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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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July 2, 1953
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Approved kv; Reilea 01 te 11 oreSONNFL DIRECTOR MEMORANDUM NO. 5043 SueJECT: Foliew-up Interview? DRO-6479A000100010063-7 Ago' 1953 1, Effective with the publication of this nemeorandoe, it will be the policy for all Personnel OM*, placement oftener/ to conduct to/lowoup leterviews on all new ampler,* within thirty days of the entrains-ow-duty doe*. All such interviews will receive proper documentation and will he aide a matter of record in the employee's personnel folder(, This policy will appxy equally to individuals temporarily assigned to the Interim Assignment Branch and will include all categories and types of personnelo k theraugh cheek will be made of clerical applicants(' qualifications and desires as recorded on the field interview sheet and assignment made to the position considered mast appropriate by the placement officer 20 Recruitment officers and others engaged in personnel procurement or proceesing who have, or obtain, knowledge, directly or indirectly, of a keen interest in, or a strong desire for, overseas employment on the per of an applicant or a person in the prooess of enteriog on duty will be respunstbiLe for ineuri that such information is or becomes a metier of ofthdal record in e ac-rialTriFWiyab?nrilialgrair??soono ira----iin?i?orv.onstaken into consideration in placement actions PlacemeriO, officers will adhere to a policy of insuring that such applicants or em, playa's are not slotted against, or assigned to, overt offices or othsi offices whiirire not in a position to offer eventual overseas assignmeot to the individual. This 2 shall a to clerical rsonnal only No promises or commitmen regar ng overseas use gnme -Si ma e ap- plicants by members of the Personnel Office The placement *facer will record on the field interview sheet, or an a memorandum for the record, his reasons for makisg the assignment. Placement officers responsible for the DD/P area Divisions and Staffs will conduct an initial interview at the time that an employee enters on duty to insure that the employee fully understands the type of position for which he was hired, the general area involved, the possibilities for over- seas assignment and the promotional policy of the office concerned. The results of this interview will be recorded on the employee's summary work sheet. This means that the report will reflect the topics discussed and the understandings reached, rather than the mere fact that the employee was interviewed. 4, A second follow-up interview will be conducted within ninety days of the first interview. If the first interview reveals that the employee is making a satisfactory adjustment to his new situation, that the supervisor ts satisfied with the employeers progress, and that no apparent problems mast, the second interview may be conducted via telephone calling both the employee and his supervisor) if the placement officer is too pressed for time to had a personal interview. However, if problems are encountered Approved For Release 200,9431g)gi43A-RDP80-00679A000100010063-7 'Item ApproveVrlielease 2000A8804511141A-R14030171679A000100010063-7 Security Information In the course of the first interview, it is desirable that subeequen% i.uterviows be made en a personal face-to-face basis rather than by telephone. Every effort should be exerted to resolve such cases expo- ditieuaay. Therefore, nothing contained herein should be construed as limiting the number or frequency of interviews held by the placement *Meer on "problem" cases. In any event, however, a second follow-up interview will be held within ninety dais of the first interview 5. Those individuals charged with the review of fellow-up interview repurts should devote particular attention to such reports in order to anticipate a need for and initiate, when and as appropriate, subsequent personnel actions, 1.4,0 transfer, training, rotation, reassignment, etc, 25X1A FerGETranel?Director c:ONFIDENTIAL .3ocurity information Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010063-7