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November 17, 2016
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July 13, 2000
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May 18, 1972
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Pat- A Approved For- Release IMO/08/15: CL4~jq 00100U0021-2 18 MAY M#LMORANDUM PORt Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT : CIA Senior Seminar 1. This memorandum recounts our experience with two run- of the Senior Seminar and requests in paragraph S approval for establishing the Seminar as a regular Agency trainrng program. 2. Prom the critiques prepared by the 20 officers in Seminar Ono and the 18 who completed Seminar Two, the memoranda some participants prepared after returning to their jobs, and from our experience In conducting the Seminar, I believe it is. real- istic to conclude that the program has been successfully estab- lished and accepted as such. As a training expcirience for offi.ccars in the supergrades and promising c S-1S's, I would rate it at least as good as the external courses our officers attend. The content of the Sei:.inar_,.focusins on the Agency, its work, its processes and problems, and its relationships with other elements in government, on U.S. foreign policy interests, and on domestic developments which impact on CIA---makes tie Seminar uniquely responsive to the needs and interests of our senior officers. The guest speakers from within CIA, from other agencies, and from the acadc-mic world have been, with infrequent exception, of an extremely hige, quality. The utilization of the experience of the participating officers in the teaching 'and learning process in the Scy,?inar has been a key element. In sum, I believe that the design and the execution of the Seminar in its first two runnin`ys have proven successful and that it has been a productive investment of the tire of the participating officers and of the Seminar Staff. This conclusion is abundantly supported by the views of Seminar mmbers as indicatesi in the Attachment of extracts taken from critiques of the Seminar and from memoranda voluntarily provided to us. 3. I realize that there is considerable concern as to whether tjbe directorates and components of the Agency are able to dispense with the services of excellent senior officers and comers so they can attend the Senior Seminar. In Seminar One, except for the matter of grade leve L which' is discussed below, I find reason to be quite satisfied? Since November 1971 when Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : Clf~?p?0;{~~~8A000100030021-2. Approved For Release WOO/0.8/15 : MOD ba3 $1000100Q021-2 Seminar One was completed, seven of the 20 participating; officers have roved into now job assignments and two Toro are scheduled to do so over the next sevorhj raonths. Two of tip- 20 have been _nrcnotod, includ%. ig one of those V .ho t oved into a new job assign- bent. It Is, of course, still too early to anticipate what will happen with Vie participants of Sealt,.ar Two, but it is notes- wortay that three of the 18 officers who cot pleted the socoud runalng were promoted Jurin the Seminar. All this does not sug ert that a charite in assignment or grade is a direct result of attottding the Senior S:itinar, but I believe it Is fair to conclude that the first two runnings included a nurber of offi- cers wao ware clearly rarkel with the potential. to advance in grade and into a orc resp ensibie Agency positions. 4. This does of nea:a that I an completely satisfied with the results of the process of nominating officers for the Senior Seminar as it has worked to date; Only soven.of the 35 Vito were nominated for Seminar One and eight of t to 21 noni: ated for Soniuar To were super, rades. It would he moat desirable to receive a larger nuni.or of suitor mrade nominations for each run- As the no sirnations to Se: it it Two totalled only 23. offi- cers, the Trainln Selection Board accepted all n smi-naes, taus e:3i inating the possibility of select;Lng ; rtlcip; stta so as to secure a strong combination of area experience and functional x; urtise, 04a officer was withdrawn prior to the running, a second soon after f t he *an ane:! P. third failed to co :rxlota the last week., W`.ii.le S miuar Two as a whole did include 4 officers with diverse fuictifnai baci6lr0un.5, it was consideral0ly li: 1itcr in are2 exp=e4rieace than the first Se nar group. I am inclined to believe that a major factor was the brief load time between the authorization for tin second turning ant! the ncndiine for nos inati n by the diroctoratess. Putting the Seninar of a ro gula.rly scicduled basis with a long, lead tire for conpone. t.s and directorates to plan uonir..eticns would go far to i..isure teat each ,Sin inar grout) is strongly balancc4 and that alteruuatses can be picked to take the place of officers - hho. are withdrawn. S. ithi.r: the concert of th;, corr curri culu , the Senior Scninar represents the capstone of the Aje: cy's tarsi; in3 program and should provide the Key internal tratnin(., elegy:; rt iii the .Agency's executive dcvelopr4eiit Yjriagr'r~'~,i. Y recon,ao Y?.J that you seek the Director's s}*Y,reval to t ai a the Scr.izar, a part of the Approved For Release 2000/`x~ ;CIA-R~P80-00308A000100030a21-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-R Qp al ~A p pQLQ0030021-2 I i., Agency's rr ular training progran, off are . trice aut .:a1Iy, with Vie next running sca* uIcd to commence in rid?Septenbor aa4 nominations due to the Training Selection Board by I5 August. ffl h T. CJc.NI1' : II L irectox of k'r4 i AiIIZ Ott NCt a Deputy Director for SupTt Kit Tic retainuendat .on in paragraph a, is approved-, 2xocutiv NrGctor--%Co!?v troller Distribution: i ? ads e (Rot to 13Tt; via 2 +(A / 2 :x DI r-Cant t I ? i~ 2 - SS chron. (I w/h) Approved For Release 