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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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February 18, 1953
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Approved F,pr Refease O 811 c Ej,p=0G79A000100010124-9 18 PWwwxry 1953 25X1A OPAf ao-Joo-/ PMOMEL DIMTCFL TO f-i NO. S-3 S is ftwamtim o f CWft R E I 0 3 y CIA N o t i o o _ dated 28 :amu7 1953 f. Record t i e . so icon in Itam no, Op 18, 19, ZDp 2L. I)vk!Ut (I ) the fob dam a Hari aftwo and t 9 item . 4. b. 'it : s trot' Itc it go. g. 0. g eet I Ica. . 2. P ? Di io ( t a Comet) . tmwmit an epa- ia of 00ples of " t ti for the 1tabUm t and Malo. P13m"', at q to adrnin:Ystzt ,o and pwo=wl offio= In t h e o t i a ra swvlaed b y t . I A a d d i l t # . a i , i t ro s y be de- ai'ab1e t o arrauffe mwtlrw w i t t z ' a t i v e a n d PWOOMM3 offio*'e f?r ` ice of o1arifyi gncti air p'o'b? wbIA3h arise. 10 o with Ymmgnqft 2 and 3 of tai Notioe8 the o aato Pwacmwa DDIWalm dO ar Co t) wi31 initiate the ftaAvw Rwr4 ' 3 (C' 4b) CM QMPIOYDM oat '1ng Cn dim QW 4b s 1l be t to tbo SOnIM otfioo Wftw its ;bdtIA 17 IbO 8131w P"Wisto Pceccrda %~=&. p Ywing n fom CP 4b, I and t .be abed Reamda Mmchw w= t in t o foUviing data as of o in It 2o. 1. b. Date of earth in Itm W. 5. a. V a ++ in It oQ 6. d. CSC eta in Tt ti No. go r~. in item No. 22. Atte-rots 3, s ? fc - at and WntOnaMe of 349 yee Re=d Files. COWIDZN 4 r sue'-~~ Approved For Release 2000%8"- DP80-006,*Opr Pj,24 25X1A