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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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July 28, 1953
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Approved FeI`e 2000/08/16 tJ$f-0060040010057-4 L>o qty infornatR is 'i 28 July 1953 dPw AO r!'8o- L DE 701 54-5) vUtJI C ' Tom oravy llra--ot;:ions to Graders in tho 5u r;;rade 4.,ategery 1. Tl* i.c:t;i.rir Deputy l7ir etor (l+.d; idstration) has advised 1,1,vAt ceer?ttairi prariotions to grades in tlio ;v ererado cataL,;o y wi2..L "approoved WI th U ur iers t andlrAg that such ma lotions aro tumporar ,, the d -at"#..on of r]iLAi will be determined by the LC3, with th further tzXYiirr t;. n 3;; t iat the individual, wi.U revert. to hl& peniianont grad:. A )on tt+xztii:i .t on of the t ii= oz ry promotion.. M is constitutes an 1 ntori p: .,kad re ochery and is scxbject to cliarCe? 2;, in such cases tier folio Ing statement will be t:Po(i urxk3r G $.tarkr an the Standard Vona ), or Standard i or`!"1 wad Ln lieu t;~ tee^of $ 2ramotion to tom= grad-co -.ndi. car 3, Is duration as the Director wi:li ciete ,it ";, Itiur pen anorit, :r'ade is the grade f ran, Which you ar tr aporaAly pr noted, iliac TgAtu.t of 9,ctiors ri be slim m as k"PrxAotion (t;q:/ x~rary`" U 3. In these cases particular care will be ta?.en to einsure that the w,iployee copy of the Standtakd. L orm Vii, Notice o 'ersonnal Action, is routed to the Individual ccncerro so that, lvw Will lave a record of the "torpor , ' pro.sotion. 14hen t hr, titan .daa 1 Semi 522 'ls urod in lieu of the Otandard Form 50 for doc znent ? the action, a .:ce or wdun similar to the attached will be routed to the individual concerned throu,li proper channels. A cry of the rnenoarand wi:l . to s t>aplcd to the Persornei Folder copy of the Ctai1ard .Fo. 2 for i.nc.iu,5lon in the Cf f i ci:a,l i e onnel leolder3 iZ,61 1 1Ny7 .1:7 o .a tt.r4J4?t, k-.rsohh(.-I Director kt tiaclnont 5'; O 3D 14 . O-P UST .-!I Cr.;D :e~c:urity nfo ati Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010057-4