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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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January 23, 1953
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Approved Ft ReIq a 2000/08/16: CIA-RDP80-006794004d0010126-7 nt''F, rrr ' :i.c.?n A-, io NINPIL 01 ? Ci2'OR 1JiOr .,L1 U1 NO Yt = k_ r:?:7 fe '~ Indebtedness, oj' .gency PersDnnel i _ Refe:rence is atiac:E' to Agency Ak,,ency Personnels dated 12 january 1.9153, =' . Debt, complaints a :a:_nst persomlle t._ g red to the a rprotari.e.t rs-s sacra u T1 4E. Branch ' ac howl d e t .he coi,101,!J'at. letter and rre-dii, r tha , while the Agency does not assur?,rc; t?he r t k F. individual concerned will be apprv4.eed of the co: ars-nt A). Noi;ification tc the individual concerned ;onnel Rc .ations ranch b.;yr i e tt r (14,taci:.rr&en:: 8 23 t; flLtc:c_; ^fF$. 19.53 Akp~ re;ceiI,)",, ill advise the le of ? col =.ectoa ., .a int , (Attach= _"Ll be caade by the routed t,hr?out-h his Ps, a : peci 'ic in.s4.anee3, the wil)s, the in9 dividual con- ; mad may desire a:asi~tanee of the z'ersonnel Ek i cne ,3r inch, However, oLest such assistance i requested or L-epeat Complaints A a s ,rne individual indic.rte the need for?act :v r participation of the i~ersonnel Office, the PeX,-3onnel Relations 13r acs, will have dire .:rged Its responsibility by ac cr.owledging receipt of the complaint anc. .ad=-a in s.>ing the individual Moncert ed. The or,.ig?na _ corz~.;laint let tier vrith a.rk~caa copy of the a :kno`:wled; rent and n tifi.c~- tion to the individual -ill be _ncorporated a!3 temporary docur _~ s in ':he i.ndi.vidur le's official -'sonne-f folder, i?en,oval_ or les.i drastic admi? r ncc,. =.aur:erviscr? concerned. Removal/[f ,s. conduct and musty, have the fj or his designee., r.zt ive action may be ir.. tinted .1 ce p aces ed. on the Oasis of approval of the Personrel Oir-. 25X1A ?'pec: iai atten'tio::i and. c 30 ,er~C :yon wi_. be given in re sc l.v n,-~ c; alleging indei~. ;d.^es:, F per . annel to Federal, St',at e, or i .: a_j t t'overnn;.ent s, t?erso-mel wi. be personally by the Fersonne.t Reir.t;icrns ranch concers,in-.; indebtedness ca' this .am }rr:.t follow-up rril ,e mead as to f alfillr e-it of a9;r?eet-.ient tc pay:. f Ir t7 "-0 r 25X1A