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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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May 22, 1953
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Approved gbf Netlease VINA4 ,..rot-07 P3 i1=OMR MEMANAR4B10. 37.53 413069-90679A0001 00010077-2 22 Nay 1953 susasm Roaesignment Actione Involving Transfers TO or From Unvouchered Funds RESOJESIONS: Personnel Director Memorandum, No. 29-53, Personnel Actions Involving Tranefors To and Fran thvouchered ihnds, dated 5 1 1953, and SApplemeest 1 thereto, dated 12 May 1933 ? 1. Effective 7 Jena 1953, personnel actions involvieg transfers of adat /Magnate or tram varrouobecred funds, except as otherwise provided in the fotlanen a no funds tranefers were involved, i.e. as regular reassignment (in. pargraphs, will be processed in the same %Ay that they would be pro- audios promotion and change to lamer grade) actIons. ? . Staff Worse. V 2. Except as specified in subparagrapbs aardb, below, Requesting Offices will initiate requests fer reassignoent actions (including promotion and change to lower grade actions) which Involve employee transfers to or from unvouchered funds in accordance with existing instructions applicable to reassignment actions, i.e., the ? 4, 4 C position will appear on one side of the SF.52 (TO or P504) and the ? position, will appear on the opposite side. a. Existing instruotiors notwithstanding, an ariginal and four copies of the request (SF-52) will be - .pared in all cases 4,? Ono m17'6/111 be retained sh the '-.?-tins c co and the original and reMairdtg copies, will be forwarded to the Persennel Office. b, Existing instructions notwithstanding, in all oases laintaita 022091941 trATIFOKPo cr ?INVCI4Val,4 PAS Requesting Offices will type a notation tuader Um As Remarks, eajactly as fellows: "Transftr TO Vouchered Funds FROM Unvouchered Rinds" "Tranafer TO Unmecherel funds FROM Vouchered Funds", as appropriate. 3. The Transactions and Records Branches, when processing personnel actions involving etployee transfers to or from urmtnambereditmds, wills a. In cases, immediately upon receipt of the SF-52 from the Requesting Offioe, forward two =Ties to the Security Office for con. current*. b. In those cases in which the action is submitted in contexplation ? of the employeefs departarelg! an overman location initiate and forward to the Medical artice one copy ?frame No. 37.115, Request For Medical Examination, SECRET Security Information )11? Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010077-2 Approved FSerteiease 2 0e1679A000100010077-2 o. xn au oases, the $P.50 notifioation of Personnel Acrbion, uill be used t,o nN-fl the action. r Ay) 0,1' 1,3 D4 ri 400 NVitk,m5qT1 41,= ?44.e. 'eal.? v? villon the qnurotriate Ails of the entice. As in past, organise= designations, pooition titles peculiar to this Agency, do., uill be omitted from the Civil Service Commission's copy of the SP...50. The effective date of the notion uill be preceded by the rib.o.b." and will be the day on ditch the employee's transfer to the Agg rayroll (V or try, ?as the ease may be) becomes effective. The day the effective date of the action will be the employeela last day on thead d. Inolude On the SP-50, 'under Item 21,Reraarka the notation relative to the transfer of funis appearing under item A, Regrks, on the SF.52. o. Masai* all conies of the SF-40 ',Secret" (except CSC copy) f. Distribute the SPL40 as fellows: =Li 1. retinnp DP)SIGIVITIC11 D*127141M &Ogre? Copy (Delete Designation) Itichine Records Branch? 2. Pao ll Copy Fiscal Div. 21?1, Budget Div. 3. Civil SerVie0 Commission's Copy CSC File 4. Personnel Folder Copy Pommel Polder 5. 01-.ran,logice:1 Journal File Copy Chrono 6. Undosignated Copy Budget Division 7. thideeignated Copy Finance Division 8, Thliesignated Cow Dadra:, g. Fortard one copy of the SP-.52 to the Requesting Office, in lieu of the SF-50, as notification of the official parsonrsel action. 4. Pending revision of the nirstructiaas For Preparing and Processing Standard Ittrm 52s4 Pequest for Personnel Action" Traneactices and Recordsit.anchee eb3ull corraunicate this traformation inlormally to Administrative and Personnel Officers of operating offices. 5. Thin procedaral ?Mace has been concurred in by the lied.ical Office, the Se:Gurley Office, and the Comptroller. 25X1A Acting Personnel Director 2 .. SIDRIST Security Itlformation Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010077-2