2000/08/15-: CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 Uk.i It 'Approved For Release00/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A000100021-2 ATTACHMENT Extracts from Memorand.2 Prepared after Senior Seminar One "Generalizing from my own experience, there must be many other senior officials whose work has been isolated within a narrow field, who for one reason or another have never been exposed to the Midcareer Course or something comparable, and who would therefore benefit greatly from attendance at a Senior Seminar... I would recommend that the Senior Seminar be institutionalized as a regular CIA course." David Brandwein, Director, FMSAC "My belief that the Seminar :should be continued is so strong that my comments in this memorandum are focused less on the merits of the present course than on ideas to help improve future runnings ...The Seminar was the most -rewarding personal and professional- experience I have had in years." 25X1A (now) Deputy Chief, uropean Division, OCI "The recently completed Senior Seminar was the finest course, Agency or non-Agency, that I have over attended. It was out- standingly effective in its effort to renew one's sense of per- sonal motivation and appetite for achievement...I strongly recommend continuation of the Senior. Seminar." 25X1A , Chief, Scientific as P n us trial Division, IAS "I consider it a real privilege to have been chosen to attend the Senior Seminar; I very definitely feel that it was an extremely useful course; and I would urge my associates to attend. I would definitely want to go on record as supporting the course in every possible way." (now) Assistant Deputy Director for Security, OS Approved For Release 2000/08/15 CIA-RDP80-00308A00010003002172 15vr~liiE ~_I .:' t i:r1 1 Approved For R se.2000/O8/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A6 100030021=2 "It' was a very interesting and profitable session, and I' would- strongly urge that it be continued. I know of no other way in. which Agency officers could acquire this type of exposure and experience, or have the opportunity to talk with senior executives in other agencies about common problems. In our compartmented work environment, there are relatively few officers whose day-to- day activities 'would permit them to gain an understanding of the relationships between agencies and departments, the political considerations which influence our activities, and the rapidly changing international scene." 25X1A (now) Deputy SSA/DDS (effective August 1972) "Nearly all the participants in this first Seminar had spent their CIA careers in one line of professional work, often within one component. Most, therefore, had limited knowledge of the activities and programs of other Agency elements. The Seminar offered them fairly deep and quite comprehensive exposure to a broad range of Agency activities and to the objectives, operations and problems of other organizations which probably could not have been achieved through normal work routines. It was apparent that there is a strong commonality of concerns and interests among various Agency components, and both a need and a desire for improved intra-Agency communication...The views of [prominent academicians and 'futurists'] in particular, caused us to re- examine our opinions and interpretations in a more objective way, and to question the extent to which the Intelligence Community, because it is a virtually closed society, could become subject to stereotype and narcissism in its intellectual processes... Recommendations: Continue the Senior Seminar...." (now) Special Assistant "During the past nine and a half weeks of my participation in the Senior Seminar I learned more about the range of Agency activities and problems than I have in the past decade. I feel this broader understanding has equipped each of the Seminar members to contribute more intelligently to the re-adjustment that the Agency and the Intelligence Community is being required to make. My experience leads me to strongly recommend continuation of the Seminar...I entered. the Seminar with a degree of skepticism and a basic question as to whether OTR had not gone overboard in developing this extensive course...That skepticism has been completely dissipated. to Community Comptroller and Executive Secretary, IRAC 25X1A , (now) Chief, Special Projects Branch, COMIREX Staff Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 .. ? l Al ... U.1.~I ,,,1L. J1 2 i.rI Approved For ReleaS 00/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A00010G`0021-2 Extracts from Senior Seminar One Final Critiques Comments on Meetin Scminar Objective 1: To develop greater inS lg it , into problems a pro=: sures facing CIA management, the processes of change within the Agency and in its external relation- ships, and developments in American society which are relevant to CIA as an organization. "This is the only opportunity I.have had to focus on this subject and the course certainly succeeded in illuminating the issues as well as indicating future trends." "This objective was met to a degree far exceeding my expectations. Great credit goes to the speakers from CIA senior management, nearly all of whom were direct and candid... The Seminar participants this ti f ng mee also were a very positive factor in the success o objective, with the atmosphere generated by the Seminar format contributing to free and easy exchange." 25X1A , Chief, Soviet and East European Forces Division, OSR "The Seminar went well beyond the objective as stated, contributing greatly to my understanding of the Agency's structure and functions, and offering some exposure to the highest officials." 25X1A (now) Chief, Free World ivision, R "Having served in.only one component of the Agency, I was indeed wanting in overall appreciation of CIA activities, problems, etc. The Seminar has helped correct this deficiency very considerably." 