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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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October 21, 1953
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Approved F Re ease 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDPB!(~Q,79A000100010026-8 84 PI'- D-FRECIDR _on of .Pi=g ee iet Oi f 'eers 't J fr' i}':l_C#: the aE a'?:`L.~J;"' s ta? .~ .. j C~ y srso:'me.i adlr : nip tra.tion with n_ the Clandestine S.ex vices, the Placement and ., Tt, 5..=_:_4 ,: t3 i;t's. 3: v 7 :1 C4:7 ll effect the f o following 'e J? 3 o!1 in its pro c lures Coordi.a%tn o,;n of the Placement are tJti Lizat"ion Division with t -.e Clandestine Services Career Boards, .',- F')_acerxeat .ff1cers will be designated to L~. t e the respect:sve Senior Staff Career Service Boarc.s of t! 3 ande s t: : Services and w l rovI de -professional gu:id- ,:a e and .ss Lance to the Boards in a, -1 aaiatter?s of pl ace - raent onr_ nt1.l, .t'-Ion,". 41 - 11 As authorized by the Personnel DJJ! ector. the Place- ment and k'-Ii.L .zozt:.on Division. wJ }.. +. e"1[e c' se tae r:? t Y dc) e z? ted to the Per a~:nr: '.e. off ice by t -e Dl_"`ec +~ r o'f (.ran.r.rai to review and give final apps TWrr _i to per oiluei actions, g pprovLLal of all actions will be con 'w p tw upon the prior concurrence of the appropriate Senior 5-10-t'f Career Service Jk ard. The Placement Officer shall refer c1oaaab .; Cases to the Chief, Placement and TJt . l izatio_nl i.7::u.Lx oc, f ti ac..- ju.d;3 cat ion ?"a cement Officers will conti:iue to thterVi.n,,, cath.s before recorranend7ng them for A.t eaacy. e"mp:Loyuient.0 They . will eoort v .ate with the Personnel Off icf . Staffs, Area Divisions and the appropriate Senor Staff Gazeer Service Load in effecting r>ecruitment and placement P a.ceraent Off cers will conczu .G ' acement follow-up :.rr cord nce with present Q . ectLi vess w i:611 per- sons udder the jurisdiction. of the Scnior Staff Career Serve .c-e Yoe and ~a ill c it e ' a peMson .for reassignment to any Agency, coirq anent., (b) in the event a reassig vent cannot be effected w1thmn urie, career see^vrice of I)D/P, the Placement Officer servicing that Board will coordinate with other Placement Officers to+ insure that the case will receive ehau:tive corE., ?c pion by all Senior Staff Career Service Boards =ri - thin the Clandestine Services befor e it is referred to the C1ando stine Services Career Board for review. (c) The A ersonnei Office will accept reassignment cease;; for consideration by other Agency components when such case: are. certified to the Personnel. Office by the G:lande seine Services Career Board, Plac,lment Off -I.cers, together with other Pea sonnel "'Jue will promote the rnax_irr~r;i utilization of the s of he ?'erscan:nel Office trith respect to files and rtP.e_:? records in order to avoid unnecessary duplication. D, Coordination of the Placement and Utilization Division with Se::Iior Staff and Irea Division Official s~ Staff and Division Personnel Officers. "i?l~:r:vrraent Officers, though not designated to service a Da?.rticu1ar Staff or Division, will continue to give pro- ea ion: i guidance and assistance in all matters of place- and utilization to staff and division Personnel Officers (2 Operating; Off:fcial_s Pla:^ :orient Officers shall continue to work with super- v:i so_cs in all. matter=s affecting placement and proper utili- zation. J:1=r;er Yn.) irc rnstaxices vAli an indi t3C } shop himself. 1,,/ Pers'dnnel Director 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010026-8