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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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September 10, 1970
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pproved For Release 2QG0/08/29 CIA-RDP80-00308A00010004DO24-1 c Sri) 1,37Q MEMORA111)1114 FOR: Executive A Senior School for t1w Agency 1. This memorandtm offers a suggestion for your consideration. 2. The Director has expressed his concern with the development of senior officers with broad multi-Directorate competence. We have been struggling with an Inter-Directorate Rotation Plan. The Office of Personnel. has studied the problem of Senior Succession and Succession Development. The Career Training Program starts with an Agency-wide exposure. The Mid-Career Course enrol.:lment is also Agon^y-wide and, as you kno:?r, class after class has remarked on the 1:.igh value they place on the exposure to people and things outside their own Offices and Directorates. Some of us--certainly not all or I wo'aldn't be writing this memorandum--hold that there is still too much parochialism in spite of the CTP and 1M1id- Career approach. I am convinced that much of this comes from senior, but not top, levels. 3. I am under no delusion i.;hat what I am about to suggest will correct all ills, but it could be one step nearer. It is possible that the forces of time would bring improvement but it is not probable and even if it were, we can't afford to gait. We need some formal, regular, organized means of raising the level of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the work, purpose, and accomplishments of all Agency components by senior employees. A logical. move would be a training course at the senior level which continued and complemented the Junior Professional.-and Mid-Career Courses. On the national level this has been recognized and given substance in the Federal Executive Institute. As a starter, I suggest a four weeks course, out of town, limited to twenty participants, three times a year, supergrades only, under 55. In time, tile frequency could be cut back to include only the new 16's for the year. The structuring of the course should be left to the Director of Training. I would sec a few lectures by the Director, yourself, and the Deputies, but with most of the emphasis on contribu- tions to the class by the members of the class in various formats. 4+. I suggest you discuss with the Deputies and the Director the desirabi.l.ity of establishing a senior training course as one means of improving the preparation of officers for key roles. ert. S. Wattle Director of Persoiulel Approved For Release 2000/08/29: CIA-RDP80- I Q .P.8Q0 00100010024-1 caj:e i Approved For Release 20Q0/08/29 CIA-RDP80-00308A00010001D024-1 _.,I_,:C)[_R YJIF-t_ Ci ! C:it CI..A'.f:IFtC:r~r1ON lOP Al fl) FIOTYOPI Ilk no S NAME AND J,rJDf?FSs .~-III -_~~~ ~----- --------?_ _-- R I11 8 19, 1000 C1che LCii!?,l DIRECT REPLY --- DIS^i7( It I FCOGNf)ATIOtI 1, C!1CGi(RIt!Cti ' S`.~ `. , ! . ~ ' ' ~ 1 a ~ I! ' ( ' ; - ' : . . , .( UAa w, t / ?`.l, .~ r , ? ~ / FOLD HERE TO RETURN TO U?END`.:R DATE Assisum.t- Deputy Director for Su )port 7D1S, } cis y -Uti( I, hStF'1i:13~` ('n\t'll)!':\"!'[,1i F0~ iO' 237 Use previous editions + r (4U Approved For Release 2600/08/29 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100010024-1