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November 17, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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July 5, 1974
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Approved For Release200/08IW:JUE 73AQ40100010050-6 5 JUL 1`74 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Management and Services SUBJECT : Office of Personnel Report - Week Ending 5 July 19 74 1. Upward Mobility: a. On 2 July, Staff Personnel Division met with four employees of the Civil Service Commission who are instructors for our forthcoming Upward Mobility Class. On 11 July, we will J enter on duty 19 Upward Mobility candidates and on 15 July they will report to the Commission for training. The instructors were given a briefing on the backgrounds of the candidates, all but one of whom are this year's high school graduates, and a discussion followed concerning the class material and our aspirations for these young people. 25X1A STATSPEC b. The Upward Mobility Plan for the Office of Security has been completed and discussions have been held with IG Staff, and the Executive Officer, DDM&S, on establishment of standards, selection and policy regarding the Program for the entire DDM&S. 2. Employment of the Handicapped: Since publication of the Headquarters Notice on the Agency's program for hiring, placement and utilization of the handicapped, we have received a number of calls from Within the Agency inviting our attention to potential candidates. We are working; now with one blind candidate, who is presently at American University studying for his Doctorate degree with a GPA of 4. 0; his academic credentials are outstanding. The Office of Political Research has expressed interest in the candidate and has asked for writing samples. In addition, we are nearing what appears to be a favorable decision on a deaf candidate for employment in OJCS as a card punch operator. A branch chief in d to volunteer that some of the proofreading and duplicating function could, in her opinion, be performed by handicapped individuals and seemed to be receptive to candidates for those positions. ~Q1[ tAL ~ E 2 IMPDET Approved For Release 2 /i~ A]I 80-00773AMD tgOOi'YA-6 `Approved For Release 00010050-6 3. Retirement Aetivit: Retirements for FY 74 totaled 620 as of close of business on 28 June. This figure might be changed slightly if some pending disability cases are disapproved causing the subjects to retire on 28 June. The figure of 620 does include three "knowns" or "definites" en route to Headquarters from Udorn for retirement processing on whom applications have not yet been received. 4. Summer Only Employees: Today, the Summer Only employees assigned to the Office of Personnel are scheduled to meet with the Director and Deputy Director of Personnel. 5. Recruitment Advertising: The Office of Scientific Intelligence has requested the assistance of Recruitment Division in the placement of an advertisement in several technical publications for Systems Engineers in the field of Ground, Air and Marine transportation, to be concerned with foreign technology in these fields. 6. Suggestion and Invention Awards-Program: a. A record 680 suggestions were received in FY 74, and 574 were eligible for awards. A total of $24, 915 was paid for 116 adopted ideas, and 12 Certificates of Appreciation were awarded. The average cash amount was $215. b. A total of 168 energy conservation proposals were received during FY 74 -- 109 were processed as eligible and 59 were ruled ineligible. Sixteen energy-saving ideas were adopted -- 12 for cash awards totaling $1, 835 and four Certificates of Appreciation. ,7. Insurance: a. Two employees of the Insurance Branch attended a one-day seminar on Group Dental Benefit Plans sponsored by the American Management Association. The consensus of the speakers was "avoid group dental care if at all possible. "" b. Effective 1 July, claims assistance service will be provided at Headquarters on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 8. Travel Processing: Sixty PCS travelers and 18 TDY travelers were processed for overseas travel and 24 PCS returnees from overseas. Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA2RDP80-00773A000100010050-6 rffN1AL Approved For Release--p00/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773AQQ,0100010050-6 9. Summer Intern Pro ram: The second orientation briefing for this year's Summer Interns was held on 2 July when they toured CRS facilities and met with the Associate Deputy Director for Intelligence. 10. Su er rade Survey: The supergrade survey will be completed this 11. Position Classification: a. A review is being made of the ISAS Records Administration and Classification Control positions. A meeting was held on 3 July with officials of the Department of Army Records Management Division to secure information on comparable positions. b. A visit was made to the Government Printing Office for r a tour of the facilities and discussions with Labor Relations Officers on job criteria and the trend in salary negotiations. c. Approximately 20 lithographic positions in the Cable Secretariat the the General Printing Plant of Printing Services Division were evaluated against Civil ServiceCommission standards. As a result, the Cable Secretariat positions were evaluated at higher levels. d. A meeting was held with the Chief of Support, DDO Operations Staff, to discuss the initiation of a survey of the Operations Staff. 12. Salary Retention: A review has been made of background material to clarify procedures for administering salary retention cases for downgrading wage board employees. 13. FLSA: We expect the initial run of employee designations under the Fair Labor Standards Act to be is sued by OJCS within the next week. After verification, the listings will be sent to all components so that they will know how their employees are designated. A work order is being pre- pared for OJCS to prepare individual cards to all employees indicating their designation as exempt or non-exempt. These will be issued in early August. 14. Overtime Policies: A second meeting of the committee reviewing the overtime policies of the Agency was held and determination made to secure additional information from the Directorates as to the amount of overtime for which compensation might be required if the Agency's system is changed to eliminate the sacrifice of the first eight hours of overtime for employees at GS-12 and above. Another meeting is scheduled for 9 July. Approved For Release 2000/08/ 0I yM3tl73AOOOl00 010050-6 df V:'fttIDENT iAU. 'Approved For ReleaseZ000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773AW0100010050-6 15. Consultants: Ong July, Contract Personnel Division mailed renewal agreements to those consultants approved by the Director for continued use during FY 75. Coming Events 1. Notification-eo EAF awardees will be made by the end of this month. 2. Continue work on the STAFFING System. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA4tDP80-00773A000100010050-6 iNTIAL ~