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November 17, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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November 1, 1974
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STATINTL Approved For Re RtW1b :1 ft'fR bl - 00010001 1 November 1974 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT : Office of Personnel Report - Week Ending 1 November 1974 1. Long-Range Benefit: A long-range benefit of the Summer Intern Program was demonstrated on 25 October when the Co-op Coordinator and his associate visited a professor at American University, Dr. Duncan Clark, to brief him about the program. He was very familiar with the program -- he was an Intern in 1968 with the Office of Strategic Research. He has already referred some outstanding students to us. STATINTL Z. Co-op Trip to Fisk: The first trip by our Coordinator for STATINTL Cooperative Programs to Fisk University proved worth- while. He was accompanied by a May graduate of Fisk, a Summer Intern, and now a staff employee in the Office of Economic STATINTL Research. who was respected on campus when a student, proved invaluable in contacts with the administration, faculty and students. Of 11 students interviewed, eight will be considered for the Intern Program. 3. Summer Interns Apply to CTP: Two of the 1974 Summer Interns have been tentatively accepted for the January CT class and another for the July class. This is three out of a total of five who have applied. One is a young lady and another is our first Mexican-American Intern. 4. Interest .in 1975 Summer Intern Program Continues: We are receiving a large number of Summer Intern employment application forms from students who have expressed an interest in the program. Approxi- mately seven letters are received each day requesting information on our program. 5. New Locator Form: The new version of Form 642, Central Emergency & Locator Record, has been received from the manufacturer and is presently undergoing acceptance tests in the Computer Center. Preliminary results are excellent. 11 Administrative - Internal Use Only Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010034-4 Approved For Rel 000100010034-4 6. CEMLOC: The CEMLOC Master Record has been established as an independent record system within the GIM II Data Base. Query capability has been tested successfully. Maintenance procedures (add, change and delete capability) are being programmed and should be completed within 10 days. CPYRGHT 7. "College Expels Blood Throwers: Two students charged with tossing bags of blood at a recruiter for the Central Intelligence Agency on 17 October during career day activities have been expelled from Mary Washington College. Their dismissals were announced Monday after an administrative hearing between College President Prince D. Woodward and the two students, Kevin M. Flatt of Alexandria and Stephen M. Galloway of Annandale. They have been charged with simple assualt, public profanity and disturbing the peace. They are scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing in General District Court on 4 November. " (Above repeated for the record from the Northern Virginia Sun, 29 October 1974. ) 8. APP: We continued work on final typing of consolidated APP reports and design of new formats for the additional comparisons requested by the Director. 9. Statistical Data: In response to a request from DD/A, we prepared a short paper for a hearing with the OMB examiner on the subject of Agency personnel accessions, separations, average grade and average salary. What was different about this paper was its look into trends for staff and contract personnel. 10. Position Management: a. Preliminary negotiations were completed with the Office of Medical Services on their reaction to the recent survey of the Office. As a result OMS will prepare a memo- randum accepting most of the survey recommendations and itemizing a few items which will require additional review. b. Preliminary negotiations were held with the Office of Finance concerning their reaction to evaluations of certain positions in the recent survey of that Office. 11. More on Fair Labor Standards Act Implementation: Further changes in the procedures for handling FLSA overtime are being developed by the Civil Service Commission, and we expect this information in about a week or two. Administraftive 2 Muni Use only Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010034-4 Approved For Rele im SCI 8U 0 *000100010034-4 12. Ninety Percent Rule: A formal proposal has been forwarded to the Secretary, CIA Management Committee through the Deputy Director for Administration recommending reconfirmation of the Agency's 90 percent rule on the total amount of compensation payable to rehired annuitants. The STATINTL proposal also recommends a clarification to the use of an hourly rate --as the method of computing the total amount of compensation payable to a rehired annuitant contract employee. 13. Suggestion Awards Booklets: We are in the final stages of preparation of two booklets on the Suggestion Awards Program. They are entitled "You and Your Suggestion Program" and "Suggestion and Invention Awards Program for Supervisors. " It is anticipated that these booklets will be ready for printing shortly. 3TATSPEC requirement for Publication Typists, and one GS-16 OTR vacancy which has been reopened. three DDO multiple requirements for computer types, one 14. Vacancy Notices: There are 23 active vacancy notices currently in circulation (14 professional and nine clerical), including 15. Handicapped Hiring: As of 31 October 1974, we have a total of 29 applications and inquiries from persons with handicaps. Of the 29, security processing has been initiated in 10 cases, three of whom have entered on duty; 13 have been canceled or rejected (six have never followed up on their initial inquiry); and six cases are currently in some stage of review. 16. Summer-Only Program: The Headquarters Notice concerning next year's Summer-Only Program :has been approved by the DD/A and is expected to be distributed by the middle of November. Coming Events 1. Complete the plan for dropping the parallel running of STAFFING. 2. We will continue preparation of final APP reports. 3. Arrangements have been made by our Co-op Coordinator to visit Northern Virginia Community College on 4 November and Hampton Institute on 5 December. %s/ F. W. M. Janney Director of Personnel Ad risfm! 'I I! Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010034-4 ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010034-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010034-4