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November 17, 2016
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July 7, 2000
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June 1, 1961
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Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 January - June --'_96.1_ This dne,aw.ont hs part at as latatratrl fill, tt stprattd tree the too It wn! M arbjactejt is Individual systaeaatla nrriaw. !!4@ftyt#rAt~. N~. aH ~y t3 'r ,ylI* O Clefs. r`Y n ' a:CLM$I !$O alum faints tot is Nat!AY$hW 81flt .~.,.w _ J..4 ? j N TO ARCHIVES & RECORDS i,IMEDIATELY AFTER USE .Approved"For.. Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 TNIS SHEET rn+sT1L#IN dl*1 TrrC_C)t t!I l ` E trf,lrE;k AT AL1 i,HF.S IT MAY BE RF"SOVFD ONLY Ill 711E f 1'F:!, f Ili,; 1 A11- W)CMIENTS IN THIS FOLDER ARE REVIEWED f(R )'F:l l 1551 F f r ATltatl AS 1ND1 . VI Dt1AI. ITEMS The materials in this foltler have h,.?t revli.w, the d*Classification review ? td in accordance with applicable directives and procedture,~na t f l ?.Lcutive Ordd:r 12065 a:lti other The Individual items in this folder `-rve been troated a.v component. parts of one, integrated, unified re. ,rd. S par.lte itctas have not ttet?rr reviewed for declassification, but only to rlt terrains the appropriate overall classification of the integrate? tii, and to obtain a pnge eu,r,t. The contents of this foi.ior ha%c h,,(',1 ntt?rtyd lute th.: DARE t,y:;rc as a single item under tht? t it 1c: C-1-1120 K0 1~E (, N Cal- 30 ~'vA/ -(,- _ _ - __o C fie ~t P y 1C In the event that InilIv1duaI item :irt? rt!,,)vt!d from this folder, for whatever reason, the current Cla:a 1 fir-rr rrt atus of that stem rj,,.;r be checked through L,ARE, using the stand,irj iuOntlficrs for searcirirrrr, the, particular item. If a t coal is 1 ,it fount in DARE, apt>rnl,rtatc decla,;?:i- f ication action must t,,+ tak(-rr and tho It-', vr:l t'rt'd Into ARE as ,,,, fr1,7i- vidual record. (3 Dec 79) J'RD/I5S/D1)A) Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 CaLL.. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 on Correspondence n United states Bureau of Reclamation ;ni .d Polytechnical Institute :;le the attached letter is not o:r particular interest to the Geographic is felt that this type of correspondence has potential value seed that copies of similar correspondence be routed to us Mls "ece C-0 t, ;art 't ?n in"it rara~lct t?~ be tr~;a tt se ;xI t0 t aaiic review. aubject:d to im.dividuat ' Approved. For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 :' CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001 22 June 1961 AR C(mments on Attached 'Employee. Suggestion No,. 61-463 1. Few, if ar Y, analysts in the Geographic Research Area ever file the briefs referred to in this emqloyee suggestion without the aec ying article. 2. It is the consensus of opinion in the GEA that the adoption of this else suWstion would probably be useful to a cysts who might file these briefs alone. fever, its adoption would not materially benefit the analysts in GRA nor would its rejection ha icap them in any way. 25X1A Ch/G/RR ? crank/8887 TGis ~ol,umeni is ~ar4 of , *n M~l Wilt file, U Sb 3rlibS 'Au n #~~ Ei19 II rn.a $t subjected to in ivial aysiamatic rgriaW, Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 WiltI /~]L T~//Ca$ -6- Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 e at 2 This dorimcnt is pare of an integrated file. if separata from the file it must ke subjected to individual systematic review 22 aww 19k i * 2.961 13 ;a rr 1,-U I- (V J i !m3 mol. FY 1962 15 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 CIA-RDP80-00531A0001000#;7t`s Ir~lBf k t.i t e4 plaur ! e ! j ,Wlsl- rl t tJ dy; u:~s3 V1,;2.redas ;l .a;i) RafeaPa;ur us ;s -ord sf 402Mn-30p sou, TRmton: Approved For Release 2000/08/16 CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 : T3 Atte a * at isrorezzi Inter tiox Confere=e Locatiou Ae"nr Cool, by C MA Pera?a 1, Duty Status Full Agency w/o reIaurse- c Lik gut for tr ime 1.950 (city unka n) . Westexa U.S. Date unknown Distribution: O&1 Addressee :L -- Ch/D/GG :L -- Ch/D/GC :L -- Ch/D/GL 2 -- Ch/G ORR : Ch/G :JAB : jmc/lt-797 (20 June 1961) iota of to rwopeftn. Affairs Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : - 0-00531A000100010001-1 ~...:w r JUNE 1961 gatorffi in M announced that two pew fruit the GAO (Mr. Keitthlinee 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C o be given to them direct. AU material. is to go to a.AD/RR o be passed on to them ( t eri eion chief and. and Mr. Williams) are conducting an investigation of substantive activities of CIA. They have been sent by the Kilday Subce tpmitteee of the Armed Forces Cc ilttee. They arrived in ORB yesterday, and will be with us anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 or 4 months. No, information As to be given them related to Umrouchered Funds or clandestine operations,, and, we fully aware of this limitation upon their investigation. The tolloiring are examples of t familiarization trips; traveler; details of DD/P; specific do not al officers here; personnel raining programs; our support of the Geneva Test Ban talks; contributions to the Laos treaty effort; desirable that this be d.iecuseed. Correspondence showing appointment of members should be available in fl/CL. Also, papers showing the basis for the eatablt nt of the Cc tai,ttee. Keithlinee and Willia are cleared for gI and can be roam examples of finished SI repots. However, they are not tX) be shown the rev intelligence. They sera most interested in studying the effectiveness of management: project controls, budgeting, programing. A record is to be kept of all a mestie asked.. They wSl.l. be conso,~4daaite:d at the end of the investigation to submit through the AD/BR. 1%is docume'rit ts'aati of an tnlekraftsl fit.. It :eFae ted ttam t?l3 title it MiLst be subjasied to ihd oith at systematic review. 25X1 25X1 C Approved For Release 2000/08/16': CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/Oe e. ' -RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25X1A :pendi'We b ,expeeted In .D/GL support of 0" man* structure over the wmmw GS-11'6- .4-e9 20 GS-13161 -2- Approved For Release 2000/08/16 P80-00531A000100010001-1 Collation Pr* rd on t e *tra 3. bet g pied . ? Ite fe renee Brsneh telff Of one 1 10 tt : a 8924M VtL cvrv . vc ._ nom. - s...,. rowee" to 2/3 or paesib Le p&'s.- , Approved For Release 20,00/08/' 6 CIA-RDP8,,0-00531A000100010001-1 A. ngstrative Vacation Plans of Obi Key Personnel a .. f a. f. i f r a a a. r r a i. f .. ? !f f a r (Inun present t a a f a a r f. a s a s a s r i 1 a s! f a i a a'M f? i 17 - 21 Aay ? r f s. s a f a t f f t a a s. f i f. a? a w?. a,. 26 J - 15 aj ,y Df ?a a r ? f. . f . . ? . . as i -a . a r . s . a i at present at present This deeum4nf fs pit of an integrated file, if se, a-iit . 'i>^m the tiia it mast be subje ed to iniri eaI systtiriatic reliew. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 13 June 1961 a t?. r s a i s 0. . i s. r t f ..? * i ... s r t a No JdAM 3 "a . a a a a. f f r.? s?. i a a t a f-.. i s f a a. f a f .. i --1'91S0n/ 3-:6 Approved For Release 2000/08I16 Cl1X-RDP80-00531 A000100010001-1 t J 01 This document is part-of an Integrated file, If separates trgnt the file it must ba subjected to indlvi?aaf systematic: raview. To Bete; xse the a c'c iate TO ing cart 1 V"f IWOP'OW . a. the CIA) ne ee of the govorment. f+ ape is3. is stu es teUigenee r Wir ente or the CIA am/ 017 Lather Ite8+ h t Reports cwt o DD vul-ave is the I Bi silit of is the DDO. 25X1A pSh r Division, tom, in c - - , awng cox duties, e operftt ons t t nconventiovAl V , Vie' ing, tier of feign policy, Vi h tlutz:e parry' hui -fL.P of prt *'tty e trtrlt7 a region.. pDa r - d. C : 1t tsited v arfare h re . nt3.y been =WhnAiz*d as s Aa40r Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : C A 7I 0-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 efts is appU mbere wA to the afa r that it c n . P sieaaY, the pr~dbUm *m. sist$ in a 1& k of gu t4+ce as to the car-aa U DD/1 role in m pmt Aena covert 1i .tas. tare ebli -.ti . Mom .e effort has ftxl ' 11 the tip needs. The c n t ergha i-A4 t,%,m a rk*M to eee# 1"e ' e t the ge pia r 1x of + aeaphy Division cation of bilit' Division a - (1.) GooMmpby ruenousm that bear on ter st .es at this a is obwl area e rt his Professional on Support of M /P Les. The Gam, ~xr da eras. nt .. nte3.ll, nce rat. vlrtWLU7 the Mires a GI. 1 a rX met f the past auk et roan 1*y g, and inter i i and cuktvmml 0 mke him as natwftl as the needs a (2) 'Projects directly or o cu r about 30 of the Oe a 0-65 ejects r year MM d. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 T Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RD i!31 A000100010001-1 y Divisiot Smart of M /P griftic of GW*W y Division an P. revci hoover, is a t boat irameist nt W e h a v e profteed cn e' 25X1 C by eie nta of required; ate. I wwk being done by Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80'=OQ1A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RIQ0531A000100010001-1 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X9 of the sit 1)W sumoPt. Some content is (4) iet a cc c tin8 f eter in the ;roper -DDrelatto attja b use its aper mart coordinating functions ve evolved into a .direct duplie.tion of the , cticn functions G*agmVhy Division. A atebOrdinate, but iee rte facer is that its varit teads to be aw4mrwely ca --of-date., misleading, i e ante, and in*ons3,ete (Encl. C). , It enjoys, nonetheless , ra Ll io l following among non heavily salt with re,.-a s of M rtt a*y Division Maps), . the * nience to desk officers of having a ltcollati " of published materials band;,. Sizable portions of t ? stndi activities, the prettiness of a met (tic t normally is ; .ialis-ts beCsu of a gressiva aisaion rr cbl one" w Bch to e rrom t -g pby Bt risio Vab icatic s cur .rent irres . ib interest = the Vert of Lis a hl ell rid his ch ie . Encl. ) While the basic problem t4we is no question but that new L i Div. a h, has att DD/P it the pitch of the public.-- Y an Aganay l m, wain at to the Intelligence is $ e tare existing finished of Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80100531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RHP-31A000100010001-1 eograaphy Division Smart of DV/ supporting or is . nti; After the Cuban situation, Geni l T .oor was named to wtxuV the ems' a review and approval of the study was expected tiy. acpport. of friendly gov eenaeents through cold 'war meass . President increased interest in C LW te+haia an the part of Departot of Defense.. the ,3M,, and General .8 io `. Most recently, a c .ttee headed by Mr. BisseLL a including Paa Bitze, McGeorge Sundly., and Walter 1oatow, has developed a study on "deterrence and countering of guerilla v'arfaare ". tthich is intended to clarify the missions of Defense, State, a ml CIA with reapect to covert and overt ,Vympriat e+ Area Divisions. T e i ties of the ted. StslWs in pareallitary activities and (2) The outstanding fact about CIW is that it has beck a , integrated, and high priority act 25X1 C G ate through ccpr vie oo mutry s. Zt clearly requires substantial and versatile intelligence support. working paper entitled (ac.. E) pfiss within the field of Geographic Research. DD/I as a resource or as a supporting partner in Rather, it aasaeases that all intelligence collection, , a a anal is, and evaluation will be d by the Station or rued. The role of Iead a is restricted to that of recipient and %vastry". The assumption that Headquarters is not a significant factor in the intelligence capabili ties a data that are sought is iMUc t also in the motions School presentation on CLW which CMR personnel have received. Problems faced by nD edge of the red in order to conduct C: successfully* The DD/P?' does not,. 25X1 .A judging from experience, heave this kwvI*dAW presently. It has few technical and area specialists in t h* earth and social ices It has only the as a basic intelli- The Limitations of this unit have a3xeadZr been appears to be surviving in part occasionally, is of y D v:Esion, Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-a53tr000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-R f T31A000100010001-1 of its sMMvrt needs are presumably handled b; groups assigned to the tack. This sew a dubie which misapplies snf' and is costly in terms of valid results. It is rem seed, of course, that curity certain opemtjons s ppoYt work is not Lion to outside unit and must be c srrieed on Problem faced c ' in Division -naibl a for a function LI-^r reccsia by the reee?eueeeter involved. but it is often frustrated of basic organizational separation ability to pro to anticf pa' whim m dice disbandi restricts the effective consideration of l? -term DA, It by unilaterally establishing { :less when assumed special situations, or e ::tts, and reduces its already limited ustion nukes it impossible for the Division (2) The lack of a reoogniz relationship with the DD/P also planning self-initiated research. Ante expend real effort to keep abreast of operational needs and to incorporate appropriate curing that the Division is doing what is of it in the 1? -per car and proportion. 25X1A 4) The bad work of by being off +.e iailly and widely disseminated In the Intelligence Enity, potentially the reputation of G raphy Division and the /I because rk can be and has been identified with this part $I (i) ge c-e$ f cleex DD policy on DD/P support ccMli catee licence. The Geogr YOU little national intel l- bute only occasionally to the national intelligence to. Its work, has, on the outer hand,, a naturul and intimate application to operations support, as is borne out by its production history and by the utilization of~ geographic research in the Defense agencies. 6 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80 /~EtcD0100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RD >-00531A000100010001-1 r Division Sum :u a son", the gmwi trial Register, homwer, this service it, inter lly?de am. This con- or Agency) property, but re p as another CIA unit such. The Division tends thereby to be is too intangible to be d" It with a nietretive .y reisti`crce the effect of other 4 .e nts of the role Distribution: Original - AD/RR 1 - Ch/D/GG 2 Ch G ORR:Ch/G 3791:jmc(l4 Jim 1961 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDPINE 1A000100010001-1 -''! C7`(/Lr. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 MINUTES OF THE GEOGPAPFILC FOSEARCH JRtEA Move to the Now Building :, 13JUNE 1961 The following scheduled weekends have been, announced for moving into the new building: oci l GCf R ...................... 