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November 17, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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August 30, 1974
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Approved For Release 200 CM EhMD-0077,4000100010042-5 30AUG1974 MEMORANDUM FOR: Acting Deputy Director for Ad Anistration SUBJECT Offic, of Personnel 1974 MS&zine Article on IA'e ILIMInt !vices raa r On - fh AiI o temercan Assocstion of Ba l d Persons Affairs Division? M urity, #' a publication devoted to younger brd h r. Sennett t Cries Swwr y bow to would like to go ,about writing a feature i The unity to CIA's program of retirement services and for as to set ground rules and to eric with Mr. Eeanott, It appears that Mr. "ins In the retirement business and that his s periors are deli ,ted to be able to write about the Agency's program. AARP has 7 I/2 Million members. so the article on CIA's retiree ent pre -. is bond to receive quit* a bit of publicity,. Chiet', Kett meat Affairs JDivision sad Mr. - -t will numt agaia in the near future to Plan bow Mr. Bennett wLll 90 &bout his Assignment and to schedule other visits for r s discus ba"icap. Of two have ford of paralysis, one has a cr Vietnam war wou> two are blind and one nearly blind,, one has *pilepsy, one La a dale st'tterer, two teve cerebral palsy. and three are retarded. Al.., of the 18 to date, five have not for=ray applied, five have boon rejected, two are under review, and six have been pat Into e ployrra t p roc. s s i . Of the .t* put l*to process.. one is crippled from polio (lo-Gen Engineer), one Is crippled from polio and has one leg (micro-files clerk:), one to a deaf nvgw (comer programmer), t is blind (computer programm r), one is &*&flyr Wad (lo-Physical Scientist), nand one has a crippled arm from war d (CT?). va roc o form- of serious is a deaf mute, two aar* deaf, d arm as the result of a Approved For Release Qw4:iADP80-00773A000100010042-5 li 2 IMPDET Cl by 012752 Approved For Release 2 WIDE A "80-00773A000100010042-5 sur o f 1973. , gLng ..aces P*rsonnel Folder 3. This year, 25X9 r-+ y emplo, a r tsly~ en reviewed during the past three r onths The ;purer of excess or du-p1.tcs to destruction of six cubic feet of material reviei ton of certain Jobs and chaag.s in th the Deputy the final report ready for session to 25X1A Approved For Release s- satI bP80-00773A000100010042-5 ~- Approved For Release 2@,O IE'NT1 UP80-007 A000100010042-5 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 9. FLSA: Foreign field employees of the Agency have been notified by dispatch of their FLSA designations. Occupational designations have been completed and we hope that individual notifications to all Headquarters employees will be issued by the middle of September. These will establish exemption status for subsequent computations of any differences in overtime pay- 10. PDP: We arranged with Printing Services Division for the reproduction of the FY 75 PDP formats and instruction pages. 11. Projections: Chief, Plans Staff /OP has been working on monthly projections of FY 75 separations, retirements and EOD's as a step toward a monthly review data display to detect significant deviations in trend from. what is expected. 12. Rehired Annuitants: During the week I approved the following rehired annuitant cases for the Directorate of Administration: -- Office of Security --- Independent Contractor -- one-year extension. -- Office of Security -- Independent Contractor -- one-year contract. Also, the following rehired annuitant was terminated: -- Office of Medical Services -- contract employee. 25X1A general terms our policy and procedures to ensure compliance. In a follow-up call, we were asked how the Agency disposes of foreign. gifts valued over $50. The law requires that these gifts be forwarded to the 13. Foreign Gifts: The General Accounting Office is conducting an audit of the way the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act is being enforced in all three branches of Government. A GAO representative called the Agency for some information early in August, and, after discussion with OGC and Central Cover, the Director of Personnel forwarded a letter indicating in Chief of Protocol. Approved For Release 2000/0861 n~ I~Nrf fAr.773A000100010042-5 Approved For Release $ At I Drive will, be ca .ct . from I Octi cars' Meeting will be held in pabesr, at 14:30 a. i. 4. W. , P convu'st n activitl.s, on surveys and Coei, / DP80-00773A000100010042-5 'low Core *y is scheduled for 10:00 a. nu on OP 1:975.76 objective 25X1A 25X1A D3.1:ributiaas 0 1k 2 - Addressee I - DD/Pane/SP I - i3D/Psrs/t&P I - DD/ I - D/ Subject I - I3/ Chro OD/P.ra / 30 Aug 74) Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100010042-5 CONE1tENTIAL