25X1A "For years I had seen the tip of the iceberg on a number of these problems, but this course for the first time identified them in the context of the present and of the attitudes of the individuals who must react to them. It seemed impressive to me that while there were no particular surprises to the group as a whole, every individual clearly failed to see how limited his view of the whole picture was prior to the Seminar." 25X1A Special Assistant to the `Chief, Defensive Systems Division, OSI Approved For'Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 Approved For Release12O00/08%15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100WO021-2 -4- "I have a much better grasp now of such matters, and it is important in my present and probable future assignments. I know of no other way I could have obtained my present 'feel' for public, congressional and other government agencies--factors that influence our programs and operations." 25X1A Chief,.Printing Services Division, Comments on Meeting Seminar Objective 2: To acquaint the parti- cipants with current thinking on U.S. foreign policy equities and developments abroad which are the subjects of CIA's business. "This element was particularly well developed by the Seminar." 25X1A "The Seminar provided an insight into the mechanism which formu- lates policy-The 'Academic' view of policy was very interesting, particularly the talks by Brzezinski, Fairbank, et al." 25X1A Project Director, OSP "The professors and State Department officials who addressed this problem helped all of us in the Seminar to understand major U.S. foreign policy problems." "My simplistic world has been overturned by the variety and. complexity of the factors involved in foreign policy and its relationships to the Agency." 25X1A 'Osi "The Seminar was successful in this'objiective too...In sum, it was possible to derive a comprehensive picture of the issues and developments confronting the U.S. generally and CIA in particular." 25X1A /OSR Approved For Release 2000/08/15.: CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 Approved For Releas1000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A000130021-2 "We' found from many of the speakers that it is most difficult in many areas in which the intelligence community is concerned to define 'U.S. Foreign Policy' in terms that can be related to CIA's business. I was impressed that the Agency is as close and as responsive as it is to foreign policy developments." 25X1A . Chief, Communications Security Staff, OS Comments on Meeting Seminar Objective 3: To provide an opportunity for senior officers to renew their sense of personal motivation and appetite for achievement and to renew and broaden their under- standing and appreciation of "the other guy." . "I leave [the Seminar] more convinced than ever that self-renewal is sufficient justification for the time and effort that went into the course." 25X1A /OCI "I certainly have a better understanding of the DDS&T and trust that the DDP's less of a mystery to my fellow 'Seminarians'." WAF "In my opinion [the Seminar] provided us with a look at the Agency, through each other's eyes, which could not have been provided in any other way. The group discussion provided some of the most lasting impressions and has given me a much deeper sense of 'belonging'.1' 11 ...The factors of broadening understanding and appreciation of 'the other guy' were particularly valuable." 25X1A 'OSI " ..Our understanding and appreciation for the problems of the other guy was helped--this alone could comprise a satisfactory objective for the Seminar." 25X1A OSR Approved For Release 2000/08/15 CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 F iY A~JC IYLL~TIAL Approved For Releas 0 0/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A0001OW0021-2 "The second part (to broaden understanding of the other guy) was met very well indeed." Brandwein/PMSAC "The opportunity to get acquainted with a broad cross-section of Agency-people and hear from many others outside the Agency was extremely valuable. Getting away from the office for ten weeks was a definite benefit in itself." 25X1 A OFi R "This may have been the most valuable part of the Seminar." 25X1A /NPIC (DDS) "My understanding and appreciation of problems of others in the Agency most certainly has been enhanced and contacts made during the course will, I feel., benefit the Agency by our combined improved effectiveness." MOL Comments on Benefits Derived from the Seminar: On balance, do you believe that attendance in the Seminar has benefitted you significantly in your present job or in other Agency positions to which you may aspire? "Unquestionably yes. Feel far better equipped to contribute to the decision-making process." /COMIRBX Staff "A resounding 'yes'!! There is no doubt that I will be better able to do my job and contribute more positively to the organi- zation management and overall mission. My congratulations to the staff for putting together an excellent Seminar." 25X1A "Very definitely. Exposure to Agency components, classmates, management, outside experts. . .have all enriched me personally and professionally." 25X1A /ISD Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2' R^K.lrt:'~'f9~~Al 1 Approved For ReleaW2000/68/ >AL08A000'I030021-2 "Definitely yes. Immediate benefit will come from better com-. prehension of CIA management and opportunity to view job in larger context. Long-term benefit should develop from review of international and do~bottc trends. buti1Illiave . I was not enthusiastic become convinced of its value." /OSR "Yes--one of the most serious handicaps to doing a job in this Agency is a lack of understanding of what is going on around that job. I believe the Seminar goes a relieving this information and understanding gap. 25X1A )etailed to OSR "This course has definitely benefited me. I'm sure that I will be a better CIA citizen and will be much more effective in deal- ing with other components of the Agency and will be in a much better position to enthuse those personnel assigned to me." /OC "Very definitely. I have a much better feel for the DDP role in relation to the CIA total mission and a much better view of the interface of the Directorates." 