15 September September CM ec nponents located in MNQ..... 29 September D/GG and f/GO ..................... 2'9 25X1A We will probably be ash, within the next c ee of walks to make an inventory of everything to be moved. to look into the preparation of map c Dines for so a content of map drawers will not be damage.. 25X1A Possible Exchanges in FY 1962 The following exchanges have been suggested to the USIA Ccittee on Exchanges as of possible interest to GM: Cartography, City Planning, Meteorology,. National Parks and Will Life Sanctuaries, and Archeology. k. GRA Social Courier 8erviDxr 25X1A Ma 25X1A gave a summ&ry of the use of as special GRA components as follows : L/GL ..................... 21 hours.. 55 minutes D/GC..................... 10 hours, 30 minutes " O/Ch/G ................... 10 ours cludea pick-up and delivery of paychecks and T&A I s. 37 hours-, 25 minutes This document is part if att integrated file. if separa't.: franc tine tile it in st Its su6;ected to io i.idnal systewatia review: Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/1 6 ; - P80-00531 A000100010001-1 5X1A of Mes briefed by as fe 2.0wal 25X1A 13 June, 16500-17M . .... ...s OG 22 June, 1430-1530-.-- .,...s /S 22 June, 1530-1630.......... aL/S Be*ML,ound tsriai for .~icle In "Ste el fn Yi ~ltClee" w.~.w:~. ng a card 25X1A ere in intelligence, to be utilized as tee material for (an 08 ) an i. ee Of significant or unusual use of gpogmphy " udiee in tnte1l4e~eCh a like publication In y butili to this f 110 f ron am4tat in 1 Area. briefed In Cwt for two 'weeks. They we Qounmeller ( er) and Yirst secretary M 'Ot (tbromigh T7 106) has Umm d el Increase within , with a lesser amount of external researe the other asked for a lesser per onnel ianvase, p3 ma a great deal reel r h. 25X1A The res al 25X1A for a Vm4ect on sent to C: for dal. 9y ~ ~LlwY~i Y'#he Inj!ml ~c e be Sd S the - a ce. 'Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP8401A000100010001-1 y wE in two alternate tone: one ask 1. for , Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RIP 7-40 .51A000100010001-1 ter ~3 G ~ has been extended for one more n y? Reg r t rtiwm n, reparted on deve .ap arts in the ~e Department. 13 ntgoSed h age inNeee Of Qi#R been proposed that the n of be chsn$e . to the Office and Geographic Trrtelli artce (OE ). Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP8O-00531A000100010001-1 `ganis-tion of Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A0001000100O1.-1 1, 1 Ju 1961 25X1A equireeasnte for - Dupe 25X1A 215M A k5X1A 25X1A Chief, Geog -phic 1 . . 000 25X1A OCh/G/RR Hank/8887 Distribution: 0 & 2 - Addressee This document it hair of an tnterrated 2 - AD RR file. If seVz,stss its a the tile it mast be 1 - Ch/G/RR subjected to i0ai:ioial systematic review. 1 - D/GL >p p Library, b ^s req drM, =0nt for a*venteef C pies of each >eap, 2he eight copLee forwarded on will be sufficient aud it is mete t}et eight copies of all subsequent M,P griuctican of be t r4ed to the *ep L lf~raa~y, C R, A. ntl have been made to Ml cut our req Ai" nts ACSX w t y become available here. This ;ply has Wrovfl of 1LJor eor Carrington, Area Anm~ s Branch, ,ebxiicaL Division, AC, [, who will. inform to insure yam' Procurc- eeent- of the eight copies in the for NAP Library. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 "i? Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Distribution: ,ef 04/A OU - 1 - Ch/D/GG 1 - A/Ch/D/GC 1 - A/Ch/D/GL 2 - Ch/G ORR:Ch/G:JAB:jmc/1+797(7 June 1961) is wined In fLI32 resdinea for ten This i tt via q; "PpOWU d ~u a c a.v~s aes 25X1 A dT Fo U 'GeT d~~ ' T1 oo, HJ..LASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SE CITE T CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME AND ADDRESS s v INITIALS DATE F-A 2 a 3 4 5 6 ACTION DIRECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY APPROVAL DISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION SIGNATURE Remarks : ?2 Ater =no cc 22 yAwah 196L, sabjaets a BudWt BW=dttal - Ptacal Yews 1 3 A'ttadWd is the WWrI l "7VOC ice. t6 " for tan Ge $tie P"*Weh Via, as x4qwwtsd in Pers. TV. C. of Vvtw imlwo. FOLD HERE TO RETURN TO SENDER FROM: NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NO. DATE A N NTIA FORM NO. Replaces Form 30-4 (40) I APR 55 237 ? which may be used. U. S. GOVERNMENT PFIINTING OFFICE 1955 -0-342531 1 !,~,9 Sri Ri Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 DRAIrT Dicka8on This document is wart of an W4gra44 M2, if sEpra-" -~ ftt!~. 1'1e til* it inj5t F_ sobjeded to insii,i 2;y4,tsm&fic review. seeking of 1"1 1:96l in which information rem the iron *nd steel it .tistry ;wit of tuns on abc've subject avails-'le for d EB t .on about which YOU try is zt available in saw it in the publication, Liable Outside of that publication. ibrary of Congress might be of value to you. ahowing terrain is available else ere altbou& another map at a large sceam that is essentially I hope zmq be of use to you. Sincerely YT's-, STATINTL OCh/G/RR x/8887 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 would Bu st that you inquire dire :t1 ' . at of Co mo and the Depa tment of terror ,partm Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 This document is part Ot an tntetra}ed file. It saparataa team the jilt it mast be publected to indiviWkat systematic review. 8 June 1961 XMMMUM FM Assistant for, Research and Reports PRO : Chief, Geographic Research SMJ : GRA Activity Report for the Month of lay 1961 A. &J 2K Re@ca3L'ch snd a ~oJ "1 ERS2't Activity 1. The Geography Division cogpleted and. diese dnated one Geographic Intelligence Report (ufi L.61.1, e? tthlic: Part %}; and seventeen Geographic art Projects mots. . uippcrt projects w sheets ccwpl eted for the the other pro ects were done in support of SAC, IM /P,* 011112, COR, and the NIS Program. CIAM GP 61-52:L was a crash effort designed to provide the CIA advisor to the U. B. Del eg+ation (DAD/ate) i th the best available geographic source material on Laos and an evaluation of the bearing of envies facts on any partition of the country. 2. The Cartography Division accepted requests for 229 new maps and chute and completed 192. The number of job* in progress at the close of the month totaled I&05. Both cc ,Ietions and new jobs accepted were especially high for the month and, reflected, as in past years, an urgency to "qAete PY 1961 projects. major production efforts of the Division centered on the following: (a) Requirements of C E for MM support were quite heavy, with BIB ? e on the USSR.. Brasil, and China receiving major attention; (b) The production of a much-needed substantive map on Indo- china; (c) A series of 22 original maps were prepared for the Task Force on Latin America, Department of State, on U. S. Economic Aid to Latin America; (d) Fina coirsp etion of the settles of telex tunication maps on' Bast Germany and the Sind-Soviet Bloc was aiccompli.shed; (e) Contribu- tlOW to the WS grograt were extr ly heavy during the month; (f) An 25X1 C increase in the collection in contributions by the Division to the Pt RDC?s and the GK Staff; and the map support on the project being prepared T b D y /G( for P IF was provided by the Division. 3? The Rap Library Division forwarded 32?,9514 items in response to 2,213 requests for maps, related geographic publications and reference information. Significant receipts from foreign sources included the Approved For Release 2000/g8Q6c: ! - DP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 S_gr(. R- SYR3J T 2 MA Activity Report for the Month Of h ay 1961 fa~E Cam) 553 sheets frm Vietna2cet (b) two RBSTAICTRD 1250,000 UK* of Afghan-Pakistan border; (c) a 1.2250,000 sheet of the Ji m=-Sea% Part Zreboir?Tibet area; (d) the Russian "Ice Atlas of the Baltic "3 1, 1960$ (a) a 1960 1:8,000,000 =W,, ?g rifie2ation () of the now Plan ~T) a aaaep of administrative divisions of Rant Gormwwj end (6) a of Greater Berlin. 4. The Special Collection Sagport Brach, D/GL, colleete$ 24 addi- tional sheets of the "]last Pakistan Irrtgat:Lon Planniaag 1 ", 1: e0,000, dated 195. These sheets cover an area of the western part of But PaIdetmf ate. sqh9AMst sheets of this area thi eh were received previooslY. 5. +G/F, made a fcrml entation to the Senior Research ~ndaries of Commflist China". guff Discusasion. rip on the ssbs The presentation covered t physical dhara,oteristice of Mina's borders, the historical content in .ch the borders` aM their ems evolved., di s, aid thou as to their signifi a shy or the mare impQx'tsxr`' eance aaad possible recolutiou (PR 61.M3)-. B. nmpttu Dervelog t 1. The Chapter IS Coordinator and. the Coordination Staff reviewed the detailed list of ecmunts by the Army RIS Coa?ittee mober on the tempter IX Ou%lIjW Guide that V8$ forwarded to the NIB Cc imdttee on 8 March. A copy of the list of ca* ents sod, an annotated copy of the Outline Guide orpOrating the changes that appeared to be acceptable were sent to the subc tttee members on 25 May for review and approval. A mom-=&= of 2 MW frost the Cary ~ 11 W19 r es that DjOG continue the u tia1 and sWICUMUM 2 Yo " $et P 1953, Sim this project a Priority' We zar? i no ea r cJRI that the stated deaai3tiaei ` wz4T ) abrm ~ as ~sh feasible but that every effort will be matte to the pm3mt as possible by the end of the r,.e3eender year. the 3- Writing of ths d nuclear explosion study CPR 64.1786) by was ],y delayed by a request franc Chief, UM Braaech, D/G ~, Nuclear Reergy Division, on., for an evaaaaatioaa:t of the geo6x*ta c in In Atelli- e Materials . aril able to wunort a Nuclear Test Ban Ot9MnizSUM- mamar that p ded detailed infarction on nap and area study cover- of the was prepared Approved For Release 2000/08/16 CJA.~IJP~?~00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 a?E-C-RaE-T 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A SUMM: GM Aotivity Report for the Ncaoth of ft V 196 l}, In response to an ICA request, the Near Scat/AfrICA Branch is ri un Offioia].YIIse?00.ty version of t e Secret publication, Sri ooa Malt, C?A/. W L-61-2j. that will. permit ICA to make wider die . t, cap e> the Information than was possible with the origthal sty. 5. The Far Zast/PecifIC Branch wM initiate of the series of atlases of China currently ins bY the OW Satioaeal war College, Taipei. Use of a format similar to that Off4d*ysd in CIA/RR OP 60-IMO Nov S`tlueiC YAW of G~ilI , is planned. collection potential in 25X1 C end of the availability amr consultant to v ctsXe the aesszgsmern-u ? from 8. At the request of OlOp a acemitte a composed of nadm" tics, OCI, Printing awl, Division, t3L, aM D/GC was established to review recce obang" In t4w gra is content and format tthe25X1 A Nano .l. Interlli imates reports. , the C tt w hile st C., uM direct it. 9. Because of the de vet piaag importance of Latin America, the Cutogmpby Division initiated, a review of the status of buss maps cover- ing the area. Indications point tr' the need for stepping up lion 25X1A of up-to- to bases on each country in order to fulfM the SI$ "s " Chapter I rep is and day-to-day activities of the 25X1A Department of State. A base map production prqp= similar to that an Africa is under stun' and will be initiated as capabilities become available. 25X1A .11 A is - ached .ed tovi 't in completed a brief misei ~i ng negotie-tiosas zecti cn Vith 3Aee iw brief 25X1A prior to his 25X1A 3 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 8Cj4QP 3900531A000100010001-1 esd his mission =A, withEME 25X1A seed. not to visit 25X1A hated his mission in Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 m=I am; Activity Report for the *am of Maur 1961 and. is schadulred to return to wton shortly attw 1 +3ilye 25X1A oamplirted his mission m- I is scheduled to roturn to blaahingtaao in JOW ? 25X1A tr~lsiCea' conducted p al parocurensnt C. agMWAt 2dLik Contacts and initiss 25X1A 1. U M Branch.. D/QG, briefed the TX8 Cammittes on fteha on the vosooffie advantages of a US-UM exchange of city plstmar$ and was appointed t non of an ad. hoc group to act as technical advisor to the eo ttee on this edge WsequW%tly a meeting of madsvs of the i!at+e once ecmnvaity was held to evaluate the ezebw formally and vwh out a recomanded itinerary. 25X1 C 25X1 C Pciutndaticn colloquium at which the 3ectir'ams D r end accTV1i meaats of U.S. re se arc'h in Antarctica were a erized by Di. A. Crory, Chief Scientist of the Q.B. Anta tic Re search program,. oat the objectival and. research of QG was Ono= the collation work 'tieing done by and was seed with the 25X1 A effect, In that this is not beiEt dow elsewhere IS 25X1C 25X1 C sheared he felt ahvst].d be 25X1 C informed: of the effort In order to provide assistance if and when the occasion arises. ~. Discussion group meetings as follows were held: a. At the Arctic Area Discussion Group, Mr. Geor 8toerts ernted slides take the 25X1 C L larch 1 b. Chief, 'ICA/AF, met with the Africa Roundtable for as bras senlssion of the extent sae8 nature of ICA activity In Africa. ICA at present is engaged In extensive seal f'- a isal c. Dre Nemeth London,, recently of the XSC-OM complex and currently on the PSI staff, spore at a meeting of the Southeast Asia Discussion Group. 4 Approved For Release 2000/08/1? : - P ,0-00531A000100010001-1 a r ? - Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 B CT: OR& Activity Report fbar the Booth of fty 1961 25X1A 25X1A Gbfx, atte ed a msatin on the ? 25X1A inte11i effort which wags called for the vapm at briefing chief of the UMy created t ited GO/I the fb1Y rig days s d matters Of =Xtml 25X1 A related to reporting ware< disooseed at ]Ag1'.h. 6. Twenty-five teal's of , the Iaiiustrial and Graphic Registeurs, as the CI& Library attemded a paid-aXra W briefing by Mr- Sov'sepians Office of the Chief of ftgW*wo# as the Tactical Cmmmders' Terrain 25X1A A 1,ysis P*ogrm on 2 P- ''', ftrw new assbassadors scheduled ftr African posts ~ bsiepe~ctite by 09 ft Librgry Division an mere proeur .art p 2mw 25X1A countries of agars . ~briefedd Mass s&T Cams Sierra Leone; aaad briefed. Aaabaesadoar Bonasls No-racco, aM A ssaadoar B"em., 'Jpt. met with Mr. 0908m.. Collection Divisiosa, ACBI, 25X1A 8 g , . +. Co~.a'ds De:paty Chief, Mopping m d Geodetic Division, ACSX, to discuss his recent trip to the Tax, Salt. No informed tJ of the contacts: he bad made with Army collectors and their roctidw to the for than& support e c~.on of tit~i~c ee~$i.].scble to them aaa~. the se+iai~'e?' 25X1A GL/8, spew three days in flew Yoark, working with 25X1 A in the mmuAtation of an Considerable in- 25X1A wee ? 