? ("the loss of China" _._ "US fc i1ures in Latin America" -- "tile US as the world's encl. isle, " etc.) (2'_:s ) c. The 1TG 1.i cna l Sec-, :.,it, e ach ial Briefly -- what is it) but bcyerld that -- is it c_eaking? The MSC, the special co:u?.littees, etc. Proposals for cihang (]. week) d. The Intel li-e11cc ('n" ;11L17 t'r end Its Relation to ITatioltal Secu_itir It's herd to ace new subjects here, but they would be dealt with, one would hone, in a Iligh].y so 1isticetcd end frank atl:tcs- phere. USTh and its ea: littces, LEI under Cline, intelligence and military plc.rning, (iutplication and com-octition. (1 wee;.,) e. CIA Its ieletiolisllin as on a ency t~ ?'Mite IIousc, to Congress, in US society, and its inc_elnol develop tints, prospects) and Approved. For Release 2000/0 g : lik DP80-00308A000100010020-5 Approved F PWel 20000VOM9 : -t RDP OOt GO1'OGMS2& 5 o oreicii. i' DUI". The ~L~c: ti~~l- ,,.r, t,) }lot! Uc C') 'oil this 1r.., ? be iin 'luenecd by tllzct:icr non-CIA officcrs .!ill ottcnd. (1 :!cc'..) the bloc., of in.-traction c-+nsidercd in rcrr,,;roph 25X1A 5 We mould rccoi,riend addition. o;C the ftla.utlin", (time allotiient tundotc ; inc ): a . T ]e Irir C t '~'? ~iC e^1tCC Cnd Techt: This could. invol ate o. broad of the sociotcl consequences of techn?)lo ;ical dcvcl')71:ients -.- ncrr?o,lin~ do-)t;n to its p:;oioutnd conscnr.tcncc?s fttr intclliCencc.. Perhaps a fi.cld trip patterned u on the DDS LT traininV prorjram. StretcJr,i-C 1 Ti u 1 o: 2CJ?'_etions A viet.t (or a ser::..~,s of views) by the "experts" on nuclZaa-z relationships and the :role of or in modern society. Perhaps a field trip patternec1 upon 2Nd-Career course. We are told thot -'I,-here are numerous programs of h- ;&h potential a va-ilc ble . 1'rob1c:a is to supplement Grid or planning possibly alre~:c~y ottended. Could use some of the n r- sona.l approach of I, Ilit;:nt even consider some kind of sen_si- tivity or T-grcup Possibility of a Brookings t.eek similar to previous ni.().-care er courses. A few final thou ;hits er:lerge : a. We miL;nt bring in senior officials ' of certain foreiGn services for seminars. b. We should atterrot. to utilize , C, results of Ili-historical studies being produced within C'I_'-. -- vhercver. they are evalu:.- t.ive in nature. If nct, perhaps the Senior Seminar, could add an evaluative note to selected studies. CO Inclusion of rese::rch Tapers should be considered -- al- thour;-1 we are not :cc..-.-lending at this time. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/29 - IA-RDP80'-00308A000100010020-5