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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08116 RDP80-00679A000100010117-7 _ '! ,If., AL Attaciuraerat `../ F-acuri ty 3nformati Qn 'Ve INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF CANCELLATION OF APPLICANT PROCESSING FORM 37-129 (REVISED) Item Instructions for Preparation of Form: Stem 1; DATE: Enter the date the form is completed. Item 2. NA;X: Enter name of applicant whose application and/or security clearance processing is being cancelled, last name first, tem 3, SECURITY REQUEST NO. & DATE: The Security Request Number ap- pears in the upper right-hand ox of Request for Security Clearance (Form 37-1O4, June 1951). write the coraplete number and date security clearance was requested in the appropriate space. Item is 4 TITLE - GRADEt Enter title and grade for which applicant was being This=ormation is on the Request for Personnel Action (SF-52) Item ha OFFICE - OIVISIOI3t Enter the Office and Division to which ap- plicant w& to a ass Mme . This is also on SF-52 Item tea. TYPE OF CLEARANCE REQUESTF ?t Check the appropriate box or boxes.- The. ype or types of clearance is on Fore, 37-1O4, Item 6b TYPE OF CLEARANCE GRANTED AT TIME OF CANCELLATION: If e clearnre or c eearances was received, MOM a appron a ox or boxes. if no clearance has been received prior to cancellation, enter "None". Item . DATE Sr;CURITY CLEARANCE GRANTED: The date security clearance is grant.' c " s` the upper r1jSUMEM corner o Inter-office Memorandum (Form 38.106, July 1957E and Security Approval form 38-101, July 1951). If more than one clearance is granted., use the date of the highest clearance. Item 8 DATE OF CANCELLATION: The date of cancellation is either the date `s app can no a IA of declination or CIA indicated cancella- tion. The appropriate date will be determined as follows: a. The date notice of declination is received or the date of a iemorandum notifying the Personnel Division of cancellation or the date of notation on Personnel lction Request (SF-52), whichever is eippropriate, will tie used as applicant cancellation date. .-hen the office to which the applicant as to be assigned indicates no further interest, the date will be noted on SF-52 or rnemor,candum requesting cancellation. c., when the reason for cancellation is security, the date of security disapproval will be taken from the blue memorandum transrritthd by t . CONFIDENTIAL Security Information Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010117-7 Approved For Re'i s 2000/08/16 PPM# 0-00 9Ai60100010117-7 Security Information d. If the :iedical Office disapproves the applicant for duty, the date is in the upper right-hand corner of its memorandum. INTO B F . CTIMETED O" v IF PROVISIONAL CLEARIUVCE,rAS RKUESM}: a0 Was Applicant d at Time. of A~ja lication? indicate by 11X,`1 in the "Yes or "No" box two signi'fy whether or not the applicant tsar, employed at time of application. This can be found on page 7, Section 15, of Personal History Statement (Form 38-1,0 Sept, 1950). b. If Yes Where? If the applicant was employed., enter city and state in war emp oyecc L This information is also in Section 15 of the PHS. Item 10. REASON FOR CANCELLATIONt The various reasons for cancellation are i1 a The o . o To Cancellation of Applicant Processing Form, Check only one, ao The reason "lb Enter Military Service" relates to ap- p1i.c~knts drafted or called to active duty and to those who decline because of draft status.,, ba In determining if the reason for declinations is "Applicant Declining Because of Family", group all types of family reasons together, i.ez, illness in family, parents' disapproval, housing difficulties, etc. C4. If the reason is "Other",, enter the explanation in the Remarks section, Item 11. R ARKS: Enter in this space such information asi a re y- ac tivated"? mason for an exceptional delay in cancellation; reason for security disapproval, if stated by I&S; reason why office is no longer in- terested in applicant; etc. Item 12. SIG1,11 MM The form will be initialed by a member of the T`r?anuacffcn~ cars Branch staff authorized to do so by the ghief Fcrs.nne1 Divisions: "?. The distribution of the copies will be indicated by checking (pencil or pen) the appropriate office on the distribution list at the bottom of each copy, The co )ie of t e form will be checked for distribution in the order of the diai;ri6ution list,, (OT3FIDr P TIAL Security Information Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP80-00679A000100010117-7