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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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December 11, 1953
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Approved For F ase 2000/08/16 ;:.CIA-RDP80-Q 9A000100010009-7 25X1A 4`4 612'1v O - 4' Y? -1 o ~~'r : iSCNEL DIRECTOR PT i 3i A D JN NO,, 100- 53 =i?)3aC' Congressional Cases T)ecenber i953 L. Communications fi n Coregresssional, sources pertaining, to appli...,, cants for positions with the Agency, received by any component of the Personnel Office, will be referred immediately to iegis]a tine Liaison (e: ension 734Y, Legislative Liaison will contact the Personnel Procure merit Division to arrange for appropriate interviews and con- siderations in cases where such Iction is considered necessary or acs;visable. 22, Application air. /or other papers 4ih i tted to the Agency will e acknowledgead, by the processing and Records D;irrision or in such manner an, may be requested by legislative Liaisori or directed the Pe. ?s orare l Ud. rector, 3?: At the time a file is pr=epared in such a vase (or at such one as an existing file t'ecories a Co Case), the folder will be stampe "Congressional Case". .k special "Congressional" cover sheet rill be i aced on the right side of the folder ON TOP of all other papers in 'he .Y" .1 e (with the exception of a notice of security disapproval), In accordance with the instructions on the cover sheet, legislative Liaison will. be notified imrrmediately upon the initiation of any action by any component of the Personnel Office which affects the status of the individual ' _, In those cases & ulminatina in entrance on duty,, the "Congre si onal." comer sheet will be removed from the .fil:e upon entrance on duty- and re.- turned to the Processing and Re; ords Division, In those eases which do not c .. b*ainate In entrance on duty and in which the folder is returned to applicant files,, the cover sheet, will remain in the file so that the case may t Identified as a Congressi.onal referral if it is reopened at a later, date. The foregoing i.nstruction43 supersede the instructions con== tamed in. the note on the VCongressionai" cover sheet. A supp.Ly of these cover sheets will be maintained in the Process- ing and Records Division of the Personnel. Office, In the event that the file on a Congressional. Case is made up in any component of the Personnel. f O "ice other than the Processing and Records Division,, a cover sheet w~i.. . be obtained and placed In the folder by the component establishing the file,, b,< Division and Staff Chiefs will ensure that all employees con- eez"ne d are aware of these procedures and the necessity for the expeditious ha.ndli ncc eve re%nrr, __.g __- - I r,_...._ ` - c ing P erson el Director For Relea"WO018EAU :CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010009-7 25X1A