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November 17, 2016
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June 2, 2000
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June 10, 1977
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rr Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 S MAJOR AWARDS Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 ^ UhICLASSA Poved IE R9 Rep Re 2000/06/19 : C1A1~DWFdBfQ 00200088004 RET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional) FROM: EXECUTIVE SECRETARY EXTENSION NO. SUGGESTION AND ACHIEVEMENT AWAPDS CO IMITTEE DATE 1001 AME'S BUILDING 2086 6 June 1977 TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) DATE ! /OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom RECEIVED FO RW RDED INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) b )tom 1-Chairman, SAA7 JUN 1977 5E 58 Headquarters Attached is your AGENDA for Mr. F` W M. Janney the Su e ti d A hi 2 gg s on an c eve- ment Awards Committee Meeting on 10 June 1977 at 1000 in 5E 62 H d t , ea quar ers. 3 . 5. ,fir. Janne : 6. MMr. Knoche has been interested in the case under TAB A. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. I A. FORM No 3-62 5X1A 6IU USEDIT Fxtvlo IONSU5 P SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ USE ONLY ^ UNCLASSIFIED ~I IN1tRNAL ^ U?ICLASS yesil Rge 2000/06/19 : CIAt- Fd dM002000 o~ tRET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET FROM: EXECUTIVE ST.C;ETARY SUGGESTION AND ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS COW`AMI_TTEE 1Q01 AXES BUILDING TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) 25X1A COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) Attached is your AGENDA for the Suggestion and Achieve- ment Awards Committee Meeting on 10 June 1977 at 1000 in 5E 62, Headquarters. 25X1A SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ USE ONLY ^ UNCLASSIFIED 25X1A 25X1A /DCI) ve /DD/SST) ve Secretary Incentive I) Awards Officer (0/DDA) Tp 1 10, Approved For Release 2000/ / "p? ;CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 SUGGESTION AND ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS COMMITTEE MEETING Friday, 10 June 1977 1000 5 E 62, Headquarters CHAIRMAN F. W. M. Janney 1. Call to order 2. Minutes of last meeting (TAB 1) 3. Executive Secretary's Report 4. Comments by Chairman 5. Discussion by Members 6. Vote on the following cases (TAB 2): TAB NO. 75-201 Shifting Platen for Mann 1740 Stereo comparator EA-76 Exceptional Accomplishment Award - OWI 73-50 and Microfilm System in OC 74-387 AlUI,i~? / 4ji 7 1;, E2 IMPDET CL BY Qc?1?4 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/06/ -DP80-00706A000200080001-6 7. Adjournment *CODEWORD case to be distributed at the Committee Meeting. _2_ Approved For Release 2000/061,10 - CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 cc Approved For Release 2000/ I DP80-00706A000200080001-6 25X1A SUGGESTION AND ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS COMMITTEE MINUTES 21 March 1977 On Monday, 21 March 1977 at 1000, Mr. F. W. M. Janney, Chairman, chaired the regular meeting of the Suggestion and Achievement Awards Committee in 5E 62, Headquarters. The following were present: Office of the Director Directorate of Intelligence Directorate of Administration Directorate of Science and Technology Directorate of Operations SA-65 Executive Secretary Recorder MINUTES The minutes of the 16 December 1976 Meeting were approved as written. .W EXEC. Since the 16 December 1976 Meeting, 160 suggestions have S'-'C. been received; 143 or 89% were eligible and 17 ineligible. P PORT The Committee's Staff closed 84 cases. Three Exceptional Accomplishment and ten Special Achievement Award nominations were received since the last meeting. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 : CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 20 RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 I 0911ft, in [ d MMITTEE The Committee took the following action on the cases ACTION listed below: mv~ 25X1A NO. SUBJECT 76-117 CODEWORD $200 award, equally shared (MODERATE/ GENERAL). The Committee invited NPIC to further substantiate their $400 original recommendation should they wish to request reconsideration. SA-65 Special Achievement Award $1,500 Special Achieve- ment Award (EXCEPTIONAL/ BROAD). 25X1A SA-66 Special Achievement Award $400 Special Achieve- ment Award (EXCEPTIONAL/ LIMITED). 25X1A SA-72 Special Achievement Award $1,000 Special Achieve- ment Award (EXCEPTIONAL/ BROAD). 