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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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October 27, 1953
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4ul ase 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP8 -006 9A000100010020-4 Approved For 27 October 1953 ''Ft'?- '~l~1FIF E~lrkt; n -. ?h jy."_ Ttl4lvl~tr.2 NO 89-53 31FOffice Supplies and Equi-or-jent DWU3ion and Staff Chief of the Fernonnel Office is herae'by requested to appoint one individual in each rention or branch in his ,area to e?.o.n. biet a survey nth a view to ascertaining if there are an y surp . ies o ,r ec uipm .nt which are either excess or not being u ilized., '2- It in believed that since the physical move of the Persc-::ranee. 'fi'`_tce has; now been accomplished and the divisions and staffs have settled i.n't', - the n,wmr or ;anW..zationi-z7. pattern.9 snvinrt. ~z y be realized in certain supplies and eq?.uip rn nt by reason of chanr es in functions or reductions in on-ditty s-;,re t'ho The :suxve_7 should include everythinc, f r'on t.atapler s to file cabinets.,, Reasonableness : s the only guide to the r.Lrx) t. of supplies or the number of items of equipment that any single individual or units should maintain. For example, there would seem to be little justification for one person to have two sta?no pads or two p, ,per punc-aesn..l.:t:i_lar considerations slwuld apply to such items as eiass1-- fication stamps, bott, -les of ink, list finders, xe`ia and ;yen !oints, etc,. Or it may ,he found that certain its=m:: snch as cardex flies or Cost-li L?I's arc: no ionf;er used or needed. All such items should be turnod in a surplus property. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010020-4