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December 9, 2016
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April 28, 2000
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April 22, 1954
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Approved For F ase 2001/09/04: FA E r 0679A 20001001-lpril 1954 1MG NO Rescissions: (1) CIA Regulation (2) CIA Regulation 1. General S., Requirements 2. Policy 6o Procedure 3. Definitions Exceptions 4. Responsibilities 1p GENERAL This Regulation states policies and procedures applicable to the promotion of employrees (staff employees and staff agents) up to and including grade GS-I5, It does not apply to promotions involving grades QS-P16, 17 or 18, or to the promotion of employees compensated in accordance with Wage Hoard, CPC, or Negotiated Wage Schedules, 2. POLICY The promotion of Agency employees will be based on consideration of their qualifications and demonstrated abilities in relation to Agency needs. Every effort will be made to fill newly created or vacant positions by the promotion or reassignment of qualified Agency employees before external recruitment is undertaken, a. Employees who have completed the minimum Agency experience requirements specified herein, will enter the zone of consideration for promotion and be considered for promotion at least once each year thereafter. Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-00679A000200010057-3 Approved ForgIease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-00679'00200010057-3 REGULATION 25X1 A NO, bd Promotions will be limited to one grade except where double-grade stages have been established as the normal progression within the grade range G S-5 through GS-11 3? DEFINITION Meads of Career Services" as used herein refers to those officials who are so designated in Regulation 4. RESPC 1SIBI mw ao SUPERVISORS Supervisors at all levels are responsible for considering the pro- motions of employees under their jurisdiction and for making recomm mendations to heads of Career Services, through normal command channels,, concerning the promotion of such employees, according to the provisions of this Regulation, b ? HEADS OF CAREER SERVICE (1) Heads of Career Services are authorized to either recommend promotions to the Assistant Director for Personnel or to disapprove such recommendations and return them to the initiating activity. When disapproved, however, a cony of the proposed pro- motion action will be forwarded to the Assistant Director for Personnel for his information and retention in the official file of the individual. Appeals from unfavorable action by the heads of Career Services may be made by the chief of the initiating Approved For Release 2001/09/04:?CIA-RDP80-00679A000200010057-3 S?E-C-R-EmT Approved FolIease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-006700200010057-3 25X1A activity to the Senior Career Service Board of the component concerned (DD/I, DD/A, DD/P) or where no such Board exists, to the Assistant Director for Personnel, (2) The head of each Career Service or his dAy appointed designee is responsible for insuring, in coordination with supervisors, that all employees of that Career Service are considered for promotion in accordance with the provisions of this Regulationo (3) The fact that a promotion action is recommended constitutes a certification by the head of the Career Service involved that the individual is considered to be the best qualified of those within the zone of consideration., c, THE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR PER, CZ NBL The Assistant Director for Personnel is responsible fort (1) Insuring compliance with this Regulation by continuous evaluation of the AgencyUe promotion program, (2) Assisting officials at all levels in carrying out their responsi- bilities in accordance with this Regulation, (3) Reviewing all promotion requests and finally approving those promotion actions which conform to the provisions of this Regulation, CM 3- Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-00679A000200010057-3 Approved FoMl6lease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-006700200010057-3 REDWALT&" 25X1A RO R 25X1A (4) Recording and disseminating the qualification requirements of all Agency positions to be used as the basis for reviewing protaor on requests 4 5 PR OIION REQUIRFN'TS as AG1 C! EXPERIENCE REQUU01MM An employee will enter the zone of consideration for promotion when he has served in his current grade for the appropriate period as indicated belov0 G a l through 6 6 GS-7 through I 12 GS-1.2 and 13 18 4s-1-h 2I The Office of Personnel will furnish the head of each Career Service a monthly listing of all members of the Career Service who have entered the zone of consideration. bb EXISTENCE OF' A SUIT.? POSITION Fozuzl action requesting the Assistant Director for Personnel to promote an employee will be initiated only when a position of higher grade is available through: -. The existence of a vacancy in an established T/O positi_om,, The establishment of a new T/O position,, The reclassification of the exanioyeees current 'Position in recognition of an increase in his duties and reaponsibil.ities0 Current Grade Months of CIA E perf Approved For Release 2001/09/044. dlA RDP80-00679A000200010057-3 S-E-C==REE-T Approved Fo, jelease 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-006000200010057-3 REGU L' ' TIM 25X1A NO, 25X1A ~5X1A c4 C+UALIFICATI(1 S nNr DEMcmSTRATED ABILITY An employee oust be fully qualified to perform the duties of the posi- tion to which his promotion is recommended. Promotions will be based on the employeevs qualifications or demonstrated ability to perform work of a higher grade0 When an employee is being considered for promotion to a position covered by a position standard published in Handbook M the alificatioxi requirements contained therein will be used as a basis for evaluating his giaa.lifications 4 6,, PROCEDi1 ii a-) Promotion reccxenendations will be prepared on Standard Form 523 "Request for Personnel Action"$ in accordance with the instructions in Handbook 7t, EXCEPTI(1S Any exceptions to the policies, requirements or procedures in this Rsgulaticn will be requested of the "ssistant Director for Personnel in a memorandum of justification attached to Standard Form 52. If the exception involves promotion to grades GS-14 or 15, the Standard Form 52 and the attached memo- r and u will be routed to the Assistant Director for Personnel through the appropriate Deputy Director;,, his designee or his Senior Career Service Board, for his indorsecaent0 The Assistant Director for Personnel will finally approve or disapprove redo tendations for exception* subject to the review only by the Director of Central Intelligence* Exceptions will be made only when it is clearly established that SEC WIT Approved For Release 2001/09/04: CIA-RDP80-00679A000200010057-3 Approved For ease 2001/09/04: C 0200010057-3 RE I,A 25X1A 25X1A NO. a. An employee uas initially employed at a grade below that for which he was qualified; or An individual is properly qualified for promotion based partly an his experience prior to his entry an duty; or C u Such excepti.o i in necessary to recognize and utilize an employee is outsUnding ability, Approved For Release 2001/09/0RDP