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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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June 23, 1953
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Approved Fo'1ARel&ee 2000/08/16:6 i'-R6P 0679W0 010069-1 CZn-,,.vt +,r T..Pe..,....,+.e .. D C R PERSONNEL ROORANDUM NO. 45.53 23 Jbne 1953 SUBJECT: Processing of Leave of Absence or Separation in Maternity Cases 1. The Annual and Sick Leave Act of 1951 authorizes the use of sick leave when an employee is incapacitated for the performance of duty 25X1A by reason of pregnancy and confinement. The grant of such leave is an administrative matter for determination by the agency concerned. A policy with respect to maternity leave as now stated in Regulation enc 25X1A has been incorporated without change in Regulation Leave, which will be published in the'near future. Granting of sick leave oyee resigning for maternity reasons will be included in Regulation 25X1A Separations, which is now in final draft stages. The following procedures will apply to these actions. Maternity Leave a. Application for maternity leave will be made by memorandum signed by the employee and accompanied by a doctor's certificate., This request must state the employee's intention of returning to duty at the expiration. of the leave period. b. Applications for maternity leave will be submitted to the appropriate supervisor for approval when the requested period does not exceed six months. Approval of additional maternity leave may be granted by the Personnel Director or his designee upon receipt of written advice from the attending physician certifying to the necessity for the leave and the recommendation of the appropriate supervisor. (NOTE: Pending publication of Regulation y request for maternity leave requires Personnel Office p va . C. Standard Form 52, Request for Personnel. Action, will be prepared reflecting the recommendation or the approval, as appropriate, of the employee's supervisor and forwarded to the Personnel Office with a copy of the employee's request and the doctor's certificate attached. One copy of Standard norm 52 in each approved case will be forwarded to the appro yroll Branch. (NOTE: Pending publication of Regulatioe only the memorandum request will 25X1A be submitted, to the Personnel office except when SF-52 is required by the amount of LWUP involved.) d. Upon receipt of Standard Form 52, the a proppia.te Pe sernrei 37-a7 ch will interview the employee and act on the request for leave, as appropriate. The employee shall execute Form 3)-.3O, Final Payment Clearance Sheet, RESIRICTED Security Information Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010069-1 Approved FVese 2000/08/16RXNWd0-0000010069-1 Security Information eo The Personnel Relations Branch will forrard Standard Form 52, with attachments, to the appropriate Transactions and Records Branch for the preparation of Standard Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action, Standard Form 50 (or Standard Form 52 used in lieu thereof) will show under Item 21, Remarks, Vie following statement: "Maternity Leave six (6) months(This : Inc uuddingn may r accrued sick and annual leave, balance by LWOP." modified as appropriate 0 ) 3. Separation a0 when the employee does` not intend to rmtu= to duty, she must resign However, she may request approval oC accrued sick leave to her credit under Item 23 of Standard Form 52 showing her reason for resignation, This request must be accompanied by a doctor?s certificate. b, The appropriate Personnel Relations Branch will conduct the exit interview and act on the request for aic>'t leave. The employee will execute Form No 0 34-30, Final Paymet Clearance Sheet, on which the "reason for clearance" item will show that the employee is resigning for maternity reasons and i:idicate the effective date of separation as well as the last corking day? co Standard Form 50 (or Standard Form 52 in lieu thereof) will show under Item 21, Remarks, the following statement. leave authorized for maternity reasons from -(last working day) to ~(date of separation),," (If sick leave, supported by proper medical certificate, has not been requested, the effective date of separation will be the last working day. This statement is not required in such cases0) Temporary Replacement of Employee on Maternity Leave ulation provides for authax?i.zatioxt of ed R eg Propos temporary identical positions to permit employment of replacements for employees on extended.leaves. Instructions for processing these requests will be issued upon authentication of ,- GEORGE t. M ELOON Personal Director Il RELS dRI C TED Security ,information Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010069-1