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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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May 9, 1975
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Approved For Release 2000/ 0773A00.0100010008-3 I LLEG I B . PdB~gORA?~iDUM FQR, Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT Uffice of Personnel. Report - 6veek Ending 9 May I~75 25X1A Ma az~ne: Une Sandra Stencel of Ske tic 3. Ske tic 25X1A ~ Ma. azine as een p~iv^n n Recruitment Division Mr. uermer's ~nd the office of 25X1A over the past two months. a was most. persistent questions with re and to our recruiting practices. n er Qn ~ i~iay we received frt~m a special issue of the magazine, 25X1A which devotes the ent re a ition to ?'SPYIAtG.'" ~"Have the CIA and FBI Cons Too Fsr?" "Should We Clamp Down on the Intelligence Community?~") The articles are written by Philip Agee, I. F. Stone, Tad Szuluc, and speeches of hir. Colby and are quoted, among others. t?ne section identifies nine recru~tzng offices of CIA and explains the procedures of applying. Ske tic is a new publication, we understand, and is published bi-r~on__-.. by the Forum for Contemporary History, Inc., Santa Barbara, California. Ms. Stencel is listed. as a senior editor. Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP8 100010008-3 Approved For Release 2000//'~~~: :.;~~F~~0773y4000100010008-3 4. Retirement Activity: Requests for estimates targeted on 30 June an l my are Qn t31e increase. There is also a definite interest in retiring i:E the availability of discontinued service and involuntary retirement options are offered,. but the level of this is not as intense ~~s in previous periods. As of 8 1~iay, the number of persons actually signed up to retire between now and 3l July is as f+a3l~ws; Civil Service 25 CIARDS 44 25X1A S. Summer Intern Recap; ;Fifty?-four Summer Interns are in process. rty-eig t are now fully cleared. The first four are now on duty. Three m?~re will enter on duty during the week of 12 ?day. 6. Co-op Program; a. our Associate Coordinator, visited 13rexel University on ay. Eleven co-op applicants were inter- viewed and. three were requested to complete applications, b. The second Co-op Newsletter was distributed to our co-op students and offices on 2 i~~ay. 7. U~~sswa__rd Moba2it~; ~Ve now have two fully c~.eared Upward Mobility canes ates for this year's class and another 48 candi- dates in process for security. and medical clearance. Based on feedback from the Security and Medical staffs, this group "looks better -- has fewer problems" .than previous groups.. 8. Re ulation Chan es: W,e forwarded to Regulations 25X1A Control Bran~or pu cation ,a revision of to bring it in line with ~ieadquart~ars regulations regarding leave far maternity purposes. 9. Handbook 3~istrihuti.on; The Handbook for users of PERSIGN P ase w is escrx e.s the data elements in PERSIGN, were received from the printers this weal: and have been dis- tributed to users, l0. Sin Ie Ceiling: Two of the numerous programs required to convert our personnel systems to a single ceiling have been checked out and found. to be correct. Approved For Release 2000/08115: CIA-RaP80=00773A000100010008-3 Approved For Release ~, ( ~a~l~v~..~ ~~A- P80-0077~A000100010008-3 11. Hire the Handica ed Pra;ram: The Rehabilitation Cc-unselor ram t e D str ct a Co3um is Rehabilitation Center referred an applicant to us several ~~anths ~.go who was severely crippled by cerebral palsy, fie has been .in rehabilitation for art extended period and is now able to perfor~a a number of tasks again. We referxed him to NPIC far a courier joh but learned that they also had a machine operator's job (reproduction} w~iich they wanted to fill and which they felt t,~ould be com- pYetely safe far him. NPIC is in the process of arranging are interview and, if all goes well, we will put him in process art a 3fl-hour per-week contract basis. - 12. OPP Review: Eighty.-five employees reviewed their Official e~'rsonn~+Fo3.ders in April. 25X1A 13. Position Tianagement: a, In the survey of ?JCS, work continued in the A~~plications.Division.and the Operations Division.. b. The OC Officer-in-Charge study covering positions a?t small field stations throughout the world was transmitted to thv Director of Communications and has been accepted. 14, Rehixed Annuitant: The following rehired annuitant case was approve or t e Directorate of Administration: -- Office of Training -- independent Contractor -- one-tim:e service. 15. incentive Awards, Six representativQS of the Agency attended an Awards workshop an Z ?4ay 175. The pra- gram was conducted by the National Capital Chapter, National Association of &uggestion Systems, and the CSC Federal Incentive Systems- Office. 16. Dn ineer_in~ Students: ]:ntexesting items from the day issue of Ong nearing ucation N~:ws: a. Freshman engineexing enrollment is up ZZ percent. Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-Ud7`~3A000100010008-3 Approved For Relea~e,~ ~ ~/~ .. I -RDP80-00773A000100010008-3 y~F; ~ ~u.~~ ~; ~ ~: b. Young women engineers have surpassed their male classmates 3.n many areas: {l).Almost 6Q~ of the women had attained a 2,75 average, while only S0~ of the men had attained such grades; (2~ 33~ of women engineers earned more than $17,t?04 in I9?1 compared to 24~~ of the men in that salary bracket; (3} 99.4 of women e~1$ineers are married, compared to 8~}, ~&~ of tt~e men and 77,5 of~other women college graduates. Coming Events 1, Work dealing with the preparation of age and. grade trends in the DDA will be conciud:ed, 2, We plan to finalise a training program to teach the Agency's telephone aper$tors, th? Lacat?r Control Officer, and other selected personnel how to use the new GE fierminex I2flfl terminal in conjunction with the CP/CMS system used to produce updated Flexoline strips needed for cover, mail and telephone operations. 3, The May Personnel Officers' Meeting will he held in the Aud~,torium on l4 May 1~?5, F, Vd', M. Janney Director 4f Personnel Distribution: Orin; ~ 1 - l - Adse D/Pets Chrono ,,~' - D/Pets Subject 1 - DD/Pets/SP Z - DD/Pets/R?,P 1 - DD/Pens/PAC 1 - C/SAS 25X1A 0-D/Pexs : : bkf (~ Aiay ? S) a ~ ~: ~... Approved For Releas b/~ /fi~v : CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010008-3