25X1A ~AF "Definitely yes. I feel that the course has provided new insights directly on my present job and it will surely help in future assignments." _/Os "I believe that I have benefited significantly from the Seminar. It probably will benefit me in my present job since I have been moved into a position of managing personnel. 25X1A ,OSI Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2? rVINT Approved For Relea a 2000708/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A00Mt0030021-2 -8- Extracts from Senior Seminar Two Final Critiques Comments on Meeting Seminar Objective 1: To enable Seminar participants to evelop greater Insight into problems and pressures facing CIA management, the processes of change within the Agency and in its external relationships, and developments in American society which are relevant to CIA as an organization. "This objective was achieved in a broad sense. I was especially pleased and impressed with the majority of the outside--non- government speakers. This was an opportunity I could not have found elsewhere.,, 25X1A Deputy Director of Medical Services "My feeling is that from the very first moment of the'Seminar of meeting others of a.diverse experience that the course did-- in every sense of the word--meet this objective. -It was a- rare opportunity to be exposed, not only to the participants, but also the speakers inside and outside of the Agency." 25X1A MMMM Assistant Deputy Director o ecurity for Investigation and Operational Support, 0S_ "I believe that this objective was met very well. I have a. much better appreciation than before the exposure provided by the Seminar." 25X1A , Chief, Programs Analysis Division, OSR "This objective was met exceedingly well, particularly in the areas of problems and pressures facing the Agency and developments in American society which arc relevant to the Agency as an organization. In addition, I obtained a better understanding of the Agency management and its functions. , Branch Chief, OSP Approved For Release 2000/08/15 CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 ~~*r `?~-,? .?'r ... uz k:.A`d ! t~~L Approved For Release-2000/08/15: tIA-RDP80-00308A0001000' 1621-2 -9- "This objective was achieved very effectively. The Agency's recognition of such factors and the efforts being taken to solve them--or anticipate them--were discussed thoroughly and constructively. Much of this area was new to me, and the attitudes expressed were imaginative and realistic.. This part of the Seminar provided me with some new management perspectives." 25X1A , Deputy Chief, ysica.1 Science and Engineering Division, DDS&T "I believe that I had some awareness when I came into the Seminar of these problems, pressures, changes and developments..? But, more importantly, the Seminar sharpened and enlarged my appreciation and understanding of them. I now have a much better base for valid insight into them. Direct credit for this 'enabling' capability must go to the Seminar. The Seminar has impacted on me intellectually and fulfilled this objective." 25X1A CIA Member of COMIREX and Chief of'~Reconnaissance Group, IRS' "Without question I gained greater insight into problems facing CIA management and a broader understanding of the world we live in. This was achieved through a balance of excellent speakers from inside and outside the Agency enhanced by discussions with individual members of the Seminar. After a career of over 20 years in the Agency I had a general awareness of most of CIA's activities but the Seminar provided detail and insight heretofore not obtained. I feel 'wiser.'" 25X1A Special Assistant to t: the Director of NPIC "This objective was very successfully and fully met. Personally I developed an awareness of the changes underway that will influence my actions for some time to come. It also resulted in a commitinent on my part to keep abreast of factors outside the Agency." 25X1A Chief, International ears Area, OER Approved For Release 2000/08/15 CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 ? IHEN i I L Approved For Release O/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A000100 021-2 -10- "This was very well done. The input by the Seminar members was perhaps of greater value in some cases than that of the speakers. This fact points up the importance of recruiting Seminar members--care must be taken, not only to have repre- sentation from all directorates, or at. least to find members with recent experience in key components not otherwise represented. " 25X1A General Counsel Jr., Assistant "In my view, the Senior Seminar accomplished. this objective. The Agency, it seems to me,could perhaps accelerate change for the better by a more enlightened grasp of the popular views that generate change in contemporary society."" 25X1A , Branch Chief, WH "Objective fully accomplished.!! From the opening night when Ex. Dir. gave his thoughts on several of the major problems and issues facing the Agency to the final week, we carefully and fully explored dozens of major issues raised by Mr. CQlby as well as other senior Agency officials. In addition-we developed many issues from within the class which provided stimulating material for penetrating discussions." ervices Sta "This objective was met to a significant extent. In a measure, this resulted from exposure to people and organization exemplify- ing the problems with the Agency and its relationships. To a greater extent it resulted from exposure to a wide spectrum of people and organizations who were aware of the problems and attempting to develop either solutions or methods of finding solutions." 