25X1X tion en topographic e The results of this trip will be pabliahed. in CD/00 s ? D. ft&kw 25X1A 25X1A time there has been a f comcwnl sbMt, iiml e the stvidies bave be= vidWl~y Prodwt kwm an beae 25X1 A inacc+crstkmu*mt the a'y sad b?canasae corsssenait affi to the Wma forces as- nated 5 Approved For Release 2000/08/16d.J*P 00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25X1A %go 25X1A 25X1A 8TH s WA Activity Report for the Montt of Mesy 1961 CIA mad ite-teslli ae. The report oo eers bear the itr rizastur of CIA In the form of Us seal and the Agmy n am. Theme have borroved 25X1A heavily fs the pdblicatloes of M. ft e On has rids repeated efforts to arrive at a s vie t to the proble? of inaccuracies in text at ccsntent of = ewes. We have not succeeded for a variety of reasons. studies have nov famd their v y to the Army *p Service; speoifie lly, the Dirt of Sn gi neer Ini .l7 ease .as told to correlate some of its eritix with em of the , a DSZ 25X1A seauree Indic teen that some of its exialysU believe - studies Sea aa-ts 25X1A from and have endued. why vs ,rmit publication of such Inaccurate studies and their ci.rcvalation. to the iaarteelligenace c5MMIty. A representative of one of the 00 staffs mskirsg a survey trip in May 1960 vas forced to correct i asiaoms held by the War Plans Group, CIRGPAC Rasalulu, relative to COM's responsibility for inaccuracies in studies. T Group vas at that time concerned about several 4won southeast Asian countries Isere valid and invalid material had been cabineed, inaccurate infoaention inolMe , and the dates on ps ehar4ged without bringing the data up to date. We really hme, no accurate ay of ascertaining the dema a being done to COR's re -tation for a dl and. accurate researeb by the publteations - We are increasingly being sub3acteiL to oriticisae by prap2a v W us a vho implicate us by associations with materials borrowed for publication purposes. 8. Miscei lan rs ,.{. 1. Map D/QC, and Ch ie~i, D/GL, ley~ S a, for SOMP during the month to attend the First General Aseemhly of the I ternational Cartogarar .i c Association (IfA', iich is being held in Paris tFOM 29 36 to 3 Mme. 25X1A 2. aG/i, completed his area familiarization trip to the Par lost and rr~d to headquarters 25 May. Rio notes on obseerva- tions i received pp ear3la r, were edited and made available to 6 e eta6L i :tea /4?i'~$ Jne 1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/0 CFA-RDP80-00531 A000100010001-1 Thla corumenf i~ rah e` aK interr7Efed fife. sa~a~.e. t . rfAsi 63 Subtecfs~ to ictdioiduai Siirt bh1 1C review-& raiimat 25X1A 25XIA 25X1A ,25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25XIA 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A ror otfuea .r ! is c i' ~ e .,. ~, .k*4 In t .a on tea ._ ~..... CM alots Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-01100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/1` IA-F1DP80-00531 A000100010001-1 ctic for i . (Chi . , GeOSMIbiC III Distribution: 0&1 - Addressee 1 - Ch/D/GG 2 - Ch/G 1 - Cb/D/GL ORR:Ch/G:RTA:jmc/'+797(31 May 1961) Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-Rb1 8 -00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/0$/t4 ',: ,o 31 y' 1961 Lvc Research Area Interest in International Conferences 1. Submitted herewith are rarh s indicating interest of the Gpby, Nap Library and r gra Y Divisions in Internetional Conferences sa c bled during period 11-62 . Mue submission of the Geography Division consists of 'moo parts. Part I is a copy of the Fx 1962 consolidated Priority Conference rg+ t List of Forth- coming Conferences. The Geograpby Division h indicated its categories of interest in i.ndivldua conferences on this list? It is requested that this list be returned to D;# when St/I has finished with it. Conference Target List b 25X1A This docirsneaf is fart ?f an is}=~rafis~ file. If $epoea"Cs !3'GSii is iii?? :3 M:1S4 be suhje 9'W to flu:. S4s6 S)SMnaiie review. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 This document Is Fart of an tntetrafed file. If separateC frcnn the fit: it m;tst be subjected to indiri.aal systematic review. GEcGRA IIC R>SI RC;'. Office of Research aataataI P Siaebeuittaal. Or FY 19 3. Oic/! Fait1 a t~l8 't rKa ra ,ive ust . .t1a ~ treatee! Research activity consists of (a) program forumla- tion, duel coordinati within the estimates, current intelligence analysts, a *L econc a and Scientific intelligence programs Of CIA., 3r hiding the 3 .uction of geo phic intelligence for use by the plan and policy sneaking levels of the f 1 f-r cur 1 'Ova a a.l 3 22 MY r 1961 of-objectives tion, and supervrision of the Geographic Research Area and the o pliic and map intelligence research and production structure, (b) geographic reaeea and afal;ais in support of clandestine services planning and field orations, national buttons to N Chapters I and IX; (d) a togra c intelligence support to all dents of sIA, the Depeerttwent of Stater, and other appropriate intelligence agencies; (e) provision of full library reference (f) Gov'er t; (a) the coordination and prepa> ati?n of or mope, p otoa osaic$, tavgastt charts, aid wARp meate.r aals; Lon and staff support of an inter Agency foreign map and. Y procurement p gram, exlloiting both foreign and eta; and (g) support and COOrdi,i atiOn Of An inter-,Agency Vrogram aimed at collection Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : Ci4 -00531A000100010001-1 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Ae+sor> 3 aah xz ea During FY 2.961 1. Approximately 162 geographic intelligence reports and other eub- atantive intelligence items were produced in FY 1961. By far the largest part of the research effort was devoted to direct support of the intelli- gence production and operations progra a of other components of CIA and joint programs of CIA with other goverment agencies, n lys DD/P operational planning and field activities (22 percent); the NIS program (26 went) the intelligence production progress of other components of the DD/I (7 percent); and the Russian Co3.lation Project (U percent). ipated, production on Southeast Asia, Trans-Saharan ,Africa, and during the year in response to urgent needs. inueed empbai3 it ssvpport of covert limited warfare, U.S. oparaticas in the Antarctic, , guided missiles and nuclear energy intelligence. A manor, long-tee collation, progme on the TJBSR Jointly initiated with Army Map Service, during tb year tempo- support of this priority activity is ear wy. t3 other production on the B. An augmentation of personnel .uding completion of 6 Annuals in addition to the scheduled basic rtography Division produced 1,7$4 maps, see of 37 items over FY 1960. This , and with 2,807 fewer man-hours than worked the previt year. Overtime was 2,521 to 1,672 man-hours. The production of the Division Approved For Release 2000/08/16 g~C 80-00531A000100010001-1 SURE Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 sae as du for the bulk of the 6. a 6 inctrease in m -hours allotted reflecting the increased c increased their tasks ecr 4376 related publications. P ra cureemeect from domestic sources riling programs essentially were not during bles -hours delayed many Vrojects beyond 25X1A 5. The W04 se varal governmental mapping org Zations, yielded. 64,045 maps delivery in part during FY 19676 smd the remainder in FY 1962. engineering drawings, 296 p blicationa, and about during FY 1960. f4youteen items are being the inter Agency Foreign map procure nt ducted by the Map Library Division on behalf of the Agency upport of the Agency and the Department of State. The of 22%. Distribution of Ofort was essentially the processed 410 items as proofs . or final maps during CIBH, 0131, OCI, 092, ONE, AND Dl accounting fewer items were produced for the y of this map recuiremsut. Requests from mD/P the man-hours reee Caireed to fulfill ed by approximately 5%- ch contract with n last year's "matures Plans" involving especial mp 7. Support and guidance to the clandgstine services in connection high-priority requirements for collection of topographic maps Approved For Release 2000/08/16 CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Mont, 81no-5vvlet Bloc hail' conti a major effort brary Divistc 25 are collected during the year. Additional provide briefing aM teebnical support is field and theI domestic a hasis has been placed on the develop- Addition 3 maaiap r frtaas Amy Mar Serrlces Man fry SAC , have armed support to these eff or'ts . of maps, aerial photography, and operational support plans of Viet $am vtach are finding 9. A e in the A.rrr . of 32,729 map sheets and :3ar79 ref Processed eM added to Agency holdi . Mi and public to the Vita. Materials RapositorY totaled 5,362 it'd. A. new paablication, a Materials was initiated and provided. Additia y significant ace sitior during the of Antarctic eartogmphic ,at$ for map reference services Of all typee totaled 24J6160 over the preceding fiscal 713ar. Reelueo>e for maps totaled i6, 871; the n aer of maps forwarded to resters totaled _ 4 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 continued. The Air Force bas been eater efforts to collect photography frcru~ to the need for disimination of SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 agate were the ceedi fiscal year. The remai:z der of the target charts, phot saies, atlase*, gasetteers, 3 name and cartogm is int'exi tion. in support of -B A 8 deelop nt go graphic intelti n rez ; ire vents On a intel3 tea. Covert ftee1b activities at ab vel as was required in F! 1961. lReeew h on the lug the elort required by the a Si not be ab Iwobably inareaae stead, ;tions are that 's and NIS will doeam a vi]1 i es slightly, with DD/P State will increase its requests over FY ailable, the Cartography Division will is on gui.dhGd missiles g vrogrem will require ad support during FY 1962 and fl 1963, as c pored with s for eartograc surPort sai gro edures, and overtime have been esi loyed to the no lie suppyrt an incre prod tion re during eted increased re litre a t$. The use of t several years. - 5 - Approved For Release 2000/08/16 C14-90? 0-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/ :mK-DP80-00531A000100010001-1 3. There will be continued developseft in birth foreign and the coordinated inter-Agency may procurement program. Sigh Brio the Sin -S ment of lead, a being given to procurement of map materials from Africa this problem effort wi: :ed to the develop- of the clandestine services in assessment tion targets. Greater ettent be devoted to raa. Ica es'tic map collection 3 . emphasize selective Procurement for areas of current priority interest. 4. The More to the new building ahol increase the number of map requests ,ich will be handled as a result or the physical. proximity of the Map Library to the many operating parts of the Agency. This, her with the problem of continued high-4uality service to the to the Reference Branch. Distribution: o&i - St/:h 1 - Ch/D/GG 1 - Ch/D/GC 1 - Ch/D/GL,- ORR:Ch/G:JAB:imc/1+797(19 May 1961) - 6 - Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 ste, vill undoubtedly require the assign :nt of addi pproved For Release 2000/08/16.: 91 -RDP80-00531 A0001 0001 0001-1 I MIS document is r-art of all h istrittltl file. if 52tiri l `< 1'!':tl 1!d f 3$ eT rn t be ?f"q m 1961 subjected to inai.iuaal systematic 1review. JRR e Sir, April.-my 1961 /R fora oft R tf I was arrazVd- yby was ld. dusitag the last f t e 1qj31 at CIA Headquarters area. ion O personm1.'1he first in my Veek vee)~ in Apra and UO 11*1 PA for a limited r of the group Ai 13efrC#T portion ' ' - s,-4 a~Pa ner rOCM at, 8eadvarters t o 12 P a' '" 1& the second 2. A cam"S of 1} of anseusus of, i re r the c sued the fOlly , tet t be first portion i eeSg was a Umnam:l. a . Tbere tlve. It brov t the attendees the sewiu= Vag - -+.A useful and of 4 and deal', with v8riow l of the collection process 'MUt4d at . -.V- date an isatit It , The second portion Of the sM3- , 01- judged , was mar a3.1a1 ed to be interesting but Dot particularly an w rs . , o the i tU1'e{Of the Valuable in to of ~l~ fixed ~"'~"c and e.p>ftnt eruct and how it can be a Of' # co],7 iou display ga a vivid pre~.tic l of t extent, eiO and tetvorus an idea of the flow of ', atim back to Ueadqu&Tt, some of the a .lam used. ~ of this vledge was exposure to a sad ' possessed by the i>adivith1a atiGe:~ as a result of` their the pia TWO p ,icipants fe t, >ter, that the eccqui nv t -dx l vork - The of 3 da - y t ve been dispensed. vas suite use in ter~ats of their 1x1 . it V"J. jnteresting as it was, migh sub substituted felt tit this aspect,* tati w th working-l"51 PeoF3.e vl rx" am" n? of the eara3.u da p --- 8t5tS i ~ r An Ut3:nct ad: ? . . is UOrC t prod ~ th . UM of of ti+c wri important to i r to the average inteli officer than are the intricacies Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/OS/16 :-CIA-RDP80-00531 A000100010001-1 of the electronic tools loyed in coUeotiozi. Wst of the agreed that the second portion of the semi=! vas, fioient value to warrant a be -dny trip to A. for have been ccownieated? already to St/l, R mIlAr to other expressions of opinion which he has reeeived. It wens indicated that St/I/R does not plan to i this seminar in its present ft=, at least not to intelligence officers. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100 001-1 D/PC i 19 Wy 1961 Iutermtioma Conferences t 1. P ' ity Conference Target List 1961-62 dated 18 April 1961 2. World List of lure Inte tic=. WetixgS, llil y 1961-April 196k, Part I. world List of mature Internatic 1 Meetings, iMliey 196i-April 196k, Part 11. recited that CAA eviev the referenced Item I nnnces for the period.:1961- . Referenced I' 9 contains a cataspi.ete e2aression of GPU4 merest in im mown coarteitatplated intentional. MIA Is requested to: conferences an which it bas a rup nt that Priority Conference ';urger List; and,, interest in those confer es listed cated. Stater nt& of interest axe yaragMpz 3 of referenced iteea 1- 2. Copies of the referenced listings were sent to the divisions uar the first veek of 1961. S`tattents of interest should be sent to 3;Z/tCOR through this *r going to St /iM. Attention: It is 25X1A be made by 29 )Niey 1961. TMs docamenl is Pori 1l sh Mbrrilid file. If sad aeat_~ .,r r ndnerit R A ft g Divistow Off Ire .:)f Rrava:r and Depoz s Office ''ead fit ,C V. kathe, Ea , 8895 b Area C1diefr. '79 e Division Cbtet:: i 0 3791 d : ) nitor . >r c 4 z3 e : Case C)ffieer ; N a A Tart .A!, 4, A .. 