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November 17, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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March 7, 1975
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Approved for Release.X000/08' ~J a44; March 1975 TJM FOR.: Deputy Director for Adnxinistrstioa Office of Personnel Report - Week Ending 7 March 197;5 iM Advearlkisi: Officials of the Office of Scientific Lout re I o e art very favorabl on their success with 4 recent ad for ~ t~er, which was placed by Recruitment Division in the asue o the trade publication, N r . Seventy- rUapeee have been received to date and cases of interest have o..u r=errea to field recruiters for contact. ollee gee placement publications which are , by our recruiters report that Dr. Fr "k Endicott'* current r "W an college recruiting reveals some familiar paste ra+s. in greatest 4swasid are men in engiaeearing, accounting, business administration and while women ,are,, being sought for positions in accounting. general S, ;data processing and sales. Starting salaries are up. but not by cici amounts. Male bachelor degree holders in engineering are ST 25X1A TSPEC of at n+e outract employee (performin6 very basic clerical who is_ d*f and cannot speak. also will attend the 25X1 A o.ricatktion on Friday, 7 March, and. serve as translator for this es. We have askedto monitor this employee='s progress y and to lot as know If any problems develop. (Reported at 8.30 on. 6 March.) ThAe a:t' for :hired salary relates to an Agency starting salary of GS-07, $11, 924, fuel E. S, electrical engineers who have qualified and are engineering pay scale. Taking Into account the present market lea"tio 1.s, we do not feel that we are at any particular salary disadvantage in this area. WA& of Pf E, ,y~ee: Arrangements were made with hffice of Security to interpret (sign language) the Approved For Release ~Q 1~ ~L tCl by 012752 e stci a veerage monthly starting salaries of $1, 062 ($12.744 yearly). Approved For Releas 000/08/1~:~d`IA-RDP8 ~00010017-3 4. Co-op: 25X1A a. The first graduate Co-op student is completing his last work assignment prior to returning to campus to receive his MBA after one more term. He has been offered staff employment by the Office of Finance and is being con- sidered for the CT Program. b. the Associate Co-op Coordinator, accompanied by an OEL division chief, interviewed Co-op students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute on 5 March. 5. Alumni Days: Two Alumni Days for retirees are scheduled for 19 and 26 April. On 3 -March a meeting was held for representatives involved in the planning of the program. As of this writing, lists of names have been furnished to Cover Staff, Security, OMS and Special Activities Staff/OP for review before letters are sent to prospective attendees. 6. Voluntary Investment Plan: Quarterly statements (for the fourth quarter of CY 1974) were distributed during this reporting period. 7. PDP: We continued our analysis of Career Service submissions for the FY 1975 Personnel Development Program. Included in this activity were discussions with the Career Service personnel representatives. 25X1A 8. Inflation Working Group: Chief of our Plans Staff, prepared constant dollar series (1967-1974) for each DDA Office in support of the DDA Inflation Working Group. 9. Position Management: a. The survey of the Office of Logistics Supply Division is now in progress. b. A meeting was held with the Chief, Career Management Group to discuss the survey of secretarial positions throughout the DDO. PMCD will work directly with DDO components in conducting the survey but will transmit consolidated results to CMG. 10. Faster Reimbursement: The Office of Finance has approved a request to allow reimbursement of travel expenses for Summer Intern Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIAA,RDP80-00773A000100010017-3 CON FI ENTI,1 Approved For # eleasi`IDP80-40773A000100010017-3 25X1A 1. Our Co-op Coordinator will Interview Co-ops at Virginia State March and at 3 ampton Institute on 12 March, The latter school is Ira, t ou lly,Bleek school to be added to our Co-op Program. L W . plan, to complete the analysis for the FY 1975 PDP and r Redskin Tickestsi The EAA has received its order form for the ..: t .*. e t to ;r ea :brriis oin to the Director. h a Skills Session will be offered on retirement J aimey F. W. M. Janney Director of Personnel and Co-op employees by Central Processing officers. Details of the procedure are being worked out and it is hoped that the first cases can be processed through Central Processing Branch in the near future. 11. Respired Atxtuitaate: During the week I approved the following d annuitant cases for the Directorate of Administration-. ce of Training -- ne-year extension. -- of Training ne-year extension. ffice of Security - Program - -- Indep+endent Con one-year extension. 12 1975 ] adsktn tickets. Price of the tickets has been increased from $9 to $11 each. As In past years, a drawing will. be held to determine those EAA members who will get to purchase two tickets to one regular season game. Pre-season game tickets will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. An EAA notice is being prepared to advise employees of these arrangements. Coming Events Approved For Release 2000/(C$PI5;t iA'FbP8D00773A000100010017-3 - tractor -- ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010017-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010017-3