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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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May 19, 1953
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'Approved FokgellOW?e nowoutir 'Al EL &TIMM NO. 3143 SUBXECT: Qualification Requirements prooeaures 'statements 2. 08100010079-0 19 Phy 190 This instruction established internal palate; and ar the demsanopennts recordingp distribution ant use of qualifiortion requirements. a, PqsAti* spassi authori part of A position 12 a group of current duties mire. ties which have been established by competent far performance Iv one person and approved as authorised Table of Organization. of *. duties? gni evaluation routs existing vri A current and accurate statement responsibilities, general informatioa, including ,cpa1.1.fication require- given position. o. ZaMsgatingusl A bilities, general pas evaluation factors tithe clamification and far uee in "value ftr enoh positions. The quirements applicable to ? integral part of the posi tatement or the duties ana respansi. titan informatioa and ;coition ped, as a uniform guide far use positions within a given group the quenticatione of candidates tent of qualification re. group of position is an etandecel. d0 t eta description at' pce tian standard skills and shilitiee; work asper pbysicalrequirements; personal special qualificationo required far group of Omiler positiono. e. Posit,iponAalreis The systematic study purpose of recording the total position for personnel administration. A planned analysis eithezarganisaional or =occupational in a peeition reflecting the knowledge, and education; Utica; ard given position or positions for the oration essential. ? CONFIDENTIAL Security Inforrstion positions on is. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010079-0 'Approved Foy&%mese 2000/11 INK00010079-0 3. Z9LIZ a. Statements of quetlification requiremeate will be ds initially for those positices which are classified according =1 General Schedule. b. The qualifications program will be conannted as a part of an integrated position anslysis program which will develop position doe- criptions, qualification requirements and pad-tics standarde. (1) Statemente of the qualifioation requirements for specific positione will be ;Prepared in the Drowse of developing position descriptions. Statements of valifioation requirements pertinent to group of poeitions having requirements will be peeperei in the rrooess of developing position standards. (2) Positions viii not be re-surveyed in those areas where current position desoriptions provide an adequate basis for state.. mutts of qualification requirements. 4. XUSPOIZISILITIES a. The Classification and Wage DiViSiCei is responsible for direct- ing an integrated program including position analysis surveys and the dirrelopsent of position detoriptions, qualification requirements and position standards. b. PDO and PDC are responsme for deteVAng placement officers to the Clasedricatien and Wage Division for designated periods of full-time participation in the position analysis erogrem. a. The nesting =4 Braluation Division is responsible for detailing repmentatives to the Classification 024 Wage Division for limited periods for the purpose of reviewing position infcceation in order to determine the appropriate use of test inforenticsa. d. The details of personnel to the Classification. and Wage Division as provided in b and a above will ordinarily be for periods of six months '0211088 other periods are mutually agreed upon Isr the Division Chiefs con- cerned, The =Aber of sue* personnel on detail to the Classification and Wage Division at any given time will be determined 1 the Personnel Director. 5. PR D41 ILNIL ? ytyp..1* j11.c. II trf,)!I1 !Lot a. In those areas where cureent position descriptions have been developed which provide an adequate bode for qualification requirements* such information will be utilized to prepare statsmente of qualification requirements. 2 CONEIDESTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08PROPCIAR11411114649A000100010079-0 Approved FocRileipte 2000/08/16 ? Securi tap atm oto 10079-0 lienceforth, thi pasitiart =Ayes surveys are Conducted to develop currant poeitiaa information4 statememto of qualification re. quirements viii be prepared intim procees of developing eceitiou descriptions end Position stAmika`da* e, friar to conduoting position analysin surveyet the Olassiftartion and Wage Division will obtain the full support of the Office Heads and Career Service Boards comers:4dg preferably to include the tun-ti detail of qualified peroonnel from the operating ()Mose. Henceforth, qualification temmerbioa pertinent to the program win be recorded, in, the process of conduoting placement follow- up interviews. 6. 7. State:Tots of qp'ialfim;,ti4Mlenquireemuts require the approval of: a. The Mies, of the CUD the 11)(C) amd the PD(0) ar their dodgems. The operating officials having jurisdiction over the positions cc:gored. Statemeets of qualifications requirements will be recorded acoor&. ins to the attedhed format. a. Statements of qualificatitn requirements viii be promulgated through the distribution of position descripticmo and standards. I,, Position descriptices and standards will be published in loose-- 3mi' form so that they MET be grouped and distributed in handboots to responsible officials of the Personnel Office and Operating Organizations alike. 9. a. Approved statements of qualificattmarequiremento vii bowed as one of the evaleatioefacters in the process of position classification. Staterients ofitcslification requirensetto aPPlicallia to groWs of positions mill-sere? as a general duide In recruitment activities. Specific qualifioatimimpairemeete viii be included in individual recruit. ment requacte as appropriate. , 3 GOIVIDENTIAL Security Intorreatice Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010079-0 Approved FoCietiose 2000/08/16 003104015040672g094100010079-0 Security Informatiofr c. In placement activities, approved statements of qualification requirements will represent agreement between the Personnel Office and Operating Offices concerning the qualifications required for appointment or reassignment to the positions covered. - 4-. ersonne CONFIDgNTIAL Security Information Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010079-0 25X1A