77-129 Modification of Sanders $340 award, equally 804 Memory Board shared, based on tangi- STATSPEC ble savings of $5,624. S-MTSPEC 75-354 $1,300 award based on annual savings $34,537 ($875), plus SUBSTANTIAL/ GENERAL ($425) intangi- ble benefits. Approved For Release 2000 $600 award, equally shared, based on annual savings of $7,108 ($405), plus intangible benefits of HIGH/LIMITED ($195). Re-examine in 90 days to determine evaluation results by other Agency components. ILP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release NO. 25X1A SA-73 25X1A k T RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 SUBJECT ACTION Special Achievement Award $800 Special Achieve- - ment Award (HIGH/BROAD). SA-75 Special Achievement Award $500 Special Achieve- ment Award (HIGH/BROAD). PT)JOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 1030. 25X1A Executive Secretary Suggestion and Achievement Awards Committee Approved For Release 200, M } DP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 1 0 ~ 1 I /~ T - OR&000200080001-6 SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE COMMITTEE SUGGESTION NOS. 73-50 and 74-387 A. Background The Suggestion and Achievement Awards Committee approved a $950 suggestion award on 24 March 1975 (case summary attached). B. Additional Information STATSPEC 1. Since the Commit review, evaluations have been received from OL and ' Both offices do not consider the idea practical in their areas. 2. In February 1977, the originator of 74-387 noted in an Office of Communications newsletter additional savings have accrued since the award action of 1975 (copy attached). 3. OC evaluation and revised annual savings figures are attached. 4. C/Micrographic Program Branch concurred in the OC cost analysis. C. Recommendation of Executive Secretary 1. Not line of duty. 2. $660 supplementary award based on estimated additional savings of $10,219, equally shared. D. Decision of the Committee Approved Disapproved )LLf'\r 1t_! l ! Date Approved FoAfMIJg A,a 000200080001-6 ;~O SINIS`f =~. TIV Approved For Rel e 2000 Fffl IrY?F~%O-007~066A000200080001-6 SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE COMMITTEE SUGGESTION NO. 73-50: dated 28 Au ust 1972 11 Gs - STATINTL Technical Writer Directorate of Administration/OC _ _ _._ ._SUGGESTION NO. 74-387: dated 8 March 1974 --.-.-.-.SUGGESTION Communications Officer-Operations Directorate of Administration/OC A. Summary of Su estion a. Place all OC engineering drawings, charts , graphs and specifications on 35mm aperture cards. Three rolls of film would be produced (one original and two ozaphanes); the original would be forwarded to archives, and the ozaphanes would be put on aperture cards (one ozaphane would be filed by location and/ or equipment, and one would be filed by number). b. Place all engineering project reports and files on 16mm microfilm rolls and place the rolls in microfilm jackets. Place the jackets in a central location for easy access. Each jacket holds from 60 to 98 images or pages. A complete project can be kept in one jacket for fast retrieval and easy reading. Also place engineering field reports in microfilm jackets. This would not only conserve space but would keep response time to queries from the field to a minimum. c. Also, place all engineering publications (Engineering Technical Bulletins, Modification Work Orders, Test Procedures, Maintenance Parts List, etc. ) on 16mm microfilm rolls and place the rolls in jackets. Keep the jackets at Headquarters for easy updating and revisions, and disseminate a microfiche copy to all interested parties. Approved For Release 2000/061~0-00706A000200080001-6 k~nLd71 , 13, '. AD14INISTRATI 1 Approved For Release 200W' : 1 QR P80-00706A000200080001-6 Place OC cryptographic instructions, regulations and procedures on microfiche for ease of transportation to and storage at field stations. Transmit information documents, such as the OC Newsletter, by microfiche. Updating of documents would be accomplished by page changes at Headquarters, which would then be reproduced as a complete fiche card for transmission to the field. B. Evaluations 1. OC originally declined Suggestion No. 74-387 in June 1974. They had. conducted a microfiche applications study in June 1973, about the same time as the DDO initiated their microfiche program. At that time, OC response was insufficient to warrant going ahead on an office basis. 2. On 3 December 1974, the OC Executive Board adopted a policy endorsing micropublishing of OC documents wherever feasible. This is a significant and fundamental change in OC paperwork management that can be directly attributed to the subject suggestions. 