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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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December 10, 1953
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Approved For Releoe 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-006L9p001000100 0,2),4 if0-3/0-4 ProsolmEL DIRECTOR /1110RANDUN no. 99 -53 SUBJECT ItEfIE=E: 10 December 1953 Document Classification Categories a. Executive Order #10501/ Safeguarding Official Information in the Interests of the Defense of the United States b. igned 5 Noveiiiiiiiiiiiiifective 15 December 195)) A y Notice (27 November 1953) 1. Effective 1 ecember 1953, documents will be classified in accordance with the to of the subject Executive Order. 25X1A 2. The use Of three 'ossification categories is authorized under Executive Order 10501: Top ecrety Secret, and Confidential. The Restricted classification category is o celled as of the effective date cited Dhow. The subject Executive Order de s the three authorized classification categories as follows: a. "Top Secret: &veep as may be expressly provided by statue the use of 1115-Mriaication op Secret shall be authorized, by appro- priate authority, only for defe e information or material which eequiree the highest degree of p toction. The Top Secret classifi- cation shall be applied only to t information or material the defense aspect of which is 'Jammu: and the unauthorized disclosure of which could result in exeoptio grave damage to the Nation such as leading to a definite break i diplomatic relations affecting the defense of the United States, an a r3d attack:against the United States or its alien, a war, or the eon romise of military or defense plane, or intelligence operations, or so antifio or technological developments vital to the national defens "Secret: Except as may be express provided by statute, the use of Wralassification Secret shall be authorized, by authority, only for defense information or materiel the un- authorized disclosure of which could result in rious damage to the Nations such as by jeopardizing the internatio relations of the United States, endangering the effectiveness of a srogran or policy of vital ieportance to the national defense, or co irciaing important military_ or defense plans, scientific or technologic developments important to the national defense, or information rev idling important In lligence operations.n Ce "Confidential: Except as may be expressly pro ded by statute, tgii6675f7E3 classification Confidential shall be authorizede by appropriate authority, only for defense information or material the unauthorized disclosure of which could be prejudicial to the defense Interests of the Nation,' Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010010-5 Approved For Relea4,0000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-0067V00100010010-5 ;-.or;c11 r'aich is cur:reTitly classified Restricted will retain c:I.asei.A.:iention unless f..t becomes necessary to release such material o7,,tsideth.4,(7,nnoy. Prior to its release, the material will be reviewed of determining uhen,ter there sho0Jd be an upgra ing of ciassication or complete declassification. of the term "F?enrrity Informatica" I.Jith the olassifi- ciou 5Yeries has been cancejled by Executive Order 10301. It is -:reCow) eufy;ostod that the wor'Is "Security Information" be removed from sAIns vbermer possible in order to keep the cost e new stamps zvi a %i7:tirum. accordance with Note Paragraphs 3 e (1) WIPP 25X1A ,,1:oaph (3), the followinr; delez 1.:Acne o atriaority Are ma_e: a, .ho authority to classify original documents is delegated -'?0 D5.71alon and Staff Ohlee,; and their deputies, to Branch Chiefs ?1(si ,I.reir deputies, And to mczabers of thn 4.tanadia.%s Onlce of VA0 ,r.7,7hsi Director. However, the originator e? any document shaves 3z; responsibility in bis Anitial recoqmendZ6ion as to its -)-.,;nr classification. Th responsibility Cor the continuing review of classified for the purpose of declassifying or dungrading is assigned ti c:on and Staff Chiefs anq their deputies, to jranch Chiefs deputies,. and to aaml-ers of the immediate Office of thn Director, c. The resoonsibilitis cf Assistant CIp_seification Control c delegated to the Chief, Research Aranch, Plans, and Developraent Saff. The Deputy Chief, Ttesearch will serge as bis e,ternate. en and Staff ChiGfs will ensure that all er,ployees become Tith the new s7stsm documtnt classification. 25X1A 4..ctirr,, Personnel Directo? Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010010-5