4 of cjee-.t: ' 3r! Ree arch PPU~ Rev-rested- - for 3-94 2~ to be available until the p ec-t is ec ple ..ed. 1 sleet fiver, To err 34i ,'~; . Ia g&l,4 if:ah0 field orr ser .ti. and czo.L 1eet,i z . detailed studies on the it1?aUot?ii, tttUt4es, and 'baaX;i rQuada o t populwittion el uts of fo a.e'ected ~ x'a>~ of Africa. Ta ti,o i s r P-ded or, the compo 1tionh dais r b~~ti rs, strUc-t r'e and euet of population, and on ties strue?tu : pl atfo ,, mombership and st:_re yb off' 1r or ixatic - This document is part e? an integrated Hie. {f se, state,, hem the file it mist be irabJectei 10 in.divideal $Yst * tic review, Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Le ase 2000/0 /16 CIA-RDP80-00531100010001-1 Ori and Policy ^ lr Guidance. hrigKint The proposed ie?ct is based: on a need that 10 felt y w k in most parts of the irtelliges '.e ~n#,ty for more information on pups, leaders and institutions is ti telly independent countries of Black Africa. the desired research- The r'te' b sed o this external, research vould Since the art apgr cb is nce on y &Fq ste but preferable, the biris of mature academicians is e. se i1a a aal effective mans for acc liabing available in numbers a ,uX V A t o the net-1 f 2r producing t b . Whence sed^a de it IR - Situation: The proposed rqeee ) co ribut*a directly to the Seooni Category Priority Motional lot j Ae .kaJectivs pertaining to "The stability and orientation of i.r idep*rAF nt Afz tcan satstes; their vui r- ability to CocCmauoist influence 1/3, revised 4 January 1961) 4 The Geographic Research Area ah' t Ot'ft a of Research and Reports undertakes socio- graphic g ar b Las depth on non-Bloc areas end is ?reht3y enesseed in such reae rcb ? os Africa where possible. Little recent information of this t ira prisaotly available and much of it is fra asntary, academic In Fwrpo : or loos been Made oosolete by rapid eban gaco Agency personnel gvsl ie ! to conduct these studies are n be of great value to the intel lgenre com! pity aaad to other dopartarents 25X1A of the Gave nt that haM a Afxice is sno capacity. Is, beat equipped undertake this work now c 25X1A 4 A Fr peal: It is proposed bat R be c utborl zed to' contract with fort prc4 ct on of steadies of four :selected 25X1A towns in former French Africa The E;tudlee Vill be ceded and directed Approved For Release 2000/0>/16 CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For R614**,, 2000/09/16 i ChA-RC)P80-005J1AOO OO10001-1 ?rational Outline: a u Subpyg osaale or "taa skal, Cptia]m2 Out]-$2]6' bas SCI vO$?ked an-A. b d t y wor na ion within the Age y,.! :r'ton ttion will, be' submilrtecl 1. a accordance with this outlinst "4 acf t as it iss available I. Charu teristics off fwa ft p4Iat.;.or Distribution Density Settle tnt at.t r -s ( it hh map*) Cc opositiota Ethnic Ori bA ( yak 1d ing degree to winch ?rur 1 tribal sf isii*t .oos ax* mainuinesd) Education a f1 T 1 n t ng ` w. Length o> t a cities and comitment to wtaxi I ii `, Vital etattco Economic ac 'lviiiea and values (olpovtunitles8 esp ynent,t level of i vibg) . S or4 ani ocial acti Sti er and +miaes (family, co raiunit.yr, tr b .l Political a iv$ti,serr)d. va-lue3 (pa icipetUm of vvriou:, ethnic ps ~ u*ml as nta of popu 3 tion, made , o participa on, Mural level , p 4lattLs level of ma r1 cul-:ure xl i Customs, e.t itubes va.uee moae.iationa Influence of fa t of the i4voical envirou*nt Analysis ands of the foregoing II- Chg isatiorls Description o s4l.J. d i:mtiotrs: Structure Offices offi.ciale - the forms]. structure Infortacsl. ;uw,*clr* i.aed structure OeogMphi~d toe l,al area ' covered by the or tr, s4ti o)nI Wherein l the strength of the organization" Members Background of ors; education etc Criteria of li.gtbi.lity for membership Aetivitie+ o a rs a Required n activities Others,, ? for additional activity Reasons for 11 in* we"ber&I attitt4es o Approved For Releage,2QQ(uO /196 C,~A-RDPBQ 00531A0001000100Q1-1 Approved For Rele2000/08/16 CIA-RDP80-00531A000t0(P10001-1 Q-.N._7..1 x~_E .P,:fi.i,q,?L Leaderablp Background and aritti of lood erd Description of ce, mat ma hiss including hole Haley bm~m xa~ thei Tyler of positigpj. AS.lgtia , to ' 'r+ 'p. rberseoati t rtrb .ii 4eai *to. le 4eat to other brgmnieatiooe --to bat extent 1.8 leadership in the Oieratl O"Ift$ indent on ttai oar of ox~aaiaeti4os! Politieetl asasoc ,atlots of teadere and meagre. Ecouc nic basis r leadership tdstry to a ddom conten az* e q""" what does the orGSOU.ation try to and successful is it? Etfectiss o the oftop E x t e r m i and in 17'Al influences on content Cohesiveness It4 stability of the organisation Eiatory of the or satiaa: az'~aiscatioi can u and tae forces that created ttim. Personalities cootriru'Cino to historical CLange$. Potentialities Boar c lopaei=t based on reservoir of r leaders, u44 u r attributes. Probable !`afore size peopli and importance o Aaslysis and 8u ryr of ttO' foregoiz g III. Bibliography Selection of the four tavns to lie st 4tes w111 be acc bases of priority and availabilij - of qualified, personnel,. aired on the Priori y I Pr3 ori& II Conakry - ~I1B~....,w4vea Abidjan A lSmey Point Noire ' Bssaacaville Blisabetbville At least one and preferably two tfovns aft, I to be selected from priority IW and the rcrosioing towns from eitler, priority. Approved-For Release 2000/08/16 T CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Rele 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A0001OQ010001-1 *400 o. rmadmm~ ~atioa ss alp A. Q. bawt as t a Wor rill b~ia a. *CM at tz' 1 Jar 1961 as oe bow th ~ e avsi1bil1t , at z*S*wtib joreamnel to t , =Nun CC W1 M*UG tJw l t Mftt 12 aoo~bs l i t l a r *ham Sop . 1962. Dcbab]be data at ccmfD:tetion In Va" I* atia i 31A000100010001-1 IRop. / 5- Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP 6-!iA 00100010001-1 25X1A r, This document is part of an Integrated file. If sepa,?ataj from the file it mast be subjei$ed to ind+ridaal systematic review. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDPS;O ?00,5311000100010001-1 F 'i. _,? :yam L b "..e K 25X1A C . BR GP Distribution: Orig. and 1 Addressee ? - ,,,D/RR 2 .. Ch/G 3-D/GG RR/D/GG/F :end (4784) This document is part of an integrated file. it separated from the file it must be * bJected to an'dividuai systematic review. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Traveler f s 25X1A Appro:> '.e e of Travel. Duration * It- rr > of fbbW* trt r, it vOW4 be throo fMV4P trilte 1 s 7 E **I do vot gvjnx* or tug .~ This wwU be the ftr"v trip within 7 This ae pvmeat iAW(bved IlR araRtlease 2000/08/1 I" If separates from the fib it mast be subjected to individual systematic review. .,,-.led : u F velti JauIZ m l Deeesh er 1961 -RDPfkl00531 A000100010001-1 flM V C L - C Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001- '. UAL t.-L( Blood Donors from G RA for 21,i May 1961 STATINTL 8429 4923 8711 8613 2036 M B141g 4415 11 3729 11 4783 11. 4782 (SON fl eL- I0 11 may 1961 P.M. A.M. A.M. A.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. A.M. Thi; r4ocume"f is i=srf of an integratezf We. i subjectedto ' to e "t", from he file it m;;st be individual systematic reviedll. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 r Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA RD?P'80-OO531A000100010001-1 25X1A PST M I- ET /A/65 This docenhtnt is :art of an inter ated file. If sel;aratev ;rein the sebjeeted the it m, st be to indavrdaat sstMAC reviaw. M" X=M p 9 MAY 1961 brie ngs for a week or Z en a nn-ng External Research Projects It is expected that the proposal for the external research et on Africa will go to the MC for action within the next of weeks-. b. Soviet 2tmmmLers has been approved for the proposed external research pro on 'Relationship of Soviet Geogret .ters to Military, ScI entific, and Foreign Area P ". The write-up of the project is still to be agreed upon by the AD/t. Vacation Sch Vacation schedules for personnel in eaAmb of the Divisions should be so arranged as to provide ads sate coverage of G' AA operations (at least 60% on duty at any one time). asked that each of the Division Chiefs let him know their own vacation plans from now through mid-September. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 disc Sion of the role of US Geogr is Area avoutentive relati hive which may '9e velop. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 rV'TrT Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA=RDP804'00531A000100010001-1 Thi, ; ).uirzat is -1 of an integrated rite, kz seikafatM :.- eM the tiia it mist be $Objected to systematic review. 3 may 1961 , I C FOR I thief, eartograFhy Division Chief,. Geogra ' Division Chief, Map Library- Division Proposed Foreign 1`rave]. for the Period 1 July 31 December 1963: 4& a.aent ted that you ett t to ChieffG no 1_ate' a listing of all foreign travel contef.Laxea ror ion during the period 1 July throvah 31 Dec ber shorjila include all categories of foreign TDY ,, now planned: or can be eaticipated (travel under area f 3.isrizattof and 8=707 proms attendance at conferences, participation in joint studies, travel in support- of specific intel- .~d.,~ur~ et~ are avail Additional. pre ~ paring your response are attached. able should you used then. ting is for planing purposes only and will con- ... ,...- neither a request, Justification, nor approval for foreign trip will still have to be apeci.fical requested and. approved. 25X1A Chief, Deoc Research mod. Distribution: l - Each addressee 2 - Ch/G GRR:Ch/G:JAB:jmc/1+797(3 May 1961) Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 -N-'R6tN %M Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 'rra;umwnt is port ;#: 1"alrated t:i.: if i arateu fMae the tiis it m st be subjecled to individual syi tematic review. 3 VA.y 1961 SA to Ch/O) Nominations for Attendance at Special I eiligence Training Seminar (8-12 May 1961) The following Geographic Research Area personnel are nominated for attendance at the referenced s+.nar. The date following one the day on which that person will not be available to attend. All other listed peraoiinel will be, available on any day during the stated period. k/8887 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001'-'10d v"_ n d N /5-- S"' Chief, D/GG and Dj GM 61-3 (West New Guinea) 3 WY 1961 This document is part of an fnte rated' file. If separated from the file it he subjected to individual systematic raViarr. We have bad a response to this tai which said that it was that some of the locations highlighted in text were not on msp." A comparison of the text with the maps in this GM has revealed s e v e r a l discrepancies. Some names appearing in the text have been omitted from the map and in other cases: the form used in the text has not been repeated on the map. 2. The following is a list of those oatissions and discrepancies which have been observed. Paragraph 2 South Moluccas; not identified on any map. Paragraph 4,19,27 Radja Mpat Gam. is given coordinate location but should be named on map. Paragraph 4 lie e, isladtd of: identified as one of 3..'ladja J ie Groep but not named; pointed out in text so should be named on map. aph 6,16(twice) ) ervlakte Depresgion: is reed simply Neervlakte on the sap. Paragraph 7 Arafura Sea: -would be desirable to name on main map as it pertains directly to subject matter; it would also be useful to paragraph 18. Bomberai Peninsula: This form is in text, on map it appears as Schiereiland Bc rat. Paragraph 18 Humboldt-beai: given in text but omitted from map. Paragraph 24 Moluccas. not on any of the maps. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 { 16-3 (West New Quires siv" no town by tMA . Nw J. ~w ter-- -- .. the principal. "tC &' on Risk island. cold text indicate that V he island is a site of princi European settlement? slope Dpuntsina!t stated. to be feat of Hollendia but inset ll . y could be on map, especia 3 It was my understanding at the tim that the text of this t was approved that all ne es nentione d. in the text . .ld appear on the map. ned It is highly desirable t bat, wberovtr practicer features eenntioe it hat the text be located on any accompa firing maps and it is reg this has not been done in this case. I should like to have an explanation n tI and map of text t b wee e of Vbat appears to be lack of correlation this at. SA/Ch/G/RR: -'=&/8887 /S/ Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 jge P `f-/ 10. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 S-E-iC-R ,2..T This document is pert of an Integrated file. If separated from the file it must be ppbjected to Individual systematic reylew. 1 MARM FM t Assistant Direatcar, Rsaes rcb aM Reports Chief, Oeo1ita*ic Bssssrch $~ ! Activity Report for the $enth of Aprit 19(1 A. ajar Research and Teebnical S art LAM ivi ty 1. fte Oeo r Division c o pl8ted and disseud,nated cosh: Oeo~praphic as tax ~ e ~ L-61.1, D=1 cruse a t Pert II) =18 - ~ia-' 1; au1~1d six ~c S q, tPort Projects &ariag the month. one mot vas for the Russian Collation Project', sad was in addition to eiitsea re isions of sheets par.viau47 c lsted in otter to include additioaal. material required by SAC. Other Support Projects were aosp1ated for the Ovided Missile Task Force, IT)/P, =s and OURPAC. 2. The Certograpisy Division accepted re $iests for 123 new amps and charts and ccspleted 189. At the close 'of the mnh, there wars 377 3dbs in various stages or cue nation in the Division. Remy prodatcticq cabi ned with a reduction in the nlm bier of new requests, hem resulted in a notable reduction in the backlog at unfinished jobs. The fallowing projects either wadetrteken or ocalpierted are wa th maticniags (a) a pro3ecrt iocludtag 32 Amps to meet a pressing need for vp.sto-date base maps on the nearly emaved caantries in Africa; (b) an inmarlly heavy vol=e of requests in support of CM involving 35 different 1taiies; (c) maps for ON 614, West New, Guinea; (d) a request for 23 saps an U.S. oar Ie 2coamic American Aid in Affairs; stall (e) p rclgre as h en sabieved Special Assistant Special international Bc*wderiea Studies project for the mice or the Goo ? , Department of State. 3. Map Library Division forwarded 56,599 iteus in response to 2,425 requests for meops, related goo is publications and reference infermtion. Over-all demands for' Reference Branch Service Increased Over the preceding nm th, and the 1,753 requests for maps is the highest 111119iftler of requests any month to date Many warps on fitly strategic area" were sent to the newly organised Marine Corp. AmwSsnC7 Actions Center. The basic collection for the Watch Office was completed, and that of the Department of State is nearing oapl etion. AM Mg the maps low- Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RD oII 000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25X1 C 25X1 C SU ^' : Glf Activity aep for the Month of April 1963. which were forwarded to the ant of State were those sent to the O Tice of Intelligence Research aaad Coordination, for the briefing sad debriefing of Aasaao's, and those which were sent for President Kennedy's second confrance. pie Significant itims received by the May Library Division included 368 N MP sheets from Ghana., 320 i n sheets frc Braz irlle, "Agricultural Atlas of the ", Voltsne II of 'Atli of the R li : of China", "Nap of Mongolian Pie B s Re-public". sand a c eatione alas of East G*rAauy. Approo:i tely 125 cps plans of cities and villages in Vietnam, to- gether with detailed in2ornati on waster supply in each, were received fry a datic source. This terial In of interest to personnel fs A for a priority need in connection with, special. stw!.iea being c led. 5. As a res It of its continuing ef?oxvt to obtain phic maps of -t G , the Special, OolbaWtion Support :I . , A GL0 received nine new pographic ehs ets of this area through collection ef Q03i4400100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25X1A %25C1A 101 25.27 Aprri1. It. Several aaubers of MA attended the aniasal aeetir s of the Middle Bast Institute at the ft flai+ ' hotel. Weahitsaten. 