3. OC is procuring and distributing 100 microfilm readers and 20 reader/printers world-wide. Simultaneously, conversion of OC production procedures is in progress. Full benefits of this program will be realized beginning in FY 1976. Attached is a detailed description of annual savings. 4. Intangible benefits are as follows: a. Increased office efficiencies resulting from volume reduction and increased ease of access. b. Elimination of the problem of missing pages and time-consuming page checks of registered documents. c. Reduced emergency destruction time. OC rated intangible benefits SUBSTANTIAL/ BROAD. -2- tCi IS`i'kl`l I TJJ Approved For Release 2000JQ?f -R 80-00706A000200080001-6 .. 1[IUSrtilr-.T1VE Approved For Release 2000/0 -I80-0006A000200080001-6 5. OC recommended that the award be shared as follows: 80% for Suggestion No. 73-50 and 20% for Suggestion No. 74-387. 6. As a result of Suggestion No. 73-50, 45, 000 drawings have been converted to microfilm to date. Savings in floor space have avoided the need for an estimated additional ZOO square feet of storage space in the Rosslyn area. At an annual cost of $9. 91 per square foot, the additional savings is approximately $2, 000 annually and justifies an additional $150 award for Suggestion No. 73-50. C. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary 1. Not line of duty. 2. $950 total award based upon annual savings of $7, 000 ($400), plus SUBSTANTIAL/BROAD intangible benefits ($400) + $150 additional award for Suggestion No. 73-50, to be shared as follows: 20% for Suggestion No. 74-387 $160 80% for Suggestion No. 73-50 ($640 + $150 additional award) $790 3. Refer to OL-to determine if they can use this for their engineering drawings. D. Decision of the Committee Approved Disapproved ?'_ iqZ- Date _ *% of combined $800 awards portion only. -3- STATINTL ",: i 1a'fittxl'1V I Approved For Release 2000LQQA19,uCI DP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 2000/0~~'f9-:-`CIIA=1C5 ..~ .. ~ ~~ 0007066A000200080001-6 OC Micropublishing Cost Analysis EQUIPMENT INVESTMENT A. Microfilm Readers = $48,000 (expected life - 8 years) B. Microfilm Reader/Printers = $60,000 (expected life - 5 years) Amortized Cost = $48,000/8 years + $60,000/5 years = $18,000 Annually ESTIMATED COST SAVING An average of seven OC Handbooks are revised each year. Printing, distribution, and storage costs for paper copy compared to microfiche are: Paper Copy Microfiche 7 Handbooks - 200 copies ea.: 7 7 Printing Cost $ 200.00 $ 15.08 $ 1,400.00 $105.56 $ 1,750.00* $ 21.84*** Secure Storage Cost $ 2,000.00** $ 40.00**** $ 5,150.00 $167.40 Gross Saving = $4,982.60 * 7 x 200 (8 oz) x $2.50 per pound ** 44' s 8 (4-dra.wer safe) = 5 x $400.00. (safe cost) *** 7 x 200 (1/10 oz) x $2.50 per pound ***'" Storage Cost reduced 980 The above estimate of savings is based on a 20a sample of OC publications. Therefore, total gross savings are estimated at S x $5,000 = $25,000. Net Saving = Gross - Annual Equipment Cost = $25,000- $18,000 = $7,000 ti b J P0706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 20Q0~0~/~.9,; ~ CJA`-~Q..~~Q~- t Approved For Relo-~'e 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-007~,A000200080001-6 25X1A During the travels of various Ileadquartcrs personnel this past year, i.t has been repeatedly called to our attention that the Commo Newsletter has been missed, Therefore, with this issue we are resurrecting the Newsletter. We appreciate your comments which resulted in this action and solicit your future comments in order to keep this publication tailored to your needs. It is our intention to publish on a quarterly basis and distribute this newsletter widely within Commo. In order for the content to be meaningful to you, we will welcome your suggestions on content and editorial policy as well as articles for? inclusion. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Rel~,se 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-007,~A000200080001-6 i ONFIDFNTIAL addition to the nehvork were confirmed, The first field 25X1A installation was recently completed in~ subset ucnt installations in earl 1977 arc lanced for Once sufficient data has been accumulated to verify satisfactory operation, it is anticipated that future .installations will be accomplished by the Area technicians without Ieadquarters participation. SKYMUX was planned to provide other users with the capability for end-to-end cryptography to ensure their privacy of communications. It should also provide the necessary field station circuit capability to tnect ever increasini; conununications requirements. Our SKYLINK upgrade efforts are continuing in full swing despite the satellite problems. SKYMUX, as the replacement for the present multiplexer in the SC-1 terminal, is the major change being implernentcd in t}re network at this time. SKYMUX will expand the present two channel capability of the terminal up to a i maximum of six. Normal configuration will allow three channels of operation, one channel for CRU, one fur TCU, and one spare for overload or other use. Expansion to six channels to accommodate additional fixed requirements or temporary support requirements' such as VIP visits is possible by changing PC cards.' Onc interesting facet of this new system is that the_ CRU interface will be BLr1CK, thus requiring that the DOS provide and maintain their own KW-7s and terminal equipment. Hospitalization cards will now be immediately available to employees returning from overseas when checking in at Headquarters, Cards will still be sent directly to the name leave point upon request. Lateral Transfer Information artd Brief Post Reports will now be forwarded along with the CSA that announces the employees next assignment. I-candling of the LTI's in this fashion should result in substantially reduced cable traffic, and the post report information will provide employees evith an irntnediate basis for personal planning. Effective 1 October 197G, employees PCS in CONUS are entitled to be reimbursed for pre- departure temporary lodw,ing expenses (TLA) when assigned overseas. Regulations now provide for reimbursement for all phases of temporary living resulting from a tour abroad. C I~ct1~[3f~8~ut~tT0el~bOdg0~f38~~ 1~~ pater ?,?~."-~- F1~C),^~t nRI~1T Tt~ !~'~3CR0 Many private business firms and large Government organizations vrhich issue bulky handbooks, manuals, and catalogs have found tnicropublishing to be one answer to reducing their soaring printing, mailing and storage costs. OC faces SlmllaC risini; costs and as we entered the rnid-70s the cost of paper was skyrocketing. An OC crnployee suggested, through the incentive award program, that OC adopt microfiche as the standard publishing rnediurn. Studies and meetings on the feasibility of such a program convitrced the OC Executive Board that the benefits to be realized were impressive. Implementation of the OC i~-tiemgraphics Program was officially approved in :December 197~I. The program encompasses all OC Orders, Handbooks, Manltals, Parts L ]sts, Modificatia!t Work Orders, 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL f' o~~t~?ra1~~~it~nR~' ~1~l~tPro~t~~i~~~c~?f'11tgd: ~elA- ]~I~~~tO'QQ4t~t~l~'D~c~r~tfcKi`,"~tSr7~i~;fs~ of a strcl further OC Executive Roard consideration and the rectangular box and a separate one gallon container of conclusion that while the decision to establish the OC methylene chloride. The destruction kit is suited for Micrographics I'rogratn was justified and sound, office use, is non-flanunable and has a long shelf life, universal implementation should be tempered by Although the device is intended for emergency review and approval of justified exceptions. destruction and is not designed for re-use, microfiche Accordingly, an OC Microform Publicakion Exception may be routinely stored in it. Tests to date indicate Review Board was established to review the merits of that dry disintegrators ar paper shredders produce requests from document originators for exception to residue which is large enough to contain significant the micropublication standard and to recommend data and, therefore, constitutes a security hazard. One approval or denial of such requests, alternative tinder consideration for the routine The first official OC microform publications were destruction of superseded or obsolete microfiche at produced and distributed in 141ay 1975. Since that facilities having no burn capability is to have time, we have produced and distributed 382 OC microfiche returned to Headquarters for final disposition. In the meantime, kec those teeth shar . ni~hlirs~rinnc in n mi~rnt~intin .,,~~l:,,r? ~~~ncn ~R~. P p MICROFICHE vs. PAPER COPY C05T COM PAHISOA' Paper Copy Miarofiche Publications 382 Publications 382 X $ 150.00 X S 6.65 Printing Distribution $57,300.00 $ 8,520.00 Printing Distribution $2,540.30 $ 448.00 ((a; 2.80/16.) Storage $25,600.00 Storage $2,560.00 Total Sr31,420.00 Total $5,598.30 Initial start-up cost, which included all mi- crofiche reader/printers, readers and storage containers