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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010005-1 8'0 A "TY A1F0RMATOON 25X1A U #`$' Ti Pr P i1 r P~Rs.p 6 C+FAP`1 OPIi 'rbs k~u! SCY ^UF IJYHE'J. ~1'?'L i Si1F" ~ m~' u [ ~~~1-tE0lT imm? ..a-.a-.+~.~~?se.i~..m.o?.s5,ev.v........:.1...,M,... ?-~:,n_v,.... ?'amr?? STATkO N~ e uArEE4. I ER$...rPd~ a ?ERV in -o M .GE } 1 ~t ~ E ~ .m...m.oa~ e 9 .r l~! ~7~ '-iuw 53 2 mA..Y~.~.r . . CHMN 6 N PRZ"i0M ON OD POs I T I OHS, emptO1?EF CONDUCT ~ ---- i UiR#MENTS R AINEL :~ Q PE SO . MANPOWER P4~ANNi NG ?J~. POS Y t OJ AtJALYS I s eEP y RETURNED TO PERSONNEL. OFF 1 OE AFTEP AGENCY COORDINATION 30 NOV 53, POSIT'ON CE.ASSIFI-? REDRAFTED BY CbID. S U PE RGOA DES FAVI OF ORGANIZA~ tR 23 N V 53 k 23 9SEP 53 TO RCS->REDRAFT AFTER POLICY tgoiA:JGE S, PERSONOJE'~. RLQUOSIY!O+Vv ?R QUAt !?'^ AT OWS DATA } - --- -^ . . ~ .-~ ~ 4NVERV1E1d1NG SUSpFNbrto By RCS PER REQUEST OF 10 P1~0lOING STUDY OF AGENCI Yc5T1~G SERVE MAY 5$ . PERSONNEL EV.AUUA t CIN .P `L OCY ER AF'R a 1 $EP 5 T _ ._. ~. BOARD HEVING ON P .` e..- .-1. e ._...,_. QUA ;F'~AT0ONS 117 , RECORDS o f j i I Approved For Release 2000/08/11CR~3IA-RDP80-00679A000100010005-1 P 30 K .-"" U ?A79U S i 0 J E~;Y SAREP0 Ti _ D~Cr... +st~R t 1 JAS Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010005-1 u-J,t. $ 'I,iiTY C'$FOS?AT>O'I 25X1A i SUaiEOT TYPE I WORD 11 IM TRA0 ~N D" A F`'i PERS. RE )r C AF` OFO a ROS yOOORD eN AGENCY RE= DRAFT) PLNDtN~s AUTHEN. I P;J3'LiSHEY3 dOF'9; ivT REGEkUt T I NG a E SErEOTiON STANDA1;DS X SUSPENDED PENDING POLICY Dei-tSVOW, R ?__^ ~ PROFES6tONAL SE. TION 1_R - - - WORKEttc ON INITIAL DRAFT. f 11 PANEL E~ ASS I GNMENT E ( QUAt I F a t=AT I0N5 R F5KP0";SaIPg+.ETY FOR 20.5!0 HAS NOT a~ ANALYSIS REA$SFi;kED SeM ~UA~ IFIGAt':ifdS APPOINTMENT R X 1 C5i REASSIGNMENT R t Dr_T A t e t NTRA -AGEMOY) R R I . ? PART ON D%TAEI~S TO OTHER AGENCIES - DRAFYFD. 5X1A ? R t -53 ~ i ~4 21 OCTOBER RS RETURNED TO PERSONNEs, OFFIOE AND RECOt ENDED CHANGES- PROMOTION R X t 3?ar w ZC FOR .'.C!IS I DERA T I ON G! AM e6 BOaRD. - CONDFTIONS of SERVICE PA*r AOM Ni$TRAT:ON R IA PARTI'