7-8 AW11. S-1-Cdi-W-T SUB=t (#BA Activity Report for the Mouth of April 196]. 5. The s pur meting of the Baatboest Asia Discussiooa Or fsatlA'ed shoving of film an Lao*, notably the t 3IB-poro~ced "Pace of Laos", filet study of various ethnic groups in the oowntrye which were held with representatives , , am mi Departs at at State in order to assist the American ?ossy, finean, in its nI$ tiatioos conce0rning the West Bank Projeact. 8. In response to a oabla who was on I T, laQuasting 's viers on the valve of topographic mess of Cammist China, mst with C01anel Abel, Chief, MAWng and GOOd sy Division, ACBI. infoaraatiooa resulting froo these discussice warn tcrr ed to ACSI advised O-2, U3ARPAC, of Its Haws. D. I.eoa 25X1A 1. A latter was sent by Maio General June Walsh, On Inte].Rigsnoe, t1SAF to General Cebell, MCI sling his the als and cce~mwdatioo for the "autatmm ng briefing" recently pm"nted to the WIN Intel- 25X1A lige nme Reserve Officers. 25X1 A 2. Procures Branch Area Desk Officer far the Western Hemisphere, rerti as of the eM of April. oastographic dred'taman, tic/C, re signs effective 15 April. 25X1A 3. OC/C, attended the 3-day sesaist x-workshop sponsored by the Teobnifax Corporation at Holyoke, Msssaohusetta, from 25X1A AWproj(T RelA~se D /08/16: CIA-RD88j_Qpj3J00100010001-1 Al l..5! B Dir.,ributt Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CT 0531A000100010001-1 CC, N 1U`' Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 this 71e+ .Ui i6 prii vi a iRiigriied file. ' ,ddiril*d trim 0k tilt it mug be ttiict b ~r Lvr iA! *~!*lematii puM~w. aiett. IItrect+G r for Ressexch s 1wPorts .nsistsnt Director rbr Cwt Intelligence Assistant motor for Natiaml Esttmate$ Assistant Director for Scientific fn ells once Assistant t r for litral iReafere u Assistant Director Cur Bests i ei .i e Assistant Director for Opmatii s tiom o a Iat.Ui ell a Center Director, Depoty Director (3uppmt Plaster .elief 1016 brery Diviticrig am/Mx a 1 t ale (1, of each) ; aeod by I which are available Ageney tdesirii them for fiat . use. The as plaster relief gals very as indicated on the Distribution: Original -- On routing to lessees 1bi* rt ut iNr# at a 140 4 i+i* w to Woit arri Approved For Release ?.D 1 6: CIA-RDP80-0.0531.A00 JJOD01 2 Ch/!G i~R11MRj1 y fp~'3 p Gb VI. f'7r'f'7104 A.'..: 1 Approved Ioilease 2000/P8/16 : CIA-IfDP80-0053! A00010001p001-1 Apl*lvtdlljor Release ;2000/08/16 1 CIA-RDP80j-00531A000U00010001- Apo For Releas4 2000/08/161: CIA-RDP8p-00531A001100010001 -RDP804-0c 31A000IO(f'610001- ~i Appt4v flor Release 12000/08/16 1 CIA-RDP8q-00531A0001100010001- App 4ved 11or elease 206/08/16 ICIW-RDP80100'?31A000 00,810001- m Approved jr elease J005/08/16 : ~IA'RDP80- Approved For Released'p0?AdORM(is:t 11 1 ' Lffbt31A000100010001-1 file. If separated from the file it must ba bjocted to individual systematic reriew. %Wr CIA ;RI.:,..._.. Y 27 April 1961 DAOC 6/GO D/4L PRCib Ch/O ,?T: Change in the Duties of the ( pbic Research Area Conri" in order to make more efficient use of the n-pvver available to the Geographic Research Area, it has been found necessary' to reduce c the special courier service presently available tbrough the the c Research Area Courier. W ear this bcHever s will cease to have a special full time courieIt is , er "rWift vhit:h s that the W h will continue to need *we special stem; such instances will be the regular courier not be available Prom .. the Control Section of the not, after justification as outli>aedlted fit the requests for special )e-p Library Division, CO. It is e"pec courier service to be supplied by the control Section win few and that f~riait Control ro, to they vill not absorb a significant mzilber of ma-bo o?f of the Section. In order to acccipl.ish this objeetivOk the be effective 1 WY 1961, is taken: l.. The courier position in the Office of the Chief, Geographic Research, is abolished. 2. The present GeOgrapbie Research Area Courier gill be assigtaed new duties in the Control Section of the Map Library Division, CM. a. Only those needs of the WA, based on the > cessii~~i~nce to meet high priority requests and which require the (after thai materials and equi m t between office buildings appreciably can be accomplished by the regular courier ser'viOe, will be handled by the Control Section. Request cor control that thee GeoBMPU~~ be accepted only when it is early Research Area will not otherwise be able to Meet intelli~?encrest of the highest priority within the allotted deadline- within ~A deadlines capabiabould be establisbed in each case in 610 " it lities to be verified as real. before use is is within m de of the Control Section Courier- CIA D ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 CIA, IATERM b. Each Division of the WA Will designate an officer, and an alternate, who Will determina the legitimacy of any request for the aeryicer of the Control Section Courier. will call the Chief, Control Section to inform him oThe responsible f the nature of ofzr authorized request and to give him t location of the material to b 1131 e car?ied, the address of the intended recipient, and to give him additional. information necessary to enable him to carry out the request protly. c. The Chief of the Control Section Will Maintain a log of courier activities of the Control Section Courier. of the re ctor, the nature of the Including a t The it as to what "as carried, the points between which request the service Was rendered and the tim involved will be included in the log. taritka a s The log, complete wth a 8u moray, and exy pertinent remarks v= be forwarded to the The log will not be part of the regular monthly report. d. The Control Section Courier is not to be used as a cbr'ui'feur. 3. The CXA Courier Service, Extension 2 542,, maintains a limited staff of special couriers who are cleared through for the p ,se of performing special courier duties. The ORASis to utili se this service vheaever possible. If the CIA Courier Service cannot meet a BSA retest, and if the requia nts of 2. a. above am met, the Control Section Courier will the be called upon. ). ALL other reguirr rats for courier service which do not qualify for special, courier handling are to be met mail service; every effort will be maw to utilize thin cvicere whenever possibl e . 25X1 A 25X1A Ch/G/pl / 7 Approved For Release :90531 A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25- APB, X961 Salt Asian Affairs Fletcher School Of L&vr and Diplc CT Tufts University This document is part of an integrated b t W. Allan B. e tile. it separated from the file it mus subjected to individual systematic review. mde available to public. I feel certain, hosivver, that you as* aware of this atlas available to us show that three copies have gone to the not m)w a practice of publishing lists of our -;ps for public distribution, received your letter of 19 April 1961 in which you inquire about the availability of maps an inland China and Taiwan. We do so I of Cctt1ist ,tnietrative fe r, published an hope that this may he or W assistance to you. Sincerely, STATINTL Fletcher School of and Bipl?acy. reproduction. =ices o f saps a n d documents a r e a available for the cost of The Library of Congress maintain a photo duplication service whereby this part of yeasW request. you writs to Dr. Arcs C C. Gerlach, Chief, Library of C`o s, hingban 25, D. C., for assistance procuring appropriate maps publ.tehed by the United States ver nt. ApproveliA f l/i P80-00531A000100010001-1 Al EE l/r!l,d(rS 25--/ Approved For Release 2000/08/16 DP80-00531A000100010001-1 OF T 25X1A J. GRA Courie T,:is ?!oramonf is part of an integrated fife. if separated from Ws file it must be subjected to individual systematic review. C RES1 CH A STAFF ? I , 25 APELL 1961 brought up for discussion and review a draft memo with regard to the change in GRA Courier service to be effective 1 May 1961. As of that slate, GRA will no longer have a special full- time courier; special courier service will be the Control Section, D/GL, only for those urgent high-prior cannot be met by the regular courier service. The memorandum announcing the change and outlining the procedures to be followed will be distributed to each of the divisions. 2. Staff Study on IA GS-13 Position$ announced that our staff study on iA GS-13 Positions had been appro r by AU/BE and will be included in the Planning Paper for FY 1962. 3. Vacancies Vacancies may now be filled with personnel of the same grade from within the name office without being wivertised in a vacancy notice. 4. Task Force/Nuclear Test Ban Treat; A Taslk Force has been set up for intelligence support of the Treaty on a Nuclear Test Ban. GG/S, is the OBE member of the Task Force. 5. Disarmament Administration The Disarmament Administration in currently setting up panels on delivery systems, early yarning, economic consequences of disarmament, and space. It is planned to have an Intelligence officer on each panel. 6. Externel Rene arch c ca 25X1 A The 7r posal for an Facternal Res~aarch Project on Africa is now in the proposal-contract negotiation stage. in n ea aa Initially, i is planned to make a study i field research. -vA d 11 r s an App?b*Gd1Ws ~e"Q-:10 8 16 `tt - B BU 88WI1A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON' 25, D. C. M& I letter of 3 Asril 19" 1. - s, a t intorewt in sl.eem 's * have r `3 'I io t nit in a re erU a -defi secf -0o the e n in X-8 tr1Q GOQ 0i Flori ~iiaterfl 1B Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP,8 r 531A000100010001-1 < days ` d: t > ' C ' l bUS. LAXtO Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 cut, 'd.) a) -1- 01: 5 ,?, ' dUr" on to a norida ei y ftr att 4-wja astj at 6, 11 k, 5 ' th ati . to Latin America for area field study. o .14 days' Burr- 3 cr. tt, Munich, Geraianyo for attendance at 2 Distance ea e tri.n Ocilarse, Technical 3[nat'- t-te of M i. th. Of 60 days' d iti to Af lop area field sty. Cie 25X1A is requested to cover anticipated eo tin tier and tension or res rat on Arica South of the `9thcza. The funds v 1 probably be bli t in a. contract Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RE) 31A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 .ati tad. Require nta for nn-mU in Object Classes l 1963 Cer~ Division (Contd) Other C traa?t? Cout'd) is re gated. to cover anticipate: basic earth Science research by the a Support the TJSSR Branch responsi- b .lities t ich cannot, be tat by personnel on hoard. or consultant aervIc ea of s in FY 1961 and FY 1962. 4 Asso e sctrie typewriter,, a caxiuetely 5OO. Supplies TY 1060. on tc the eastern to attend the annual r Asian Studies. : 4 days' d radon to tiw eastern US to attend the annual of the African Stud Lee l a8oc'Lation. duration to tl midvest to visit yep' ducat ?oa to Holyoke to attend the 'recnifax i'M Approved For Release 2000/08/16 80-00531A000100010001-1 t1t) lotion to the In tan ati(uM Cart pb1ac J.MTj , ~. ~.. is -.-- ran- TAIU C e a it Jr. also included in the PY 196P- ivies. ) 0. of 45 to 60 dom, dumtican to Africa to attend the lot Regional f tie s li a r l Conference for ~- , to : lea =IMamx P I trip of 3 Weeks' motion ro Latin rica to attex . the C omission carucmvhy meati t P A1011. 6c0 ?it3t and "2..1' to Cover uyei&l ainion.air .y, eaae~e_ ; : is a iparent ,xirae i d ride Y j. . J 25X1A f i i i tr O # i P i in ori.,b-t ')'ie tops . . ? . f ? ? . f , f gp~, ~'SR~s y - ;4~ . ...nt A n if a ..... Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A0010001-1 n" +. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80Q51n0100010001-1 O..WA for Funds in ? , t Claaaem 1 T u4 z trip of 5 days' d t? a to SSW Yta?k City tors taI ? ;u . M. 25X1A 1 trip of 5 days afirqp a a rt 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A I trig of 90 days' duration to s e nt to s T ext-ert of ` a whLevad GP" 3.:s. detarm`_? 25X1A pprove or a ease - - - 3 tri of of 10 days ' duet is Travel I ~ o 10 d ' for brisfi and suMml 1 trip of 3 t ' a ?uu to ec special , re t sn rt. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Ubmr Di *f t a (Cut `d VunU in Object Cues 1, Distribution: 0&1 - Addressee 1 - D/GG 1-D/GC 1 - D/GL 2 -// Ch~~/G / q7 i App ovecT" `or'Ref a e 2407010hlt~rC FtsD O-00531A000100010001-1 O } on't rE try Services l..flMtft.. /IPPR oP, Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-0 31A000100010001-1 -jgtL Chief, Administrative Staff, EAR Chief, Geographic Research, CIS 5 ;April 1961 Review of Operating Budget for 11 i9s Object Classes 100 through 900 200 - Domestic ftavel 200 - foreig2 Travel trip of 3 weeks' duration to Buenos Aires, Argentine.,, to eetings of the General Asae*ly of the Pan American Institute History and the Consultation on G grephy. (Postponed from April 1961 to August or septaczer 1961. } 600 - Print i. #g and Reproducti Add $50.00 for sir tires for GI A automobile. This document is Part of ac iattuat:A MO. H separated h u tts iii? it Mt Itl 41 uvhjectod to iniiividaat strstemdtia ravia . 70n Other Cc}xxtractual Services S v- Vista lie s ate, l terial e Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 ,17531AO00100010001-1 Review of Operating Budget for 1962, Object Classes 1?30 t ui b. 900 100 - Personal Services extd alowances 25X1A Approximately - to car ton n personnel slots needed to conduct the Russian Collation Project. i2he CIh part of this long-term project--crated jointly by ACBI, Corps of Engineers, and the .DD/I, at the latter's r st..