which Headquarters provided to OC con~tpnrments in FY-75, was X55,662.45. Ad itional equipment purchased in FY-7G amounted to X23,830.23, which brings the total cost of implementing the program to ~89,492.G8. Comparing these figures with those shown above, it can be seen that we have approximately "broken even" in little more than ore and one-half years. ~Ve are now looking forward to the savings to be realized as more OC publications are produced and distributed in a microform medium. One problemm does remain, namely, that of destruction. Predictions that a microfiche destruction kit would bccornc a stock item by January 1977 were The kit is still utmderl;oing tests by 25X1A,~~`~ and no date for availability rtrr be given. OC is once again trying to develop a better method to estimate field station workload. Everyone will agree that we will never develop a statistical method of '' measuring workload which can be relied upon for every decision concerning field station activities. ~'~~hat we hope to develop is a system which will provide part of the information required by OC managers when making decisions. It is hoped that we can develop a better method of determining gross field station work load, of estimating the utility of propos,,d systems, e.g., the Automated Field Terminal, of selecting stations where improvements are required, e.g., SKYLINK installations, and for identifying problem areas, e.g., personnel shortages. 1~~e started by utilizing the information contained in CATRAN/BYRES reports. A weight H?as assigned to the various types of messages; for instance, outgoing Agency traffic was assigned the highest weight because of the poking time involved. Circuit quality was factored into the workload formula by comparing the number of transmissions against the nurrrber of messages handled. The result was a number which represented the narrative traffic workload handled by each operator at a field station. This number was used for comparison purposes and we were able to determine which stations were above the average narrative workload figure, which were below, what was the most significant workload for various stations, etc. Next, we decided to incorporate "other work" into this basic data base, The recent request to expand CATRAN reporting to include information concerning time obligated for covert support, 'I'DY, etc,, was the first step in this effort. When this information is added to the other data, we hope to have a meaningful workload figure for each station. The day nmay well come when the STRF,S report not only contains information concerning narrative y~+ CONFIDENTIAL '~_..__._,-_..__'".'`---?--""'~, 3 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-OO~A000200080001-6 ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY OCIC M77-034 18 May 1977 STATINTL MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Secretary Suggestion and Achievement Awards Committee THROUGH Executive Assistant, OC Chie , In ormation Control Staff, OC SUBJECT OC Micropublishing Program - Suggestions 73-50 and 74-387 1. The microfiche. vs. paper. copy cost comparison chart recently published in the. OC Newsletter article was not intended to be misleading in showing the cost effectiveness of the OC micrographics program. The. microfiche. vs. paper copy comparison was intended to dramatize the cost effective- ness of the program and the statement, "...we have approxi- mately "broken even" in little more than one and one-half years...," was intentionally placed in quotation marks to imply a further detailed explanation is required. 2. Many of the already .existing paper copy. OC publications were converted to microfiche just to eliminate the paper copy; they were not new publications per se, nor were they of a type which are routinely revised. Therefore, the printing and distribution .cost for those publications cannot be considered savings. The only true savings in having microfilmed the previously .existing paper publications are the. potential savings in reduced storage space require- ments, minus the cost of microfilming. 3. Micropublishing does reduce storage space require- ments; however, secure storage containers are not actually being returned to stock. Further, if micropublishing reduced storage requirements by two cubic feet (one safe drawer) in every OC component, the possibility still exists that not one safe would be returned to stock. Also, the space that is now occupied by the microfiche readers and reader/printers have not been computed into the cost analysis. 