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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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Approved For Relgase 2000/08110APIA-RDP80-02619A000100010108-7 Jrity nfif Walt aoncoral olacy Typoe of :::Aepexation Pktionz4 Auteiggitias a./.4 ccL10Atid Pioroa:313 irocking Instruction5 instruction govents the se.,iD.ration of 1.'ort,..w elacti,oyoes ,'or all reasons (3,c(ipt raduction in f? .;t:j into iii.atary i;;ervi.f.a and 3coparation. basec! Ntdvorse fincti;?.co of the i,ojalty 'tarlee4 LOard or the c.Inployment IZelfietY Doszio '4"-1)L-PaY a. it is essential that each nether of the izency ocintribtitie hie full. share toward, the accomp'lishrrant of the Agency9s mission. Although every eitort, will he made to minimize the loss o.f competont pirsonnelp prompt action mat he taken to release those individuals Ylk10 tail to peri'orm effcictivelys, who dat10115trtilte illac161rable p(irsonak ottaracter- istic, or 'who do not meet sec,-Lrity or lcvalty requiroments,, parations trill, be effected in a uniform and equitable roanacr with (.1.= re gard for the needs of the ksencyo the welfare- of individual eLW' oyees and the requireraorits of :taw ani regulations. Datployees be informal of the masons for aU, actio cs talon to separate them, Those ho have ccriplottai their tri? period v;ill not be st3parated for unsatisfactory perfolnance unleav there is a prior notice informing the:: person ixtricernai in what respect his services are ansatisfactoryp and he has --.;ecrt given a reasonable opportunity to improve or to correct objoetionable trai.te or porton-name. ...;;LI,-,'itat1.11()% ACTIONS Thiu section describes each type of separation action and prosarfto6i spacial ns..f.i.milas or procedural requimmenta applicablo in each. caae, (lonoTal prinoiploa and procedures are prescribed in sections 5 and 6 of thls Tnstruction a? p,ctiosis Based on Tia,ploryosos Request or I.OS3 of Lligibility 71141.s grcup of actions incluies those which are taken in responve to rixjuesto 'Oy GLIpLore*end those vhich the Agency is to take 1.).ecause the employee oct:cerned haR', lost eligibility for continued cimploygtent ? CONFDENTIAb Se urity Information 4 Tf'FV.) YYS'IP-txT t'Os. Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010108-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010108-7 f4wpre *41. s ? " i:La17.1ation. (t) (b) ke, ? 0kiViATION "tosicpatinif is separxtion at tile emp4o7or?v'e varbW, or writV:..n., Grireful c eiratica 4.LL be g14en to the o ti:?31%X.i TV empl.lyoe for his proposed resignationo Unless the ( iztavailaLleg he trill. be it:4M rlrit3Wed :-Lor tUy ad tbo VorsonneI C.4r.f1ce subeqnti determine vhet;hor one o t roong steps 1,4upriate (1) tba pzvpowci rkTeitliza;icn Ls the rev ult of f ore a potentially valuable eltpLoyee to adjust Undo:if tic, a poc;,a'ia Work situatioap appropriate aetleo zLouidb teRon to improve such adjustment by In- placments. coullsolli_ng or other means., If the reasott offer-ix-I. i i.LL hoa.Aito tiAa amployeteo talici14.1ity for separatiom 43ealk3a of disability should be detergdzeri If tAia etion i prapero th p1.0,7e(s Will be nevised ilny withdraw Us resiattion and.harti :ate interests through par tion action 6ased (.117i ;11 Ars eivior3e wiLl not, bo aLd oradTiouu. to sit Ztri gnation in lieu of Another or appropriate =time wing. hoerfver, 'be (4114E; od of iJis right to resign prior the couplet/on of anuther type of separation and; if "To choosesi.;to resignv rasigAtion will be acceptedo Th.Agency All not refuse the resignation of an aap1ay3:' l'AO1' Will it tato any- Lxtion to eolpol bla to remain in Vast .:Asrviee beyond ti o data he has specifiedo ;lien an, individard cantomplateu Gri3parati Or, f.ra, ? hgcmcy,e. he shoulti give one ticath'q3 advance notice of 1?13 ',Cacti, ?ossiblep ca' ?t lzAst twc 1.4a.741c3i, notics, Haievero ialluee to furnish ich aetice Trill not affect rersonn,-51 action