25X1A iv].Slon, OSI , Defensive Systems "This first objective is the one which I feel was--and is-- the most important one to me personally, to any formal 'management training' perVso. Ilbelieve that the Seminar met this objective more than satisfactorily, and I leave the Seminar more acutely aware of present governmental-societal problems from a manaand erialtviewpointythan I was when I entered it "" U'- 4U 1-I1 1101111:31)l ~T~ Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A0061100 3U021-2 LU1~i ic: _:17 i ~: Approved For Release O0/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00308A000100QZP021-2 -11- Comments on Meeting Seminar Objective 2: To acquaint Seminar participants with c u r r e n t t iiThking on. U.S. foreign policy equities and developments abroad which are the intelligence collection, analysis and covert action targets of CIA. "Inasmuch as my position does not expose me normally to such official current thinking, it was extremely beneficial for me to obtain views of these activities. I feel it broadened my understanding of some of the Agency's problems better." 25X1A 'OS N "While the Seminar broadened my acquaintance with current think- ing and trends of direction of U.S. foreign policy equities and developments abroad, it left me somewhat frustrated in these areas. But I view this as a positive accomplishment of the Seminar objective in this area because I perceive U.S. foreign policy and developments in the world as being at the cross-roads., in a state of flux, in the beginnings of major change, at the start of a new era, the principal courses yet unset. If this is a 'turning point' in fact, then the Seminar has given me a fresh and quite full background for sensing the emergence of basic changes in U.S. foreign policy and international developemnts which I anticipate will evidence the next few years." 25X1A =/IRS "Met quite well and certainly was a most valuable experience." Deputy Chief, DDI Planning Staff "With but one or two exceptions the academicians invited to the Seminar were truly outstanding and I found their presentations the most thought provoking sessions of the course. There was an excellent mix of individuals and a thoughtful selection of subject matter. The opportunity to meet in open discussion with the top management of the intelligence community and to have them present their programs and problems was particularly rewarding and will certainly pay large dividends in our future dealings with these Agencies and Departments." 25X1A /SSS Approved For Release 20 EQ E ,: pr80 ,00308A000100030021-2 6-IUJfi AL Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100W021-2 "This is probably the most successfu]L endeavor of the Seminar. It can be strengthened by continued critical review by both Semin t ff ar s a and Seminar participants." 25X1A National Intelligence Programs Evaluation Staff "In this area the Seminar served as a. good updating and broaden- ing vehicle for me. Because of the nature of my work, I have a natural predilection for (and interest in) developments abroad and U.S. policy lines interacting with and upon them, so those aspects of the Seminar addressed to this objective were indeed 'right down my alley. ' I found them to have been very pro- fessionally treated and geographically well balanced on the whole." 25X1A FOCI Comments on Meeting Seminar Objective 3: To provide an opportunity or senior officers to refresh aim broaden their understanding and appreciation of "the other guy." "I believe that this objective was achieved and to me represents the most important objective of those identified as ones to be fulfilled." 25X1A 1OMS "This may have been the most important part of the Seminar that I perceived-.-bringing together a varied group, developing close associations, and holding informal discussions was most valuable to me." 25X1A lOS "The Seminar was extremely effective in achieving this objective. Exposure to 'the other guy' both through speakers and members of the Seminar couldn't have been much better." MOSR "Excellent. This was probably the most valuable product of the course." FE Approved For Release 2000/08/15 CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 R G`.d:.4 t.r ....?417..` Approved For Releas 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000I W30021-2 "If this had been the only objective of the course, the course still would have been worthwhile. Exposure to world, domestic and Agency problems has done me a world of good. My outlook is fresher,and I certainly see the rest of the Agency more clearly." 25X1A IOSP "The Seminar was outstanding in. this respect! The talents and interest's of the other participants soon became evident, and the many informal discussions were possibly as valuable as the scheduled, sessions in providing exchanges of views." 25X1A -/Os I "The interchange among the participants of the Senior Seminar was probably the most worthwhile experience provided by the course. The informal discussions, plenary sessions and social occasions gave me new understanding and appreciation of what was happening in other components of the Agency. Some of the friendships made at the Seminar will last far beyond the end of the course and will provide continuing informal channels of communication." "It is difficult to overstate the value of this objective. It was fully met." 25X1A "Probably the most successful and surely the most valuable experience of the course." 25X1A -/DDI Planning Staff "Excellent! One of us said we really did not 'let our hair down' in criticizing each other--perhaps true, but I believe we have developed an understanding of others.' problems.and gotten to know people in a way that creates a probability of a profitable critical relationship later." 25X1A 0GC "Excellent opportunity. Perhaps the major result of the Seminar." 25X1A -/hfli Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 ~Il'r7d?Jf~Faiie.~t~~ ~~ ., irc.-rr-" f?.. 1 a v.-u .CJit.~'1 ~ E~~ Approved For Rise 2000/08/1.5 : CIA-RDP80-00308A0W00030021-2 J "Another outstanding job was done with respect to this objective and I would class this as the single most important accomplishment of the Seminar." 25X1A _'OF "The formal individual student presentations and the discussions that followed was an ideal way to obtain an appreciation for the outstanding collection of talent: represented in this class. These sessions provided a good mechanism to 'bring it all together' and gain new insights.into how we inter.-relate in fulfilling the overall mission of the Agency." N 25X1A /SSS "Without a doubt this was the most valuable and best achieved of the three objectives. The contacts made in the Seminar have provided me with an entirely different picture of how people in other elements of the Agency work, what makes them tick, and why we have an outstanding organization." 25X1A /OS][ "The opportunity to get together in the Seminar environment appears to accomplish this objective in the best possible manner." 25X1A 'NIPE Staff Comments on Benefits Derived from Seminar: On balance, do you 'believe that attendance in the Seminar will benefit you signifi- cantly in your.-present job or?in other Agency positions to which you may aspire? "I believe that I really did not learn anything strikingly new which will be of benefit in my particular job. However, the contact with 'outsiders' and meeting of 'insiders' has certainly widened my overall experience which no doubt in a subtle way, may enable me to be a more effective officer." 25X1A /OMS "Yes. No question. The better appreciation of people and problems that was gained can't help but to improve my execution of management responsibilities." . 25X1A /OSR Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 POP 4~GiI Approved For ReleaseQQ00/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100W021-2 -15- J "Yes for at least two reasons. It brought to the front or exposed me to issues and problems within and without the Agency that are relevant now and will be for some time to come. It also exposed me to quality personnel from other Directorates." / FE "Yes, but the greatest benefit probably will come over the long- pull. The short-term benefits of broadened outlook remain to be seen!" /OSI "I cannot measure the value of the Seminar in a quantitative way although I certainly feel wiser for the experience. There is a certain prestige value in being selected for a course such as this but I don't expect that it will play any particular part in my selection for future assignments. The understanding gained of the Agency and the Community will help me substantially in my present position but no-1: in any way that-can be measured." 25X1A ~NPIC "Yes--although specific job techniques were obviously not taught, the general experience will almost surely make my performance in this or any other job better." 25X1A ~/DDI Planning Staff "I believe it will. I find it most refreshing and informative to get the views of the Seminarians on all the issues raised in this course." 25X1A /WH "This is difficult to answer. Tangible benefits are certainly impossible to pinpoint but nine weeks of mind-stretching such as afforded me by the Seminar cannot but help to improve one. Likewise, the opportunity for working closely with representatives from other parts of the Agency may very well pay off downstream." 25X1A OF "I believe that considerable benefit has been obtained, in my present job, in that some awareness of other Agency activities, information concerning projects involving other Agencies, and personal contacts were acquired." 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/ -,C[A--J, Q Qo308A000100030021-2 Approved For Relea000/0b/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000130021-2 "Yes--I deal with all parts of the Agency or on matters that affect all parts and this has given me insights on problems and positions I could not gain any other way. Knowing the members 'with key jobs in other components will I think add immeasurably to the quality and efficiency of my work in some areas. " 25X1A /OGC "It was of particular benefit to me in my current responsibili- i4 es for managing certain Agency -wide programs (Regulations publication, Records, Archives, Microfilm) which impact on every component in the Agency. It afforded me an excellent opportunity to do a 'selling' job to the 17 senior officers that will be able to do something about these programs when they return to their respective offices. I think they all have a better appreciation of what these programs are all about and new respect for the complexities and importance of these programs. In a more general sense., I believe this course should be man- datory for senior 'staff' officers in all Directorates." /SSS "I sincerely believe attendance at the Seminar will benefit me in my current job and any other I might have in the future. It has been both an up-dating and re-focussing in addition to which it has set into motion a personal intellectual revision of some of my current professional concepts." 25X1A /NIPS Staff Comments on Value of the Seminar to the A enc : Do you believe the investment y the Agency of two months of time in the Senior Seminar has been profitable or unprofitable from the Agency's point of view? Explain your views. "I can't honestly answer this question. I had doubts--serious ones--about the Seminar and wondered if 9 weeks in my 'own area' would not be more productive. I think I have had a profitable experience and would therefore recommend continuation of the Seminar. In about 4 years I will. be ready for another similar Seminar." 25X1A /OMS Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 Approved For Release (2O 0/08715 :CIA-ADS a-0O'b8A000100 X021-2 -17- "If persons approved for attendance at the Senior Seminar are indeed to move into senior management positions in the Agency,, then I feel that he should have a broad base of knowledge of .the internal and external considerations with which he has to cope as a manager at the executive level. In this context then, I feel that 2 months is not excessive to prepare one in this. manner. Therefore, I feel it was a profitable experience." /Os "The Agency cannot help but benefit from exposure of senior officers to problems and issues that face the Government and Agency. This is a serious group and its members are sincerely interested in the Agency and its future. They will be better qualified officers upon return to their components. The value of cross-fertilization cannot be overemphasized." FE "Without question, a profitable course that should be available to others. Apart from the excellent contacts one gains, the improved understanding of the Agency, the community, and the consumers should be a part of any senior officer's background." 25X1A /OSI "Subjectively, I believe that the Agency will gain more out of me over the long haul than ;ghat it has cost in my salary, the cost of the Seminar (pro-rated/capita), and in my non- productivity during the period. I feel re-charged intellectually. I am better informed factually. I am better prepared to perceive, even understand, change as it evolves and, especially some needs for change and adjustment in the CIA and in the Community." 25X1A ~ IRS "The Seminar has been a good investment -for the Agency in my opinion. In a relative short reriod of time (as compared to the War Colleges and other senior schools) it has given a group of senior officers a broad base of understanding on a number of issues. Most of the participants in this Seminar had vertically structured careers with limited experience outside their parent offices or Directorates. The free give-and-take discussions on the *issues and the opportunity to query in any depth desired question of interest is an experience that could not be dupli- cated in any course that I know of which is available to senior Agency employees. 25X1A NPIC Approved For Release 2000/0 r:1(!1 (~RWfO.,~0308A000100030021-2 Approved For Relea '2000/08M5 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000 630021-2 -18- "I definitely expect it to be highly profitable both for myself and for the Agency. In practical terms of.'early payoff' I expect considerable more receptivity and ACTION on new ways of managing our paperwork problems in the components represented in thi's class. I definitely obtained a new measure of respect for the problems of the 'other guy' and for their expertise in deal- ing with their problems. I am equally convinced that they have gained similar respect for myself. This mutual respect and the fact that one gets to know his fellow students VERY WELL in the. nine weeks we have spent together cannot help but increase our ability and willingness to work together more effectively on Agency-wide problems as we continue our careers in the senior management positions in our respective Directorates.' 25X1A /SSS "Very profitable. The last two months were certainly a hardship for those who took on my responsibilities, but not an unbearable one. The understanding, appreciation, and respect for the participants coming from other components of the. Agency, which were developed during this Seminar, were easily worth the time spent." "I obviously believe the time spent has been profitable from the Agency's view. I would like to think, not only because of what it does in terms of my future performance, but also in terms of the contribution each of us made to the other." 25X1A ~NIPE Staff "Profitable on basis of 9 weeks. Certainly less costly than' 9 months FSI or other senior training courses such as War College, etc." /OF Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2 SF ET? Approved For ReleasD00/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00308AO0016 0021-2 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training SUBJECT 1S May 1972.. Report on Senior Seminar Two 1. This memorandum reports on the second running of the Senior Seminar. Details are contained in the appendices: Appendix 1 gives a roster of the participating officers; Appendix 2 consists of the Block schedules as Seminar Two was actually conducted, including scope notes or short precis of the various presentations; Appendix 3 lists the Individual Presentations; and Appendix 4 contains the overall critiques. 2. In structure and content, Seminar Two was similar to the first running; however, some significant modifications were made as a result of our experience and the participants' evaluations of the first Seminar. A. three-day Block included in the first running, "New Trends and Methodologies of Inter- est to Intelligence," was eliminated. in the second session as a separate Block. This Block had covered various applications of the Delphi technique, the use of decision trees for analyses and resource management, ADP applications and the technique of long-range prediction and modelling usually referred to as futurism. In the second session the Block on "The Intelligence Business in CIA" was doubled to ten days in order to provide a more comprehensive examination of the Agency's intelligence missions and related supporting activities. Similarly, the Block on "CIA's Official Relationships" was extended to include presentations on other major intelligence organizations--the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency--and on intelligence management in the Department of Defense, as well as increased attention to th.e Director's new Community responsi- bilities. In the first Seminar the members were offered a choice of eight possible field trips; one group visited intelligence facilities and contractors in the far West and another toured the Cape Kennedy Missile Test Center and were briefed on ocean surveillance at CINCLANT Headquarters in Norfolk. In order to use the limited time most productively, the trip was eliminated from the second running. Both Seminars commenced with a week 25X1A in residence at the in place of a Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : GIARDP 0-00308A000100030021-2 Approved For Releasa1000/08/15 : 00308AO061 30021-2 SEW- -2- 25X1A field trip, the second Seminar returned to residence at from 2S to 2:8 April for the Block, Covert Action: The Hidden Side of Foreign Policy." In addition, substantial changes of topics and speakers, as between the first and second runnings, were made in most of the seven Blocks. 3. The second Senior Seminar, like the first, was based on the proposition that the major single opportunity for learning is through the sharing by the participating officers of their Agency experience, perspectives, and understanding. Seminar Two, while certainly not a failure in this regard, was less of a success than Seminar One. The Individual Presenta- tions in Seminar Two again provided an important input and stimulus and some of the Seminar discussions were of top-notch quality, but the group frequently failed to take advantage of CIA and non-Agency guest speakers to raise questions or make observations of interest. Given the presence of several out4 standing participants, we on the Senior Seminar Staff wore surprised that Seminar Two, taken as a group, was often so passive in the formal sessions. This point was also made informally by several participants. It should be added, how- ever, that some of the participants were frequently active in spontaneous small-group discussions over the lunch period. 4. Considerable emphasis in Seminar Two was placed on having the Seminar members deal with "issues"--defined as significant challenges, now tasks, new methods, opportunities, problem areas, and trends which bear on the work of the Agency today or are likely to do so in the future. In place of the Block "Rapporteur" system used in Seminar One, Seminar Two participants were asked to identify tissues" at the end of each Block. They then pursued these subjects through discussion and questioning of senior Agency speakers. As planned, the "issues" from the different lists which continued to be of interest were also to be discussed by the Seminar in the last week; however, these sessions did not result in the quality of discussion we had hoped would occur. We in the Seminar Staff had envisioned the process of surfacing and discussing "issues" by the members not so much as a moans of obtaining and developing definitive or pat answers, but rather as an opportunity for the Seminar officers to learn about and obtain a broader understanding of problems which face top Agency management, Approved For Release 2000/08/15 ~TP80-00308A000100030021-2 OIL z Approved For Releasl20/08/15 : CIA-RDP8 - 08A000100021-2 S. During Senior Seminar Two we continued the process of evaluation which we had found so successful during the first running. Written evaluations, both of the Seminar as a whole and of each Block, were prepared by each Seminar participant and were followed by oral discussions. This process has provided useful reactions on the selection and coverage of topics, the effectiveness and value of the different presenta- tions, and our performance in running the Seminar, as well as giving an objective reading by the participants on the utility of the Seminar to senior officers. The bulk of the evaluations continued to be on the favorable to highly favorable side and I submit that these responses provide the best index as to the performance of the Staff and overall quality of the program. 6. Our experience with the second running continues to suggest areas of improvement. The management training covered in Block I this time was, in my judgment, markedly better than its counterpart in Senior Seminar One. However, I believe that further changes should be made; one possible change would be to use case studies from Agency experience in the Leadership Styles Workshop in place of exercises and games. Also,-I am inclined to believe that the Block, "New Tools and Methodologies of Interest to Intelligence," which was omitted in the second run- ning, should be restored in any future runnings. As reported after receiving the Executive Director-Comptroller's memorandum of 10 March 1972, with suggestions on the Seminar, we would also include coverage of the European Community and go further into the intelligence analysis process, including requirements and evaluation as well as new uses of ADP. We used a much larger number of films in the second running and would continue to add and improve the selection of films. Further improvements in the choice of topics and speakers should also be made. All this means is that if future runnings are authorized, considerable effort should be devoted to reshaping significant sections and to making' the Seminar a still better program. 7. To say that the Seminar can be improved does not mean that the first two runnings have not been good. Despite the reservations expressed above, the evaluations reflect the. excellence of the program. In sum, I believe that the Senior Seminar is an effective tool in preparing senior officers for the phase of their career in which they will take on increasing responsibility for meeting challenger and problems facing the Agency. Chief, Senior Seminar Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100030021-2