-presently functions at the rate of 2.3 man years. By the end of September 1961, an agreed rate of production requiring ten man years will be reached. Resources to absorb this load not being available in the Geography Division, a request for procure nt of n w slots has been submitted to the /PR. The staff:: authorization required by grades is as follow s: 25X1A 200 - Domestic I trip of 5 days' duration to a hl.orida city for attend at the annum l Caribbean Conference 5 trips to the western U.S. originally requested for the ry 1962 should be changed to 10 trips of 5 days' duration to eastern and tern U.S. for foreign rch. These trips relate to external research proposals now being developed for operation in FY 1962, 2 trips to coordinate 11,13 matters abOul d be changed to 1 trips duration to ACIC, St. Louis to coordinate NIS and other rs of mutual Interest. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 iev Q :r operating .met for X 1962, 'Object Cases 100 through 900 Foro . tl fto-Vel I trip of 14 days' duration to Banish, Ge ~, for at#er ce the International Distant,.** *asurtng Course, ecbenical Institute of duration to attend the annual meetings of the is esearch (location unknown) as toll, of 6o days' duxation to Africa for area field study 99 -0 - Fay ttg Bepro uctia'a 700 r txsct c W f~ ~MaiOM rid*d for in the PY 1962 two other requests are 25X1A to fu l a g sed one-year external x aarcb 1 0 ton the role of 8 a and related earth sciences in Viet ient ffi c and civil program. The INM Branch does nart have su ork &art he ` th e w to undertake the project :in~3 Y ? *et of 1.44 ? A"= yx..tgw..- 4,,,.,..... _- - - ---- `chx and to1oer and programs in arm rel ep nt, env tt cantsl research, err ral bons l cor enetratton; it vould also provide usefu ad.ditlOn to the- ai bud pt Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA 40531A000100010001-1 - Mr, Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-R 5 lA000100010001-1 Operating Bus get for FY 1962, a) j.ct Classes 100 through personnalities, orgaanizations, field techniques, and doctrines with other available intelligence in the fields of guided missiles, topographic map collection, and nuclear science. It is planned to explore the capabilities 25X1A of to undertake the project. (An external research proposal dated April 1961 covering this project has been submitted to the AD/RR for approval and has suggested the utilization of FY 1961 funds if these are available.) vice contract with for the preparation of external d: zezcbique. The proposed contract has been disused and tentative negotiations are currently underway with W it is possible to utilize TY .1961 funds for this J project, this should be done. Knot, it should be provided f 1 ies teri No change. ZQui nt the following new equip nt which is Collation Project cannot be procured using `Y 196L be included in the P4 1962 Budget Review: item Richardson Vier lRidbards Light Table( 1 GPL-940) Light Tables (01 $3 6 each) Map Cabinet (flat), equivalent of 3 sections-15 drawers with 3-.way cc ination lock(securit -approved. for Top Secret Materials) Flexowriter ivery desired as soon as possible delivery to the new building 4 or the Russian Cost (riinimn) C,r i a Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RIf b- 31A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 of Operating budget for 1 Classes 100 through 900 Dispensers for regular a legal-size a i ostat 3 `, costing .t y $50.0 #artog Division 200 - Dan*stic Tore ~? 200 I trip of 3 we; k 'duration to Buenos Airs, Argentina, to attend Aeaez ly of the Pan A rican Institute of Gener 3 f th aril 1961 to August or to l ` 1Y61.1 . e s o MM WAJ6 'apby and History and the Consu'.ltation on Cax-to phy. (Postponed The 1 trip to Western Sum to attend the Third Technical Conference of the International Cartographic Association,, IOU, eft be held. either in FY 1962 or FY 1963. his its m included in the Congressional Budget for FY 1962 and should re ,.in. It will also be included in the FY 1963 esti:tes duct JqML pryati and LOO - Other Ccym tt-ce owing substitutic should. be aide: Repair and ainttance of office and nt ................... specialized cartographic Maving and reassembling apeCial eu 9ent 25X1A to new tuiiding.......,R. Y ..............?....,........ or reproduction at Of the 1:5,000,000 AGS M.p sei iein ........ n ........... .... l ............ . 25X1A (Original eetinte for fl 1961 vas As of obligated during FY 1` with the remaining to be obligated duriq&, 1962-) Total Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : 4W& Fl80-00531A000100010001-1 evie r of operating met for 1962, Inject Classes 100 through qCK) No Change . j&MIM 25X1A - Supplies and liter e The FY 1962 estimate can be. reduced as follows: photo-lettering o+ pmat. ................ reels ............... ? . ? ? . ~ ~ . s Luminescent Total e new estimate for FT J-962 is as 'ollc : Csing Section ,E qui;mnt .............. . Replacerent of light table tops........... ... s e . . Beplac nt of Worn type ........... Contact Printer ......................... . Total D. Wp L! jjr Division No change. Distribution: 0 & 1 - Addre -D/cG ssee 1 - D/GC 1 - D/GL 25X1A 2 &/G OAR: Ch/G :=Ik/4797 (5 April 1961) b r,r nic1k Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 arch an 9 :Research :'9 f.1c a rela#. so enze setivitie 25X1A 25X1A k o, it ptses in c :iatim of pe rs,c saiit1 , i .t . 1, VhO s c r of the R:uaa ae':: acce- ble. upw ec pietion of 'tbe fuutU certain inte13.. g ce :ssilss, tai is p collection, of intenlgen data, to uld pt. ii h in e 5 BVMJSJ eso t with 25X1A a ro ? - .. A draft description of t h e 25X1A is a t t a i l ei ( L n c l o e u r e 2), eU a s come i e a rd a list 1. of ftot Reps f~"= the (.11, I'-- ft IN if "W" *w wtoot" WOVIdwo Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-R , 31A000100010001-1 . for gtter Research PR b i). / I April i~ 1 . ~ E tee lam, tba ra*y Divist ,n initiated a eta , ' t~Tull ems. to lde tify bible tgt s az iauii aat* of esti 6tiv; s1. :C$ CE . Deft the 1. iot 'It ad IW exymseed 25X1 C intere t in the study, the ISM 1 rawk hen been ab to ?aooc pile cfter soyyea, ftv little on it. eaazse of paess3 , re t ni s I roresae Dr, early :it t1.b*ccL of their doing better. t but are of i nteeil t e in t; *SF Br, Cl9tt:#.? W?. chief,, v tb ie Pie" of tic reCAN :E t tb; to u ftUY tci t sc d ;uoie science. ob c tives I TI field ure 1, Project Initiatx x y ~ .. ; , ? ~. .w 25X1 C dy wre to duete tz-: the magatude d. , er of _ alhic LI,ti. to Soviet civil 'r t1 ter' prO , feel that the stt. ' i Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RE P8t' lA000100010001-1 ,,, ~(,,T: pr ul P or ftterral. R Distribution: O&1 - Addressee 25X1A 1 - Chfr/GC l G G~ 5 2-ChG ORM: Ch,/ JAB : me /797 (3 April 1961) Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RD?(Q1A000100010001-1 pElg 5 - / Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 41? it ww'VOO a M w 0", 00*4 1* *&14W ON" 0*01 :give eood soh and control of muscles. We are all pulUng with baa on a winning 7r sonality such as YOU defeated. You have proven this D-R-A-F-T JAB: , 4 April 1961 you first joined the 065 unit, 17 years of your work in 7iibrar7 CI s. the Vast 64 fa oaravby twat of the standard drafting Specifications nor in use in the Division. rrantr?ibuti have been especially SrStIfy1jag to us a rd they have your colleagues. ' r stir at the Ammy bee lost a did as he wow cooperatively with his fellow tea. n of s join in the hope Xc your continued App Fotr ft 000/08/16 : CIA-R0P80-00531A000100010001-1 OR4P- JG; JA 61jrti,,ly Apt 6 r) Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RD9 UNTA0001 00010001 -1 Assistant Director v 3j al ac : V+er t_ amity dispute over nest ' t uinea o . C*ntribution to the Se -/trn ua1 Report to the President's Boexd Ccultante r' 1614 i varied suppCwt was C tiled On Problms of Ilm rep ton of t psacial geogm1pbie. intelligence StQdiw-, j re a to ? vela ntee in critical wreas of tho world coritfa to rece-i-ve ara icr attention. Analyses of 1 yaical and euitue?5l geog-rapine factors underlyi the situations in Laos, the ,r a ,, .t3 on of i hccesia and i a d, and the Cote., were L'.I .i i je. : d.:i e*4 -3 s -, t was else undertaken on the Dutch- This siusMt is p0 d Sot $ lit, tt r r*M tm tint tit 0 Ua 4t to IftiN to bad" etion. e e ion of i mil lam. the 1SM observed uary 1959 to Pebrt also Intelligence on specific C Soviet ca biliti es geodetic pos;lti?ri S of intercontinental targets. Fng o at e to de lop new indicators of iasiie site but the s1d d 1A0001 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP'8 i~05300010001-1 ? O i ;.;.i .O :.ucies Carte arned with U.S. security interests Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDF8tI- 31A000100010001-1 rib9utioi to the Semi-Annual i Mont.'s Bcexd of Ca ultants The r suits of this research imedi.ate si iticaa + e if the di nt IL are the LUM ;awe seful. -Aer s.3 was mad* otu Asxy di rtes . conflicting to ~arit xriia . clams i key e ,lone of the world. In supp+t t CIk?sx Task. 'ore* on 31no- Sov?iet Relations, studies ' ere prepared of thoee be e r situations considered to have potential for the ecer att . of re is between the and C st China. the De t t of sate for iuf rrwtion an act Baal or i ? fuUi3.3 nt of z,eq .nts of the cla ea ti. service van e of these plans ties . Res stimulating a intelligence an area basis, the project will also :bride a basic intelligence reference aM guide for military planning. have fir, taken to i ac Aye .C's req it its in the I Step Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-R43 8jp31A000100010001-1 jAUUjger.,ae raps ead WWt8 Is; wrrN a irr the Caru Divisim. d ine es eU . e in a by ' 'h3 D vi.etoA, b alk in the AP=Y e 1r stable durIng -this rod. it ity re tb Latin Anerics to GUO serio+ dd by is uAte soume seat : s. F eUab .e a-,_ bsn qmpsred fit' ems i sK flof r is c - is tty and outdate.. UniWA e c 3 C1toward aLle 1at1 f til sae tis1 inf'or tiOn d hwmn a ti"Whi in Aeries. zxp1pratory cans vv been made by W with a total of five ;b i ?ss1ties o determine t heir* caVabilities ter ul . this area. At tom sd time, :a strctW. Lit the gr nren:t t XU . b Congo- Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-005P 0010001-1 3vI c . The n r LO ,- Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 :bunion to th osl R.eport, t it's Board of Cowultwts 25X1A eft'orts cc t .m, Gu.1es and the CUM a that b?r to e or 5ina-S+ iet 311 use etencem in civU. and litary p. ue rste ing oi' Bloc th o: to the Chi kVpwt ct st tt to e it tbo ccAwdimtion of U.S. 25X1 C 1 .n for 1:mple ttc my the Antaxetic 'ar ty. In Pwtieu2W igenee essesi ne is cot Sariet objectives In Antarctica and Bible hm-tile use a r the cocain entt by the UWR t .e rerld were pr i 1e8 tO State, Wense, e-1:, , the JC:li for u8O .:?ln1 for the iz 7.s ,rtes do a of the taspeetiC PmAgicm cc Approved For Re#dits ?8/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 rr Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA - 0531A000100010001-1 8MJVCT: GRA C ributio t to t Pmeideut's Bow c: tities in the etic po$ in a be, for the t4'' continued into n ; scat conco" . S in g it y ne't a VQA '. - to t - ."t D 1Chits oe.that atiOfl*1 e4ntro9. list. U.S. de- ticn to, Lacyt'loz c fleet qaV ntr brlef and on SOOSMPhtc.' tt prepwod on a mash bmetm in wqTart morch 1961 UATO Meting in n k. Cal Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-00-631`i0100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 huti to the Semi-Amu al 11ep "./ to the 1t'a Bawwd of C auitanta p i litr it f tion i been in r by the additional Lbuted to the effort by the Da at of the Mr . The Strategic Mr OawaW. bas Est on a a cat pwoon -oho is eapabie in er Europmn The AM Map Sege is new cootri.'utir aervtces and two an a part-time bads. Our capability ion on China 'f A Sigoifieaat, i r'OVW by who is capable in the Chinese 3a*a . Lea; in the re- to the C ram*, a special regaaire- a field Miens im been coppleted with the pia new intolligenase c:1zae i " missile Approved For 108/16: CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Distribution: O&1 - Addressee 1 - Ch/D/GG 1 - Ch/D/GC 25X1A 1 - Ch/D/GL 2 - Ch/G ORR:Ch/G jmc/4797(3 April 1961) Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Fbution to the Semi-Annual Fiep it' , 'Board of, Cou u t .ta c xtt.t a + Ue *n tines nth she h ? t ac trietir4 of the Chief of Hav, closer coordination In the surveiliaxce of n Antarctica, p tieuUrly t h - irr^a .vir oo u is . the Tre,aty app , is being tta uiate? e=h r7 REP I/_/ Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 1, sVaatresl Is jui st of pehiErateia foe, If w,>WstNJ trees the Me it oils, to 13 April 1961 :e+r+y.ctw to i4p+rtatsna wo"Wft ?eWew. 25X1 C 25X1 C MEMMUN FOgt: Assistant Director, Research and Reports IRON: Chief, Geographic Research SUBJECT: GRA Activity Report for the mouth of March 1961 A. Major Research and Technical Support Actions 1. The Geography Division ocx*leted and disseminated two Geographic Intelligence Reports (GR_L-61-l, Dominican-Rep ublica Part Y, and (GM 61-1,'F is IVvass`R~aaad; a nd oM 6.1-2, Oambodia -of Caenf et in S t Aria ; and seventeen Geographic Support Projects during the month. ~ these Support Projects were part of the Russian Collation Project, and two were contributions to the NIB Program. GP 61-36:L, Area of the Observed During the Period aM= 1 to Feb vas prepared for use in a apeola. briefing of the President and involved a virtually around-the-clock crash effort by the USSR Branch. 2. The Cartography Division accepted requests for 159 maps and charts dining the month and can pleted 2) O. At the close of the reporting period, there were 459 jobs in various stages of production in the Division. Major activities of D/CRC resulted in the completion of the following high-priority projects: (a) Maps for two GM reports, one on the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and the other on Indochina. The former GM was prepared to fill an intelligence gasp, and the latter was prepared under high priority in support of the scheduled SEATO Conference; (b) A For East Profiles np, in cooperation with the Department of State. This is the third in a series of profile maps: maps have been conp.eted on Africa and South America, and maps on the !ES-Satellites and on the Middle East are planned; (c) On request from the Department of State, seven maps covering problem areas of the world were rerun in quantity for distribution to the members of the President's Foreign Policy Briefing Conference held 3-4 April in Washington; (d) A detailed hypsamtric map of Northern Laos was prepared under rush conditions for use by OCI for high-level briefings; (e) A two-sheet map of the IB, showing Areas Closed to Foreigners was c .tea. for the Office of the25X1C Geographer, Department of State; ( f) were coaaspleted and famed three new plans were received and sent to repro- duction for printing; and (g) Nine mass were prepared and 7 reruns processed a as contributions to the preparation of a This deernnst a psi it on tak raid Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-R[ p~, A0001000100W1W asparstei true the rips at aunt be $ bI.dse Is taaaalrbasap syst sale WOW. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 S.z-C-R-E, * SLt$ C'f s oA A*tivitY Report foac the Month of March 196]. Divisions fwd 1O, 997 itemS to reaters 3? The T~ia L274 eY s for msps,O related. BeoBra sic pub c in response to 2,9 for s of law, Cuba, the iii and wafacence inf t ion? Req sta tel3 8,700 no" ware Yaocsrea' for this and Africa ~70'ated. lfeps, ~ec3ect is MW almost P'?xes` t Vatnt Office C forwtion3 to the Depart'a t of State for were $O ed as hand a were to be quantitty , pre'Par'?d editors - Booklet RIP ficaat items recfiva3 by the ) new t briefing of news s montohm~? ? t b ( (bb) ) 33 33 ZO (a for discussions of the wont inc OPO M Bets Division during the e mont du Beneglsl ; ash YA3? " Union of South h the atlases on Denmark and the of the "RepobliV ea in admits- a new foux?sheet map a?ecent chang f or received wvia showing a import of the Officials of the the the BoundarY (a) s3miniatrative maps of YUSCOU trative boundaries. Also received R lic of China~~ a M . Goverment s of India the Government of India, MinistXl 25X1A question, issue. d by by of at lwast 25X1A 25X1A 4. the p Library has recal-ved 3 copies25,, ~''3'~' and. heets of Yoa~esia, at Scale" ifvv% ? series are on order# 25X1A 25X1A topo c s tiO1 36 sheets of a -"10, %Wf l 2 0 =. An addi production of nov Sheets the a eye~ Mlant resent Seaga* 25X1A with all future t,ogetber i ill a 25X1A re an in t vhis sheets i ty a effort to p obta These acquisitions These ac ~D3 ' 25X1A stalemate of the Sapping c ?esion AM P. Service TPOOM-Svhl in Mul tipl e copies from 25X1A grati) 25X1A TppO , Gpeaial. Collection Suppar't Bran 5. Suprport activities of the innlud,sd the followings materials $, ? The preparation of bac: i 4 and briefing a 25X1A MW so five-week TDY in the Ear East ty? 25X1A f ilittl 25 A f the Branch"s ti caH 1 onol i onaiderable p ion o 2 25X1A demote` on 19 Mar 25X1A 'T'okyo, Tai and Hong Kong ~PVM Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 8 JBCT: ORA Activity Report for the Month of March 101 b. The Photo Records and Services Division, ACIC, is under pressure to increase the procurement of aerial cove many areas in Africa. In this ctioa~" PBSD, visited the Branch to check into the possibility of CIA participation in the collection of mew of this mstsri,ai. B. Planning and Bevelnent L. A memorandum was prepared and forwarded to AD/BR for use in dis- cussing n npcrer needs created by the Russian Collation Project. The Project presently operates at an annual rate of 2.3 msnyeers, but by the end of September 1vi11 attain an annual rate of 10 manyears. 2. Proposed new outlines and outline guides for NIB Chapter IX and Section Y9, Chapter z. were approved by the Chapter IX Suboaa ttee end forwarded to the NIB Coaaaittee. The outlines, with a minor change, were subsequently approved by the HIS Committee, but final approval of the outline guides was deferred pending further review by the Army mamuber. The NIB Chapter IX Buboommittee also reviewed the Chapter C schedule for PY 63 and FY 64 in light of the now JOB priority listings. The Original forecasts were found to be basically sound, and only a few changes were deembd necessary. The revised forecasts were approved by the Committee cc 21 March. 30 An additional. CSI request to update the Information in a Chapter I that had been in 081 yarocessing for an unduly 1=g time was received Burin March. The Chapter U Coordinator discussed the matter with the C61 Chapter I Editor, with the agreement that our con- tributors would not re-examine the information in the Section 19 but that a footnote giving the research cutoff date would be added in the Section 19 portion of the Chapter I. 5. Research on Project 60.l91h, Goo is and ftgg4ic Burr, in Tiro TAR Areas, did not disclose any spec a orma on or inclusion in U - 6 - 6 1 (Soviet Capabilities for Long flange Attack). The project initiation memorandum will. be rewritten and expended to include all areas - 3 w Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RE $*- 1%3Nl 00100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25X1A 25X1A SUB=: ORA Activity Report for the Month of march 1963. surpect site dewlopmeQt and research coutinu d under York has uncovered ''V um" info rmtion that 25X1A 60493A. Will be ha3. #u1 in future pba$es of rresesxeh? on external research 6. Discussions with M MM for ,~, @ roc~eteding attefaotO 'ill x M areas. Chief, 00/1 , had one meeting With 4. .Sift j v 25X A I di tng o the first ye I a work - 7. A prepc+sa for an external research sit prIDSOOt On The Role of Geography end Related 3arth Bcient:es in the LEBR was prepared and famed to AD/RR. 8. Consideration is being given by the Sumps Breach, D/Gtr, to the need for an veto-date eerlea of mpg of Eastern Lampe, covering, in particu r, railroa~cis, highways, population distribution., ethnic ccsnposi- tion of the population, and edrduiatrative divisions. With increasing industrialization in the Satellites ;and the growing; iVVortafCe cif missile transport intel3figsnce, the value of the transportation maps is especial.1y great. Even in other fields, however, the available map coverage is out dated. A series of abort reports in, the form of critiques of current source materials for the various sub5ects to be covered by the maps might also be desirable. 10. Bemuse of increasing demaasds from the Intelligence Cc*snv ity, the May Library Division for" 34 requested that the Cartography Division prepare a series of page-size maps on Africa. This request for 32 up-to- date maps has been accepted by D/GC and preliminary VCVk ban been initiated. The Cartography Division believes the need for these maps is great enough to grant overtime vhen practical and every effort will be made to conzplete the series with a minimum of delay. B-EmC -R-E-T Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 S-R.C.,R-B.T SUSJ 3T: MA Activity Report for the Month of Xarch 1961 25X1A for break to enable him to attend the APorth conference in Coperrteagen, beginning g Aril. has postponeed his pla:med 25X1A ssl.elsiVS To RW is and Rumania, ; he ~- to arriv i 9 ear In Aparil, to spend about three woke in trio. have no travel scheduled ,for April. 19. Photo ces and Information Division,, A 3, to discuss ArsW require- merits for aerial mooing phatograpby and exchang of information on serial mapping pro eets. As a result of this meeting and of previous 25X1A discussion with Chief of the Photo Services Division, reaaenoendatic ne have been made to CD/00 to broaden the dissemination of Certain CIA reports on aerial uotcgraphyr Which have heretofore received limited distribution. C. Sfieant Outside Contacts and Activities nrwiai wu.rnr. 1. (st/i/SP) spenat two d at SAC headquarters in discussions and briefings with division representatives sac the Directorate of Intelligence. 25X1A 25X1A work in the Geogert h e Research Area which ed to his interests and reapoeasibilities. Se was also briefed by the Par Bast Branch :uci Special $c;tpport Branch of Geography Division. 25X1A the Cartography Division being briefed on carto c techniques and 25X1C procedures. In addition to the briefing, was Conducted on 25X1 D a tour of the reproduction plant. 25X1 A 25X1A 4. Chief, GG/B, conferred at length with special ass stant to the DCI on O0$ matters, on the reorganisation of inter-depextmental coordination previously conducted through Working Gres u f the OM. It has already been established that coordination responsibility for Antarctic activities vou)4 be transferred to State, 25X1A while Defense will continue its res ae:aibility for the logistics of U.B. activities in the Antarctic. stated it was his understanding 25X1A that the DCI desires to have Agency representation continued and that should continue to rep7resent the Agency at the coordination meetings to be organised and conducted by State. He offered to write a formal aesmo to the AD/REt to this effect, but it was agreed to withhold this until, further developments indicated a necessity for it. Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-ROMMORSRill000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 SMJBN a MA Activity Reps for the Month of March 1961 25X1A 5* " MA city discussed details Cf the Y Pry with reapresen ivy of IAA who are engaged in 25X1A pratduciag sFW'a purycme teen plaoi. GG/$ was able to provide a made aadeaquate 'base toy the city of E gt)ysbev than the -cm-NU was using. 25X 1 A , - acc - Gl./8 tec a maeting +sc',WV MMJMp and related topics.. 25X1A 6. The Africa RCwndtable met 17 March to bear recently returnee! truan 25X1A and scheduled to go back in His Contact With the graetp resulted i.n additic . requests to, meet with other aigencies. 7. Motion pictures presented at the March meeting of the Arctic Arm Discussion Group illustrated U.S. eud Soviet: research efforts in the Arctic and also shooed the construction of the DW line flram inception to ope ratioml status. 25X1A 8. eettt p( /F, pr~esentee t mislru" on the 25X1 A -P Apia dwring the monwbiiee ctured an the geogmphy China at an QTR course. A nucor of appareciative comments have been received concerning the participation by DAG spe er, at 75I courses on their respective areas in February. 25X1A 9. 00/N, presented a veU-reC ved two-hour lecture an Borth Africa to the Reserve Officers Group, ACBS/Int., Rq. *J A?, in the Pentagon. loo The Cartegcapby Division bas made Branch-level. making arra nge.- ments with the Navigational Sci.encer Section of the Hydrographic Office to utilize electronic compute r tVos avail able in HO to matheemtic l- ayhi c reelvests made upon the Division. The use of tapes will all~,~te time-consuming hand computations itiah have required many mdn- 25X1A hours in the put. 25X1A visited. the ogres Division on 22 March to discuss unolawsifieed technical develop.. meesats in aa-rte pby. b 6; .. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RI -05 IA000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 car ti4e M000. cc 1ie~rah 3.963. GIu- MttvttY Rem zx so maim t* CM04t, ti 04 s ' the um &C be a TVCPDW" "G t on noes The fists coo ? ttes ~ars to .ttet lug 63mittee ttee fist NO s $ at 06 gubCCNMi'tt ' Arw $ i m rc~ra of the ~sa gscti on 1 rs ? OR Vh*WFW result is X518 ' thn e cut taitb the Army s' st'ings els ? FCC a a:r V to ineos" to the sW6Bes' G&M p i tbs hsaa s of wti1 they s the 1I is at it not ficsticx~ w Am. dim, c4a MtUne '8111;10 s tam a wrea for :x m tt F ism rte Ion b e O grate, a no OVIASUCS the l~ct at a S wiry read OCB Wor Of 00 2, bilifi~ll to tau tull ' tt-e ~ti oars s'u fyguent "etio* into 't'b ao a tpe to c,n ] o "t mot to to be n tba a~ 0 "L, to iUSS to T*P The Pap 5,4 or ~t t ,,Al obLa120 vsl same of StICOO wab] that vill ncent of ' xe6~is as 5 one r the COD, g uts~. can 'rim ce v tme SCOPWO as 6=0 i'Ator-4096V . 'to his V~Queit is sin be }03.vea ;brm4b the lu~aa of tbe Arrazemo fares by each a' we std,. a~ be e tses c~-~' aY $cw resolut~os , U.S. I One too earn to+Up Om v~a Be em rim ,tat 'of iv+~s A stillfi,t VoWicy ObILOMe be *U no e u its ob grsnp tMa" of respoaisib tY ttee c- Wing that, as & e 1pi ties because mud t or aaaawitao 6s93 og the in -be a tix~B it s to a paw, a "0 i n his Ill Atthe next y sb is t C am u?B? U.S. vasti t ither Nteuse 0a. to polScy ~' S4 in =at tbO %) OI Is 3AWS eg& to be this l 1?atiCec~- '$ for their dative ,~,ctivitits ~t e ox owe bly cm revt it CAM ataas '' j the regultea. in ~ t i iM Cantaats at A ? a cove go ?? 'ms's ~7it is niosa ern ~~nt eleat G ~ 3 i>a~ the ifi tors of ate to bed by the b9A r ebl* ev r ~ ? proved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-33"0010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 B-L-C-R-ET 25X1A %we SM=: GRA Activity Report for the Month of Mach 1961 the job requirements; procurement can then be artsagad by W. Req0i"- asats very tram jest to pxo3eot and #Xe often nab suitably to transmit for routine OR action. 4. Priority probleea and an exo ss of workload over eape-bilttiss continued to plague the Cartography Division. and het 1 B me?oarardo aonfex ces, preparation of briefing paper for high-larval briefing b" and grsatear desssndr for supporting such as~ait*uWwb lr ~~ been so great that work on Less important VrOJOQU , = base =Me and Other = production, and contributions operational erational work of DD/P have suffered materially. ~rY the M MO to fulfill committed dates but the stage is now reed" r e the Division will have to repudiate scan. of its prod day-today rush Sobs being requested of us. 1. W/7, departed on 11 March for area f'eenilf.ari- aation travel in the Iar East. 2. Members of GRA attended the anaue-l. meetings of the Association for Asian. Studies, which were held in Chicago from 27 to 29 March. WA ~s week o ASP-AM 20 ibits which were held in Washington, 3. GM pergowel attended a special Parer ilitary Operations Orientation held fraan 20 to 24 March. 25X1 A Distributions AD/RR 1.-Bt/A 1 - St/IA 3.-St/P 1 - Ch/L 4 - D/GG 3 -D/GC S?E-C-R-Fy-T D/GL - 6 / G 4 A I 196l.) Approve 0 .lease 2000/0g/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 -Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-St U31A000100010001-1 A' .. `M P : Assistant Director., Research anil Reports rn is for Special Cation Prc:jsct the DDtE propcoad to ACSI that CIA a . spec al naming .on e a nu berr of urgent gUITMO is Of the yr. tic ACI acceptance of the proposal led, o a project in which Is raepcnl3ible for sheet preparation and repr wcticn an the CIA Vrovides V o?ities 044MUCe and supporting i ntelii nce research. In eo .ian+ a with a subsequent Di)/I request, the ArW Map Service has riomr been &Lrected to establish special and personnel billets that will permit increase of output to a level of 30 sets Per m Lath by the end of 1961. It is entire1yy possible that sWb-prograw .ixvrolvirig different scales, content, or areas may tact a ees airy. the Increasing efficiency of our resew procedure, a time currently invests. In project mwdzatlon, and, r, -tames for supervision and carol a the vol of k ,nt re ets, the average tap sheet in the ;' ject will require approximately 55 nh s of work by GRA personnel. At ps ent,, the total load ate to 2.3 manyears. By the ead of 196L,. or hen ANS achieves the azxeed. gc*4 of 30 sheets per month, the load will reach 9. mny rs, extend- ing over a time period of sow 5 y ears. Any special sub-pr or r u nts that we p ted?.,, as seem likely, will add to the load and extend the time period ifinily+'. is i -. rative that we tag early action to for the Special Collation Project, commensurate with the tde of the prr w. As presently constituted, the UBW Punch cannot fulfill its n li tIt , The Special Co -ti? n Project has been carried making the f`61 04 ssec;rifice . VMS *N$W" It PO owl 0 100mad *W #6WW % isdaw " Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-R?P8 31A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA- b 80O-00531A000100010001-1 Roque f . tt . attun Project 6,i69% 6.17.39 N 6 .1 64.i5 inte:i ;vets WA Ada try Imme1 Trsflot}h `o faf,:l: t 0 effort oil - ,)ii is avoarti%VA ( ntly 1t 1.e f to Y d it rn&W- other 'brsnz he? c d* the Ge ,isf, i} d NM yric tes a+ Yon aim] tit t mA tjie western ,l@mi [tu' r ?i the t -UWV y Woe requiv s t by t '&ry UwV; o -mV ixLc r ie a 1siic neach 0" iourAar d i s r u p t subs', , sOtt of work. 'Even at ant. t ree P. level really Division baaum s is ets" at II(x t Job. To sect fish tyre 1 Cep tip Project by 'it zones x CO f r her trall only 3 tape, w aeomtIms of w e attested .5 erect the Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDR8O-Oi1A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: IVAO-00531AO00100010001-1 ,T: lRequiremuts for 3W-01 t n npc wr in offer to c ti,nUe Its SUPP4~ ft=tlan. t Agib ke that *tU C` U-+ 4+ i c _ it. is therefe : ;Pewee. tit 3 `s r interim ae k force aft 3 4;r - . III in at /I AT?, to travel to t aih , ei,>m,~1 a r.ivei aria ements3 be trade fo?- to iewve Washington., D. C. ( r1end.3 xir 2(X) hours or'2 -rr.h and. for de :rtaare f rein': C tha. 25X1A) 5 i Ch/G/ ' mk,/8837 Y; a r been le wither f f r ~Aher t) t`jcerS Of SAC O13 A, Faf~f?,u Tkk dkv . k Mrt Si . ite, t! +~*NrdNF ~ 14 M Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 ,r; h1~CTING-S 3--/ Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 tic,' are ava33nh for gear people ? eusked that the Division. Chime lot Dinner O :er they or any of their Few ww he Interested 25X1A tb. n1gym 1, is to prv us with scm i `R"`t.4t.i.8 ": ft on t i with t exaharAe and wmW line to know whether we ha . any i nt Y is i. 4 will be in for the week of 27 March; is mhodule ,. no yet been set iM. 25X1A are scheduled to =et t o to discuss the abilities of for imts e :ng +s stern research having =tzo for Office with dinner to to be held far Sber=m Ken ity' hours. As the sent arTe a not -f Tice in it a coxe in O/Ch/G d6es not seem to will meet wit- Chief , Supt 8tai . OU, to talk over an alternative a nt. 25X1A disc= sign on the tter of Wwiding the I Watch t X's needs adequate ThIS d*I) *t " fi a# at kksn tad Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80.Q0531A0001000100 a+rrM # is saat ka Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP8O=od 31A000100010001-1 into such a handbook. Attache refit nos possible advantage to :;ate Platu" organized that such handbooks uld. Jr } Ru y r n s f GRA, do not seem to fit over-all :weds are alree4y covered in Military LwodAA` e'.F.@Fntt3 r would not iust ng 3.961-1969", with a iei attention be a emo from 5th an `rani. fcr be in vatting the Office require- ollection 4irectives. ate. one ~Isfectory vay. However, it is thou t wally be of little use to collectors. and fy the lx e expenditure of =an-hours req~Ared. 1nxa to attend seine of he AC MI sessions the latter srt of next veek at the or disaxission the increasing ,tiara and get bask to a more asiae f led: ",et ltes? is and T t t it would be of b fito both the is .'tti: the book tralatd were die uld first attempt to have it done by the :tea to have this book trotd frm the Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80v-005?31A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : Q17 RQ 0&5g OVNt bO10001-1 x,t)3 _ L)onors OX' j i`urce! i' sire rte nc L U ,ld III ';xtellaio3: w rl. ij tat A.M. A.M. A .M. kid. Ii "TMi icI. Bldg " ':: 94 n{t s) Jt;t; P.M. A.M. A, NA EUL,. .i?,.. M?it. 4v1, ~4~ so of wom"No Mo N 00 6* is ook# OV000 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CI m-W54Q0110001-1 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Uft #P Imews, 16 i* MM 0 I-Imt1oft i tr tr' t"`t~ 17 January V A.1 II'W"0 - - III F?: 25X1A 'A Pic RD GRAD Proposals cx i PI Xeys P1C/D-1 3/Eat), 29 Decexiber 11)60, same subject 1. Just after I received the several GRAD proposals cn PI Keys, I had lurch tom. th Dr. Leonard Wilson, Chief", Envir orn ental wes Division ( D, and Mr. Robert Philippe, Chief, Military rs Division, OCE, and took the occasion to discuss their s t in the two proposals. Since both of these men are .ble for R&D in the Virtu lent of the Army, I thou t I ht get a fair indication of ArrV interest in havingg, this kind k done externally. Both of thei thou ht the proposals had t but indicated they were not along the lines the Arr ; ently supporting as part of its work in phcto interpretation. concerned al&out specific analogues or details which e the kind of equip !runt and supplies that should be heed troops for operation in a given area. 2. Althcu we in GRA have a interest in seeing this kind of work done, we feel that we are not closely enough associated the problem it purports to enaver to consider giving such projects cur financial support. '14any thanks for reaerrinn the { osals to vie. 'hi of , Geographic Research Research and Reports 6: opeals Distribution: 0&1 -- Addressee 2 -- Ch/G ORR:Ch/G:JAB:jmc/4797(17 Jan 1961) al, -11% dloe~ +rnt Is $a ll V" Ok It '994. 'ft S"mrated ffso ' yet rt Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA~RP ar+~t~r lf r~ ;Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531_AD00100010001-1 St/A/B chic brary Division - Map Cataloger Position Reclassification. 1. A review of GS-`7 Cataloger positions in. the Cataloging and Indexing Section,, Processing Branch, .p Library Division shows that the levels of difficulty and responsibility are equal to the GS-9 Cataloger positions in the OCR Library. It is requested. that the Office of Personnel reclassify all Map Library Cataloger positions in Slot go. P-226 to GS,-9. 2. It is proposed that the ldap Library Cataloger positions under Slots No. F-226 and F-899 be revised in accord with the attached job description. There would then be but one category of .p Cataloger position. 3. The supervisory function presently placed in the F-899 position will be minimized and largely passed to the Assistant Chief of the Processi Branch, G9-11 (Slot No. r-898). Attachment: Job Description for 25X1A Librarian, GS-9 (Cataloger) ORR: OCh/G/RR:~ mmk/8887 Distribution: 0 & 1 - Addressee 1 - Ch/G/RR 1 - D/GL Th18 dare iAt is part d 0 tl rated #Nr, If saparaied tram the 11, it mast be aubjrsted to Fa*ridAMI syctematia review. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08Pkf`!GSA DP80-00531A000100010001-1 This d itaseat is plot of as Mt"%d fibs. It swarat24 irate ua fIn it Attar is subjected to indir14uh1 systematic straw, , GS-9 BB NCR Subject to 1A Action Under the dirsc rocs bent ~ I RCTION of, he Chief, Cataloging and Indexing Section, =a.spor.5ibiiity for cataloging and ing maps and books c?vering a m tjor area of the wild. The .~.._. Cataloging and Indexing Section is responsible for cata3c ing and for ing to eetahlished lilbra'y prose lurea all maps and ed docta de LIBRARY DIM ION C.1A Map Library. These consist of a montbly, 'T' of which are ately 270 ; Libr 1. , incumbent disC11a3rges duties and responsibilities we Ar- A lyZe$ for cataloging and classifying all maps aequired. or the analysew, fregpent1y present comp3,ey. problems requ .rin that the incumbent emgloy? knowledge of research techniques ce maaterial.s as well as mini Zan cage keys. : srolved: Library, working largely in a for?ign area and. in. cmr .catits, resources, subject fields {e.g., telec Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80 00, lA000100010001-1 E Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 1. Single sheet maps of foreign areas--incunbent performs the following tas locates the exact arett covered by the map, amlyzes map content for subject, determines scale, establishes exact e or assigns an appropriate, determines date of publication, lishing authority and establishes authority for entries, determines other pertinent information for notation. 2. p series of foreign areasw-inc mbent performs the tees required for 3inglam sheet maps, and in addition establishes an index for the series. This involves preparing and maintaining both a visual index and listing sheets. If no printed index is available, a manuscript index must be designed can the basis of coordinates of each led series often are composed of several hundred sheets to cover a single eountry'$ more general series of smaller scale only 30 to 50 sheets to cover a designated area, Publishing authorities for individual sheets change as foreign government structures -organized, and it is not u=caaon to find severa3- editions s. Recognition of these factors and many Others is proper analysis and indexing of map series for intelligence purposes . B. Analyzes for cataloging and classifying all geographic and ,rwphic volumes acquired for the CIA MAP Library. The process cartor consists of three parts: Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP8f0O531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP_80-00531A000100010001-1 the case of serials, authorr, title or ntabering sequence may c. tal,.?g nbent determines ,cite notation for preparation of catalog" ca, ablishi ng authors and/or Issuing authority (whether an individual or one or more corporate bodies), title, place and date of publication. This involves considerable search in bibliographic sources since authors' nss can in varlows forms, government utes are subject to administrative reorganization, and, the middle of the series. Following stun rd library usage, xibes book as to pagination, illustrations, charts and plans, and, idin s of the l ,brary. 2. Sub Ject Catal_ogi Ineuzsbent determines subject and area content for ect nvz:sber accorsiing to the tcial Subject Code p Library. C3Asss if1 tiOU 1ne,w*ent assigns the chief subjeclt-area classification the lib of the publication, its loan record, and the location song: other similar ssubJects. Cutter number for the name of the author. These Codes beet the special subject Cc and Area Breakdown. In addition, Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 maps to be z~,s intel.l.igenCe doc'~'nen'cs containing l y ~ v. n ludinE; lege~xdisp cataloged, giv3,ng ccnpieta and accurate references intc and report. assigned title and cross references between map nee reportsp lli 7 te 0- D. AMIYzes dacwments (monograpPuss serials) 3n txeant of btained fr' other libraries for Union Catalog o e fishing.. al), functions of cataloging except assigning ace P maps the book , nber. F llows throw with complete cross-reference ps Cataloged and. the title and location of the items between the ma handled. ? pproved spellings of ies ;ine a ci } detexm E. Performs research to d recor itates the preparation of place name car :s to ecess hiss n resultsesearch together With a notation of the sources utilized. UI? 3gB C0=0LS 9!~3.scarY the Chief of the fiction, it-mediate supervision is exercised. by kspC}Aave &__ k s revieyred primarily for standardizatt01s? Inc'~bent receives i The wor ease of unusual or difficult probleal$ cal guidance only in the technical or situations Without precedent. B. },e.atorY General policy is set by decisions of the Chief, lap Librar'Y to the xegtxixements. Procedure. conform bn conforming to .Pgency ~~o WA. stendaralzation established by the Aaerican Library rules can library ociation and Library of ConFIress ? turn to general direction by the Chief of the Branch. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP8'Q,-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: APNEWIR&O00100010001-1 11 January FOR: Assistant Director for Basic Intelli= ertce ?'HR0i zH: Assistant Director for Research and Res ortea NIS Chapter I - Increased. Production St^hedule PTA. OA /12 -a 1. Du,srin the past several months, the 1S Commiittee has seed. plans for thcreaei ?; the nu er of Chapters I per year GI to 12. ''. cWhen the Chief, Cartography Di iasion, became aware of this proposal. he infor; ally notified his liaison in OBI that under the present staffing pattern D/GC would not ,e able to ease its Chapters I prc. uction by jam. J. At. the 20 De ezxi er 1960 1 IB Cex itteee Meeting (No. 325) apparently it was Breed to increase the production from to 12 (item , 7). :cc c>plished .1y ny authorized denial of cartographic The Cartography Division is hard pressed to meet present other co:zuetitn nt.s . An :increase in Chapters 1 production support to other ce ;ponents. Under present comitai.tments, 1)/GC will be able t c supprrt this _ncrease. ief, Geographic Research R? Research and Reports Distribution: 0&1 - Addressee 2 - AD/RR This dss t is !M 1 of IN 6d atsd 1 - D/GC Iiht, if ft * 0 siss M 2 - Ch/G sdWss*d 1s *ftWy 114t*St Wjkn~ ORR:Ch/G:JAB:jmc/4797(10 Jan 1961) Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RD 80- A000100010001-1 6ORM-ENTIAL' Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RD 9-531A000100010001-1 Atting Chief, M it istr tine staff, og x . GRA Contribution to the 1960 Bid t Briefing hqW ' CE: Y memorandum of 6 December 1560, Subject : 1960 i ation is submitted in t a. ctie t pertaining to Oft r ibilitie s. b.. Inforition for Tab B, Statistical Bar. a. inftion for Tab D, Righligbt 8-tat is Distribution: 0851 - Addressee 1 - Ch/D/GG 1 Ch/B/GC 2 - Chief/G OBB : Ch/G :JAB : jmc /1+797(6 Jan 1963.) riefing Paper this Ni#N n Is - of $ 5 W NI 1 " 4"W o" *40 *M 0 t to aw"obt 4 I Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP 00531 000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-9814 Q531A000100010001-1 rlc c tc AND i G! PAP 1960 ftsm" awe Ma ate tee. a lrrw !ea g > - ilf ewsir- h i~Ri~i+N~i11M competent geographic analysts who provide ice of Research and Reports a of the intelligence c ty i contribute ? been briefed, preeptratt y to special isatons, using am of geographic intelligence r parts and nape, is ft-taken in direct support Of operations planning and field activities, either of the Agency or the Armed Services. prepared by this Office on how to evade or escape And eneny lines. Similar reports t into hostile territory to ecc lisp them. 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Attenti Cnaboaiovak3s3 *ad EIS 1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA1 0531A000100010001-1 bt it eo. of activities relating to In a t Military 25X1 B bi .itior x we mmintain a ca u1. s etU ere i evert Lion Soviet pr sa in S&odesy and ga. + ' r, 25X1 B d;+e a .c u c d taz get positioning. of vity data have been used I. a Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 25X1C Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00531A000100010001-1