invcaved ir...trry Way and, although it rot'loct unfavorably t he individuaLV's auplepont rocx)rd, it is not ordinarily- rzkr,arfled as basis for barrIngiiIi from further Federal, ,mpIo:plionte (1; Cral rit-tioe COLO tli,Vtk$6 a imeid Tcaii..,,rriation but L'iitfort bs made to obtain Tarittan corkfirmation whenc-ver 7 , Irtionnation Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010108-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/16,? CIA43,PP80-00679A000100010108-7 ftse 111'**1011 '::security Ieforeatiame 11,7,T;.'21.11-1 INSTRIK;TIOlvi (e) (2) (2) Lette,e, of resignation free absent employees ehould be addressed to the iervonnel Director? llowever eleni ouch letters aro receieed by ether Agency of- ficialsp they will ba forwarded immediately to the fereonneI =ice for action, When an employee abeent on maternityp educational. or other extended leave falls either to return to duty or to send notice at the end or the period of authorized absencep the ?ereonnel ?Mee will send a letter to the employee(s last known address re- questing that he notify tha Personnel Director whether be intend* to return or resign? The letter will request reply within a seacified reasonable period (not Ieee than 5 calendar days) and will in- form the employee Vests, if he does not returnp the Ageneewill be ceepelled to consider him as resigned? OU1 employee elieible for veteran preference will ale? be advised that tho latter constitutes 30 diram9 advance notice of proponed action in compliance with the provisions of Section 14 of the Veterans Preference Act.) The effective date of a reeignation will be the cleee of business on the last dey the erqp4pee is present for duty except in the following circumstanceel (A) Uhen an employee resigns durings, or at the expirue tion of an approvud leave period, the date of separation will be fieAxl as the closing date of the pa y period during which his resicepation is received by the Personnel Office and the intervening periee will be covered by leave with or without pay, Man an employee ree PM in circumstances ureler viten it is proper to grant aey accruod sick leave to his creditf, the date of resignation eill be extended to permit granting unused eiok leave? Such eases re- quire the special approval of the Assistant Direttor (Peraonnel) orbits designee, (2) Emparation to Accept Other Federal P;mployment r The action to be taken to allow appointment of an employee by another Federal agency eithout a break in service of one workday is nSeperationop unless the emplpyee elects to resign or is eligible for neeparation (Transfar)? 3 CONFIWZTIAL Security information INFORMATION Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010108-7 Approved Nip Rase 20019/0411,61:1 ap80-0wiroi9A000100010108-7 iNPORMATION Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010108-7 ? - )??A-1 ? : GlIployee w.c..11 net be IefuSed r3lease for the purri?Ace. as.apting a. pxition in .other dera1 a,goveyo (t-) 'rite e.ffectivo dat ertdon 111i1 be determined. 'hy ngotiation between the !,:truonnol Cf flee and the otlior concrned. Lvery effort will be made to arrange ,Itte rolveable to the emt..loyect's supervisero Pailum to Yeet !?:iniram :;tandards for Appointment ta) ,Q1 employee be scval:'ated by the action oLaparation (Disqualification)" upon a detemination that he wao inelt7ible t.12xlar the min.rattp standards of eligibility prescribed at the time or his appointment, This determi- - aAion ms.y. result from tlformation obtained by the Agency in appropriate cones,,. by the Uo $o Civil Servicci alssiono (b) Tide action will. not be teed to separate trial period em- ?:lioyeen who fail to demonstra;te their qualifica.tions or manifest ulanutaldlity for Agency employment, V; will not be used to efect separation as a result of by the Loyalty Ftwriow. Board or the Unplmnent :13-viow Loard, or when tho eniployeePs application contains A.Layepresentati.onr3 not ccrkerning'minium eligtMlity 4c,;i41.`dariit3