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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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August 18, 1953
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COQ" IDENTLAL Security Information Approved P i elease 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP40%00679A000100010048-4 18 August 1953 01'1q alud ' fO 3- PERSIL DIRECTOR 2aMORA,RDUM NO. 63-53 SUBJECT: Charge-Out and, Control of Official Personnel Folders In order to effect a more efficient control over the handling and ement of official personnel folders, the following procedures will a ly whenever personnel folders are loaned by the Personnel Office to autho ized individuals or ccuponents of the Agency as specified in the provi ions of CIA Regulation pending publication. a.\ Responsibility for the charge-out and control of official persona folders: 1) The basic responsibility for the charge-out and by the Chiefs of the major components (offices, DD/P area divisions) of the Offices of the DD/I; Training, and Communications, to request and ial personnel folders on a loan basis for the erned. component con receive offi ter index of the names of all Agency officials DD/A, DD/'; staffs o of official personnel folders is vested with the ng and Records Division. This Division will main a authorize' taro a Proces concerning the loan o Violations of the pro Pte. The Processing and Records 1 folders released to individuals in very effort to assure that folders are individuals authorized to ec ive them. visions of CIA Regulation loaned only to those Division will make oceasing and Records Division will also be tainiri, the Personnel Office record-of- components other loan for all pe responsible for (2) The P in writing to the Peru and Records Division. 1 Director by the Chief, Processing (1) - In each case involy the transfer of a person- nel folder to an authorized vidua1 or component outside of the Personqel Office, the aasitat, and Records Division. will initiate or complete, as opriate, Form No. 37-174, Charge-Out Control Form, and Form o. 31-I7i Oat, Charge-Out Record. In addition, P&RD will aa>.t a Memorandaam of Instruction to each personnel to r before its release. COUFIDWTIAL Security Information coat personnel folders will be reported 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/16 CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010048-4 CGNFIAENTIAL Approved Fc elease 1W/' 9P8Qj01W679A000100010048-4 (a) The initial record data (name of employee, date of charge-out, individual requesting folder, etc.) appearing in the upper portion of Form No. 3i-l7i, Charge-Out Control Form, will be canpleted by PM. In addition, the charge-out code nuober will be igprinted, by use of a numbering machine, in each item of the form (including Report of Transfer slips) reflecting this heading. Completed Charge-Out Control Fonts will be firmly attached to the outside of each folder before release. (b) In conjunction with the Charge-Out Control Form, the Charge-Out Record, Form No. 37'l7iA, will be completed by P&RD as the actual Personnel Office record- of-loan. Charge-out Record cards will be filed alpha- betically by name for each folder charged-out by the Processing and Records Division. In accordance with the instructions appearing at the top of the Charge-Out Control Form, transfer of personnel folders, authorized by telephone will be reported to P&RD in writing by the original requester through use of numbered Report of Transfer slips attached to the Charge-Out Control Form. Report of Transfer slips will be filed directly behind the respective Charge-Out Record cards immediately upon their receipt by the Processing and Records Division. (c) The Memorandum of Instruction has been written in accordance with the general provisions of CIA Regu- 25X1A lation It provides, in concise form, instructions governing a management of and responsibility for official personnel folders released to components other than the Personnel Office. The Processing. and Records Division will be responsible for assuring that a Memorandum of Instruction is attached to the inside of each folder before transmittal. 2. These procedures will become effective upon receipt of the printed forms. 25X1A CONF'iDENTIAL Security Information Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010048-4