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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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October 1, 1970
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DfR - ~ .'. Approved ForRejease 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP80-00308AON100010022~ f a.. Aii3?~9C71":~~NE)U:,t FUi?: Executive Dt -actor-Cc m troller. THROUGH : Deputy Direr;tor for Siipiaort SU JEC'T' A Senior Sci i,xar o1 Iti:c.tiarinl 1 tc Ui~; once: RI FERENCE . Memo fru D/U.1 to E> . Dir. ?Con.Pt. . eitd 16 subj: A S nior School for the A;~ncy 1. :..ti. i'?1littl~:ri'v 1.xFill7Sl~'i' f~1i; .scion clog Y nrall;?lt~ our t`lI!2I;t:i;~ the Office of Txalnl:tr,. W,: have at work o'3 a pro o al a uch lik:;' ii.s for An a_! }1oc corn of tai.:, Scuuook OFltt:3 of O`sR and others is busy W iatifyivig th._ pra ble:ns arni ti:orkin, up p::sslbic c:olutions. In t'2:: hope that the A;.,'.ncy ails give sufticlent ;.u ort to t't'.' idea ffor a to be abl- L-.) offer a c~~':tuiau'ly scftlor s.t..nonr of Lro:.:a scope: an:] :Iixratio:t av a.arly as the au-,unia or 1971. 2. I had not t:at:?r~~lw i to uurfuc t;he idea uwitil I couict c oscrlh;i it :.ore precisely; for ti : l: onicat l t ni Ei"'.. jF Cv!,t I l:ii ik ;a[tlc5's } i-m orandun1 iii` n- tItte,3 a real and imp:)rtau ix?eed. i',`:'{ owfx ,arc ;) ;1i will diffe sc7s"xit;'w` at fro:?a his. It w',%outd load to t`ie c%%-- ttual. cr.'atioa of a ? ntor i::1"'ll' nr o?1 itii:Y[t_.? 3C1 mntellifc:rice'. w+.'hich w hii:'? priaci;tad"i d;._Notz: j t_!h`: rt t.:1A would aiso take I;i i;caior 7C' ~ea ntUt1v :~ of tel.; I. Q--iarti clan of Stain' 1iid Cefca e an:.1 would core: to be the int,-;M once c::;uotcr,2art of t12~ senior war colieg . 3. Something like this etas in ;. he Lack of my head whe;2, In January 1.96) before Lc:conii-ag Director of rral:al:ig, I &iowcd a list of suur;e stions to Mr. !:inn rroan and '.?r. 1:e'Ims. r.1 ice than have moved In the dir;sction of lutenaifiod trulnh g for n2id-I iveI Old lianas, ley dcvelo>i,1- two succossial l14W courSe.`3: ti2eAdvi Deal 5,:I:.iii.1r and ta-_- ACiv,.iceed O; -'r ions Course. flot'2 enure:'.:; profit f;rently fror:t -2avin; t`2 car-f:lity salectecl ficU.L Its help educate iac`.1 other. I l;..iieve o are 'to'v i:l po3lii ~-a to dev io f T'l.. s:tt:2e approach to scat:~:;tantive It2-hon:ie training, for prosp ctive_- :-cecutIvrs frc;u all over the Agency. Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100.010022-3 Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP80-00308A00Q600010022-3 4. Ai,ioaag current reason!; for propo.3iar? Chis C;C vc1up,;41]ent are t': eme: A. OTL h for soiae t:i:a'cc iceia U i:'le:rod i.y the rmblec:: you tt;ct'i,tiy ralu:d v 11:i r,_T3,cct to the .tucarerr t; nir~ie. Your mitt, -,.f .;c arr1'vcci at a U. -e %%iacn ve %,&-r' prcnarinl; to this ...i ;c ic~?r t? Pur 4e L t.: ftla te'.: e:xcc;.,tton_: li.,, iteu, t:: c:t;a: c:rt:3 t.aazc-.er t'.;rty yeaarl of a ,;o. ?'iore on t Ws soon. b. '11.ili year's t;o: