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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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December 1, 1953
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Approved For Lease 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80%Wt679A000100010006-0 !I L D ,-ZOT -ME l2UO- 2- 4A * ..#- =+tsC ; E service r, ;cttiviti -Some ?ce :L3 c w..{ ; f o ft a NO. 1-52, Sub j ct us~~ tiO of Training ji e ro ' 4; y, dated ; '952 `'alt `a z 'Ti~T tA cmi est `+"=s3fl r' tolicy governi&+lV fal a Z9ilx ..` 3 T3 W:.eS .,w1C 1~ all meyf tbers of the 3Cr50 k~.c^ . s:II er Service (those i idiv T 3if?~ i ~ ` 9er ecj f_Z lJ:'t i O T:7) . jt", a i o eatah1ishhe: prose are to eii w r ' Per zkT l Caor Service aasee :.T~ rtye erf, of ~: ~? ' :c: to oaVe i.Of in the Perrson.:c?i Office and to serve as a g. i de fee ?fL s _. IS { z, a,t.L>H h L. 4e. V .l. ~?.f. ww iJ . ~~ T t:_x 1. i as iv ~ec~ ~ coves c h1 em, in are thosc Plsr-ylecl i w 1t~'At 6: C~ inc:- G' Ff~ 32 ; '"a ^- i ' j ts :~ 07C t'3P4' c or 0: ;f -.3 iI , for :m for ? etto yob crso Ek Tf Ce e ,'oi.;.Lc-wir priacip ies wil vern trc,ini ac iv ie 3 Of tL Fa i a~:cy ~, .di will be giv oppo ty to des' L hi by ~. e to t ie ~; ~.. ~? ri~?'T%e. ~,} c r..1 be, used with. n the ?crc o - ". Care : '? i ce E }_~~ trei~i.k creeds of each _s ividi&. w.1 1. be identified 'r'`:;3`4? `lif'e ~ be -erovi d to eT 3ble e ea JUY +a'. '.4~1k'. L d w' d i ifl' .. . .. s a3vvt.ce ard assistance to the Persomiel Dt.k e'Ok,or c d tht; ; e. soz e:1 t f 'eer Service Bmrd regarding all mnmbcrs of the: Personnel Career Service. f-, itiv:Lt.teS of the Personnel Career > ....