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December 9, 2016
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May 26, 2000
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December 5, 1973
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Approved For Release 20QD/09/12 : CIA-RDP80-003Q8A00010010QW1-6 DEC 1973 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Intelligence Institute, OTR SUBJECT : Orientation for Sub-Professionals REFERENCE : Memo dtd 30 Oct 73 frm C/Intell Inst to Directorate for M&S/STO, same sub' 1. We have solicited the views of the various DDM&S offices concerning the idea of an orientation course for sub-professionals. Speaking for the MG Career Service, I do not feel that the sub- professional orientation course would meet any of our requirements. At the present time, we consider anyone who moves into the professional area for professional training courses, and we do not feel that we have any of the so-called "in between" group. 2. The following are the comments of the various offices in the DDM&S: The Office of Personnel feels that an orientation for sub- professionals is not consi ere necessary. At the present time Personnel either brings in professional officers who go into the Intelligence in World Affairs orientation or clericals who come in through the Clerical Staffing Branch and are processed through the clerical orientation before being assigned. It is believed that clerical personnel who have been with the Agency for one or two years should have the opportunity to attend Management and Services Review: Trends E Highlights. It is also believed that the policy on attendance at Trends and Highlights should be revised to accommodate clericals from the GS-04 level and above. The Office of Medical Services has indicated that all employees should be included in the Tntel:Ligence in World Affairs orientation and that a separate course fo:r sub-professionals is not necessary. The Office of Comununications stated that the bulk of Commo falls into the sub-professional category and that Como thoroughly briefs their new EODrs on the Office of Commo and its general position within the Agency. Commo would like to see a two-to-three day Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100100001-6 Approved For Release 209/09/12 : CIA-RDP80-00308A0001001GQ O1-6 25X1A orientation for sub-professionals in the over-all mission of the Agency and its place in the Intelligence Community. If this course is initiated, Como would have 25 enrollees in calendar year 1974. The Office of Security has only a limited number of personnel who fall into the sub-pro essional category. Security's assessment of the need for a special orientation program for these people is that the Office could provide few students, and the existing programs effectively meet orientation requirements for these employees. The Office of Joint Co uter Support has approximately 68 persons in technical positions who would b nit from an orientation for sub-professionals. It is estimated that during the remainder of FY 1974, OJCS could enroll approximately 20 individuals in such a training course. The Office of Finance does not disagree that sub-professional employees would benefit from a short orientation program. However, due to the limited number of sub-professionals employed by the Office of Finance, they do not feel that they are in a position to adequately judge the requirements for such a program,.. Should the proposed orientation course be offered, the Office of Finance would not be opposed to Finance employees participating in it. Estimated number of sub-professionals who would attend in calendar year 1974 would be roughly 10-15 employees. The only positions on the Information Systems Analysis Staff which could be considered as sub-professionals are t e contract positions at_ in both Archives and the Records Center. Orientation has been provided to the individuals in these positions by a series of visits to the substantive offices. If a brief orientation course were to be provided by the OTR and if such a course would be available for these contract employees, ISAS would have six personnel to be enrolled during calendar year 1974 and would probably run. an average of one per year for such orientation training after the initial catch up. The Office of Logistics feels that the idea of an orientation course for sub-professionals is a -good one and anticipates about seven sub-professional EOD's in 1974. Deputy Director for Management and Services Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP80-00308A000100100001-6