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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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June 27, 1975
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Approved For Releas 0000'11 DP80-00773'O,QA0100014001=d7 27 June 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT Office of Personnel Report - Week Ending 27 June 1975 1. Retirement Statistics: As of COB 6/24/75 CIARDS Retired FY-75 Voluntary Involuntary Mandatory Disability Total Pending Retirements 159 57 10 43 2669 June July 1 August Total Voluntary 24 28 0 52 Involuntary 6 36 2 44 Mandatory 1. 1 0 2 Disability 2 1 0 3 Total 33 66 2 101 Retired FY-75 Optional 55 Mandatory 1 Discontinued Service 75 Disability 56 Total Tr Pending Retirements June July 1 August Total Optional 7 8 0 15 Mandatory 2 3. 0 5 Discontinued Service 10 29 2 41 Disability 2 2 0 4 Approved For Ref se 2000/08/15: CIAIRDP8 0773A(70010001006f-0 VV~`:i DEN T 6Aa E 2 IMPDET CL BY 012752 GOiI-1DENTIAL Approved For Releas000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-007730100010001-0 The View (so far)* for FY-75 25X1A 25X1A25X1 25X1A 25X1A Already retired Committed to go by 30 June Total CIARDS CSC Total 269 187 456 33 21 54 M *Others may possibly "sign up" to go by 30 June. 2. Wants to Interview New Employees: In connection with a call from a reporter for t Fie Boston Globe, Mr. Thuermer asked if there were any way we could i tify new employees from the Boston area. After checking our files, it was determined that there was no easy way to accomplish this type of identification. then met with. Mr. Thuermer on 24 June and advise the latter that it would. be almost impossible and very time consuming to determine who was in process or recently entered.on duty on a geographical basis. This seemed a suffi- ciently valid reason for Mr. Thuermer to tell the reporter that we would be unable to comply with her request to interview new employees from the Boston area. 4. Summer Interns: All 43 Summer Interns are on duty. Their reaction has been very positive to the briefings given them on 20 and 25 June. 5. Flexoline Tapes: Production of the various types of Flexoline strips needed by Telephone Facilities Branch, Mail and Courier Branch, and the Cover and Commercial Staff is now being done completely by the Locator Control Officer, OP using a single GE Terminex 1200 terminal located in Room 5E03, Head- quarters. The other offices (OJCS and Telephone Facilities Branch) are no longer involved in physical production of strips. Approved For Release 2000/ IfJ?~:;gg-=fQP80- 0773A000100010001-0 PON~JIRIJIAL Approved For Releas000/ r1 5 : C A-RDP80-007730100010001-0 6. Delta Data: Development: of a DELTA DATA menu for on-line update of the CEMLOC Master has been completed and is undergoing testing. 7. OPM on Single Ceilin : We forwarded the OPM on Single Ceiling Guidelines to DDA for his review. 8. Management Committee Meetin : The Director of Personnel and Chief, Review to attended the Management Committee Meeting this week for discussions of the FY 1975 Annual Personnel Plan. 9. Medical/Hospitalization Claims: There are currently 577 claims on hand and we are working on claims received on 9 June. This is the most favorable position since 3 June 1974. Claims are now being paid within 16 days after receipt. 10. Suggestions: On 24 June the Chairman, Suggestion and Achievement Awards Committee approved 14 Minimal Awards totalling $1,860. At their 25 June 1975 meeting, the SAAC approved five cases totalling $5,400 and recommended approval of one award of $5,000. 11. Educational Aid Fund: The Educational Aid Fund Selection Committee met on 20 June and. developed recommenda- tions for 1975-76 scholarship assistance. 12. Redskin Ticket Winners: Winners of the annual EAA Redskin ticket drawing were able to purchase their tickets beginning on Monday of this week. The 2 November Dallas game was sold out first, with the Raiders (23 November) and Vikings (30 November) close behind. Coming Events: 1. The Coordinator for Cooperative Programs will be in Atlanta on 26 and 27 June to recruit Co-op's for the Fall and Winter terms at Georgia Tech and Spelman College. On the third try, he has been invited to brief the faculty and placement officers of Atlanta University about our Summer Intern Program. Atlanta University is considered by some to be the second most prestigious Black graduate school in the country, ranking behind Howard University. Approved For Release 2000/0. 8/15 : (CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010001-0 COI~~FIDE . Approved For Releasl1i @[c4-P80-00773400100010001-0 2. We plan to complete final formats for FY 1976 Annual Personnel Plan and FY 1976 Personnel Development Program in preparation for printing. (S n d) F. W. M. Janney F. W. M. Janney Director of Personnel 25X1A Distribution: Orig $ 1 - Adse 1 - D/Pers Chrono 1 - D/Pers Subject 1 - DD/Pers/P&C 1 - DD/Pers/R&P 1 - DD/Pers/SP 1 - Chief, SAS/OP O--D/Pers: :bkf (27 Jun 75) Approved For Release 200(P811. 'CIA=R.DP 0-00773A000100010001-0