4. We have prepared a cost analysis (see attachment) in a conscientious effort to determine the monetary savings, both ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Rel~,se 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-007A000200080001-6 ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL. USE. ONLY SUBJECT: OC Micropublishing Program - Suggestions 73-50 and 74-387 factual and potential, that have been realized by implementing the micropublishing program.- The analysis is based. upon the following: a. The printing and microfilming costs are based upon estimates furnished by Printing and Photography Division, OL. b. The savings in mai estimated by using the STATINTL STATINTL ailing cost estimates are based .upon an average 50-page OC publication weighing 4 ozs. The total pages revised and distributed in microfiche. are divided by two, to reflect two-sided printing, and then divided by 200 .(200 .pages = 1 lb.) to derive total pounds and multiplied by $2..80 (bulk rate) to arrive at the mailing cost. The cost for mailing microfiche is based upon five (5) microfiche cards weighing one (1) oz. c. The. estimated storage savings-are based upon the total pages revised and distributed in microfiche, divided by two. (2) to reflect two- sided printing, .and then divided by 2000 (2000 pages = 1 cubic foot) to derive total cubic feet. The total cubic feet is divided by 8 (8 cubic feet = one 4-drawer safe) to determine number of storage containers required. New secure storage containers cost-approximately $800..00 each.- Estimated storage savings are based upon microfiche reducing storage require- ments ninety percent. 5. We feel both suggestions, No. 73-50 and No. 74-387, were instrumental in implementing the overall micropublishing program; however, we feel Suggestion No. 73-50 provided the initial impetus.- Based upon that fact, we believe the awards were equitably distributed between the. two suggestors. Approved For ~el~ease ~1 ~11 ~N~I~~D~~~-t~6A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-007~A000200080001-6 ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY OCIC M77-034 SUBJECT: OC Micropublishing Program - Suggestions 73-50 and 74-387 6. The cost analysis shows the total first year net savings to be $17,218.90 vice the previously estimated $7,000.00. An additional award of .$335.00 appears to be justified. This additional award should be equally shared, Attachment: OC Micropublishing Cost Analysis Distribution: Orig. - Addressee w/att. STATINTL Approved For R~~~SaD~'D~~1 ~~'~14~R~J0~0~~6A000200080001-6 Approved For Rele 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-OOA000200080001-6 ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY Attachment to OCIC M77-'034 OC Micropublishing Cost Analysis First Year Equipment Cost - $66,000.00 Amortized Cost =.$66,000.00 6 yrs. life =_$11,000.00 Annual Paper Microfiche 118 Handbooks 118 118 (145 Cys Ea.) x $125.00 x $8.85 (30-page average) 14,750.00 1,044.30 Mailing: 3,592.40 599.20 Storage: 12,800.00 1,280.00 31,142.40 2,923.50 SAVINGS GROSS = $28,218.90 $28,218.90 - 11,000.00 NET SAVINGS FIRST YEAR - $17,218.90 Approved For F~~~~~W~~T~I ~~~A~DR83EOO~D~A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE CHAIRMAN SUGGESTION N0. 77-293: dated 11 Februar 1977 GS-06 STATINTL ecre ary Directorate of OperationsJCI Staff A. Summary of Suggestion Paint large graphic designs?in the long hallways and corridors of Headquarters Building. The designs would break up the length of the carridars and make the space more pleasing to the eye. B . Evaluation STATINTL 1. submitted her proposal to Chairman, Fine-Arts ommission via memorandum of 22 June 1976. As a result, FAC obtained DDA approval and issued Employee Bulletin No. 573, Competition for Design of Large Graphic Mural, dated 18 February 1977 (attached). The suggester officially reported her ideas to the Suggestion and Achievement Awards .Committee 11 February 1977. 2. In May 1977, the winners of 'the competition were announced in EB No. 601 (attached) and Special Achievement Awards were approved for -the winners in June 1977 (case summary attached). 3. The DDO representative to the- Fine Arts Commission recommended an Advisory Award of at least $S0. Chairman, FAC concurred. Recommendation of the Executive Secretary 1. Not line of duty. Z. $50 Advisory Award. Approved For Release _2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Decision of the Chairman ~. ~`~ ~ "~ Chairman, Sug estion and Ac~ieV' ement Date Awards Committee Approved For Release 2000/06/192 CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE COMMITTEE SA N0. 