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July 13, 2000
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July 14, 1972
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TR Approved For Releas 2000/08/1 4MRDP80=0U1 0"0010 018-6 ;. .... 4 DD/S 72-2785 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training SUBJECT : Senior. Seminar 14 JUL 1q72 The following is an extract from the minutes of the Deputies Meeting of 7 July 1972 and represents the official decision made about the Senior Seminar. You should be guided accordingly. "5. The Executive Director reviewed his understanding of each Deputies' view on this topic, and each elaborated on same. After a full discussion, it was decided to run the Seminar once a year (January) for 25 to 30 participants who have at least one promotion ahead of them. Participants may be in grades GS-15 and above, and it is understood that, if an individual at- tends, this does not automatically mitigate against his attendance at other senior schools." s/ 'Robert S . "Attie3 Robert S. Wattles Acting Deputy Director for Support Approved For Release 2000/08/15'+:,Ghoe-RDP80_ M88 001100030A18-& J" - ~t 'rSTRATIVE jNT Approved For Release 20QW08/15 : CIA-RDPff%- 6W4030,py8-6 14 JUL '1972 SENIOR SEMINAR - DEVELOPMENTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS FY 72 11. Senior Seminar--Accomplishments The first CIA Senior Seminar was conducted for 20 officers from 19 September through 24 November 1971 and the second for 19 officers from 12 March through 12 May 1972. Both runnings of the Seminar were subjected to a thorough evaluation as they proceeded and at their conclusion by the Seminar participants, The evaluations were helpful in identi- fying areas for improvement--selection of specific topics to be covered, potential speakers, administrative and other pro- cedures. The participating officer's evaluations also provided a solid consensus that the two runnings of the Seminar have been of high quality, that the Seminar objectives have been achieved, and that attendance by the participant officers was worthwhile to them and of value to the Agency. IV. Brief history The CIA Senior Seminar--a two month training program for supergrade and promising GS-15 officers--was initiated in FY 72. Prior to commencing the Seminar an in-depth analysis of the age, work experience, job mobility, training and other characteristics of our senior officer population was made and extensive consultation with officers throughout the Agency on the approach to be followed was undertaken. From this work the objectives of the Senior Seminar were set forth as follows: 1. To enable Seminar participants to develop greater insight into the problems and pressures facing CIA management, the processes of change within the Agency and its external relationships, and developments in American society which are relevant to CIA as an organization. 2. To acquaint Seminar participants with current thinking on U.S. forein policy equities and develop- ments abroad which are the intelligence collection, analysis and covert action targets of CIA. 3. To provide an opportunity for Seminar officers to sharpen their management skills and to broaden their understanding of colleagues and subordinates. Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP,80-00308A000100030018-6 ADMIVISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY )MILVL' ,ATIVE - INTERNAL 'USE ONI ::`f Approved For Release 200006/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A0001000300W 6 Also based on the analysis and consultations, the Seminar's content was structured around a number of "blocks." These covered management and leadership skills, the mission and tasks of the, Agency as they are evolving and meeting changing condi- tions, current thinking about changes in U.S. policy, in major foreign countries and problem areas, the Agency's '?environments"-- CIA's relationships with other parts of government, particularly the Intelligence Community, the DCI's new responsibilities, and changing domestic conditions which have an impact on CIA. In the running of the Seminar, a variety of resources were utilized. Many subjects were covered through lectures, followed by Seminar discussions, by top academic experts, leading officials of other departments and agencies and by knowledgeable Agency officers. Panels, films and Seminar discussions of papers pre- pared by the Senior Seminar Staff have been used extensively. The most significant resource for learning used in the Senior Seminar, however, has been the drawing out and sharing within the Seminar the work and area experience and the judgments of the participating officers; each has been tasked to make an '?Individual Presentation" and has contributed through formal and informal group discussions. VI. Archives Memo fm D/TR via DDS to Ex.Dir.-Compt., 16 Nov 70, subj. "Proposal for a Senior Seminar" Memo fm D/TR via DDS to Ex.Di:r.-Compt., 27 May 71, subj. "Announcement of the Senior Seminar," with att. subj. "Senior Seminar" Memo fm D/TR via DDS, DDS&T and DDI to Ex.Dir.-Compt., 24 Juno 71, subj. "Security Clearances for the Senior. Seminar" Memo fm D/TR via DDS to Ex.D1.r.-Compt., 8 July 71, subj. "Papers on the Senior Seminar" with atts. Memo fm D/TR via DDS to Ex.Dir.-Compt., 17 Dec 71, subj. "Senior Seminar" Memo fm Ex.Dir.-Compt. to D/TR, 7 Jan 72, subj. "Senior Seminar" Memo fm Ex.Dir.-Compt. to Deputy Directors, 14 Jan 72, subj. "Senior Seminar" Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80- 00030018-6 ,TRAOqW ADMINISTRATIVE -. INTERN jLAiUIbTeATIVZ - INTERNAII USE Y 'Approved For Release 204W/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A0001000318-6 Memo to D/TR fm C/SS, 14 Dec 71, subj. "Evaluation of the Senior Seminar" with atts (Report on Senior Seminar One) .Memo to D/TR fm C/SS, 15 May 72, subj. "Report on Senior Seminar Two" with atts. Distribution: Orig $ 1 - OTR/PS 1 - SS chron 1 - Policy Papers (DS) Approved For Releas ,fDj34R9 IA-F gYj 0Q flj0030018-6