82: Nomination Date: 8 June 1977 STATINTL , GS-13 STATINTL fining ids Directorate of Adrriinistration/OTR oto Technologist GS-13 ODE STATINTL Directorate of Science and Technology/NPIC ui ing rchitect A. Summary The attached nominations from Chairman, Fine Arts Commission and concurred in by the Deputy Director for Administration recommend the following awards fox the Headquarters Tunnel Design competition winners: 1st - - $600 2nd - - $100 3rd - - $ 50 (Copy of Employee Bulletin No. 573, dated 18 February 1977, announcing the competition and Employee Bulletin No. 601, dated 31 May 19.77, announcing the winners are attached.) B. Additional Information STATINTI 1. The work on the design for the tunnel area STATINTL started on 7 June 1977. The Fine Arts Commission is considering the use of the entry in some other area of Headquarters ui ing or some other STATINTL Agency-occupied building. The design by is being considered for the Gym at Headqua Building. Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 2. The Deputy Director for Administration and the Fine Arts Commission have discussed the advisability of future competitions for mural designs. Present plans are to repeat tliis type of competition in about three years to seek designs that, if appropriate, would replace the murals used as a result of the most recent competition. 3. According to the Tangible Awards Scale, a cost avoidance of $4,000 (estimate of a similar design from a commercial firm), would warrant an award of $400 alone. C. Comments by Executive Secretary 1. The purpose of the Committee's review of this case at this time i.s to authorize award processin action in accordance with para c (2) (b) (2) STATINTL 2. A total. award payment of $750 for this competi- tion would seem to coincide with SUBSTANTIAL/GENERAL categories on the Intangible Benefits Guide to be shared as follows: WLNNER: - $600 Second: - $100 Third - $50 D. Decision of the Committee STATINTL -~'~ Approved ~~ ~~ Award Disa roved ,~ C PP l i~; _, ~..~~')~. ~ ~t 1 Date -2- Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 STATINTL Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 Next 31 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 AIA~IINISTRATIVE - IIV"IIiFu'~~1L USE ONLY' p~rve~'r Release 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 .~` . ~, _ ~~~ ~~ 18 February 1977 COl~iPETI TI ON FOR DESIGN OF LARGE GR4FIiIC A}[.JRAL 1. The CIA Fine Arts Commission is sponsoring a competition? for the dosign of a large graphic mu al. 'I7ie objective is to add color, warrrth, and visual excitement to the Headquarters Euilding ground floor tu-in.el area and to encourage aricl utilize creative design talents, 2. All Agency emplo}tees, except members cf the Fire Arts Commission, are eligible to participate. Entries shculd be submitted in the form of full color kale drawings. Interested em to ees shculd first obtain technical information by calling orL STATINTL extension b101. Completed entries should be submitted to the Chairman of the Fine Arts Commission, Room 6GOQ, Headquarters Building no later than 29 April 1977. 3. The Fine Arts Commission wi11 judge the designs and select winners with the assistance of outside graphic consultants. .The creator of the winning design will be ati?rarded a X600 honorarium by the Fine Arts Comrr~issian under the Agency's Suggestion and Achievement Awards Program. Awards for second and third places will be X100 and X50, respectively. Production of the mural will be supervised by the winning designer. DISTRIBUTION: ALL f~~il'LOYF,L'S Approved For Rel-ease 2000/06/19 :CIA-RDP80-00706A000200080001-6 t~~I~vilsr~i Tr~. L - I,~~:r~:~F, 1JSr c ;LY STATINTL or Re~~~~/'~9~~'~~14~.~.D~i~~~1Y06A00020008~001-6 WTN~'ERS I~1 Trt `II'C111?~~~~l~L DESIGN ~:OI~~ETITION 31 May 1977 1. Pur~al.oyee Bulletin No. 57:x, datef~ l8 February 1977, aruzounced that 3 c~r::petition :~~euld be held for a r~~tr~~l design. for one of the walls in the Headc{t~arters Tt.l~-~e1. 2. The CIA Fine Arts Co~rurission is plea:~ed to annotmce the winners in tl~e Tulinei Desi~~ +:,onrpet~_tion. Winner: Second Third . S. Three? prominent grapl~.ic desi~,n~ers were invited to judge the 33 entries. They were ~lrin Chaperos, Chapero5 Productions, Ltd; Dave Sutton, Design Director, Department of Agriculture; and Jerome Perlmutter, Na-tional EndoC~rr~ent for the Arts. Their decisions were unanimous. 4. All entries will be on display iii Exhibit Mall in June. The design tvil:l be painted an the tunnel t~rall in the near future. ~~.