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November 17, 2016
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July 28, 2000
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February 3, 1978
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Approved For Release 2q,pO/08/15: CIA-R6tk~'R f7TA0001000QP15-3 3 FER 178 MEMORANDUM FOR: Acting Deputy Director for Administration. Acting Director of Personnel SUBJECT . Office of Personnel Report -- Week Ending 3 February 1978 1. (U) Weather Impact on Recruitment: Recruitment activity in the Midwest came to a halt OH Z-6-January du.e to bad weather.. 25X1A was snowbound in his home, and was stranded in St. Clairsville, Ohio. She postpone. visits to schools in Steubenville, Ohio. In addition, was 25X1A snowbound at the Knoxville, Tennessee airport and was forced to postpone a scheduled visit to Nashville. 2. (U) Proposed Legislation Review: We reviewed, on a crash basis, redrafts of Title I, Title II and Title IV of the proposed Intelligence Community charter legislation and prepared comments for DDA and OLC. 3. (U/AIUO) Retirement Activity: The figures shown below depict the total retirement activity for the period 1 January through 30 June 1978. The figures in the clear show totals. The figures in parenthesis represent persons who have opted for options of discontinued service or "involuntary" retirement; the figures in parenthesis are included in the total figure. Thus, of 67 persons to go by 30 June, 11 are going under the "liberal" options. Civil Service CIARDS Total Retired 6 (0) 0 (0) 6 ( 0) Signed to go 17 (2) 44 (9) 61 (11) Totals 23 (2) 44 (9) 67 (11) E 2 IMPI)ET CL BY 012752 May be downgraded to U/AIUO when separated from attachment. Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-D=-00773A000100030015-3 Approved For Release 2Q0/08/15: CIA-RgP 0001000QP15-3 problems other than difficulty in local travel due to taxi and bras strikes. 4. (U) Hispanic Recruitment: 'In what was returned the evening of 2 February. They did not encounter any. 5. (U) Special Briefing - External Placement: On 23 January, , Chief,, Retirement and Employee Assistance Branch (RCEAB), briefed 25X1A White House Fellow, on the activities and services available in RCEAB. ive from Company, vis tat ited RCEAB on Friday, 27 January 1978. After reviewing five resumes, he expressed keen interest in one DDO employee whcrNhe interviewed for two hours. asked that this individual's application papers and those of two other persons be forwarded to his office. The vacancy is for a special senior position described as a technological forecaster. The other two candidates will be con- sidered for other positions in the company. an update 8. (U) Visit to Central Processing Branch.- Four represen- tatives from Braniff Airlines visited the Central Processing Branch on 31 January 1978. Three of the individuals were from Braniff's Dallas Reservation Office and the fourth was from the Washington Office. The primary purpose of the meeting was to meet the Braniff people with whom we deal and to discuss the various aspects of our business relationship with them. This was a very successful meeting and helped to improve our already good relations with Braniff Airlines. 7. (U/AIUO) Summer-Only Program: The following is on the Summer-Only Program as o 24 January 1978: Total Applications Received 381 Total Rejects or Cancellations to Date 12 Total Eligible Applications to Date 369 Total Requirements for Summer Onlys 224 6. (U) External Job Lead: SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-09773A000100030015-3 Approved For Release 2Q,QQ/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A00010003OQ15-3 Nftbor SECRET 9. (U) New Guidelines: We have received new guidelines concerning the Fly America Act which provide certain new require- ments for the use of American air carriers. We will meet with representatives of the Central Travel Branch to determine whether we are in full agreement on its application and will begin using the guidelines as soon as possible. 10. (U/AIUO) Health Insurance: The average number of health insurance clalms per weed received in Insurance Branch in December 1977 was slightly over 500. The weekly average for January jumped to almost. 700. 11. (U) Suggestion Box: No suggestions were received this week. The total number of suggestions received since the program began on 15 June 1977 is 45. 12. (S) Rehired Annuitants: See attached report. COMING EVENTS: (1). (U) Lenten Services: Arrangements have been made for Lenten Services tI aucTi-torium on Ash Wednesday, 8 February and Good Friday, 24 March. Catholic services will. be held at 11:00 a.m.. and Protestant services at 12:30 p.m. (2). (U) Savings Bands Program: Arrangements have been made with Mr. Gil ert Gott, e eral Payroll Savings Director from the Treasury Department, to conduct this year's Savings Bonds Program from 1 May to 30 May 1978. (3). (U) Agency Reserve Meeting: The subject for the Agency Reserve Meeting on P e rua.ry 1s "T e Army Organization for Intelligence and Counterintelligence." The guest speaker for this meeting is Mr. Merrill T. Kelley. from OACSI, Department of the Army. (4). (U/AIUO) IG Survey Team: Tentative arrangements have been made for the IG Survey Team to visit the Recruitment Office in on 9 March 1978. This visit is in conjunction wit the current survey of Recruitment Division. SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000100030015-3 - 3 - Approved For Release 2WO/08/15: CIA-RDP8Ot 3T 001000W15-3 SUBJECT: Office of Personnel Report Week Ending 3 February 1978 Distribution: Orig & 2 - Addressee 1 - DD/Pers/REP 1 -- DD/Pers/PEC 1 - DD/Pers/SP 1 - Chief, SAS 1 - Subject File 1 - AD/Pers/Chrono EA-D/Pers rj (3 February 78) Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000100030015-3 - 4 - Approved-For Release 2QWJ/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A0001000 OQ15-3 S E C R E T 1 February 1978 WEEKLY REPORT OF REHIRED CIVILIAN 1lii ULTANT ACTIVITIES FOR THE AGENCY (30 January - 3 February 1978) (li/AIUO) 1. (S) The following rehired civilian annuitant case was processed as a new hire: Independent Contractor, Office of Training, contract effective 6 February 1978, 2. (S) The following rehired civilian annuitant cases were approved f'or extension by the Acting Deputy Director for Administration; Independent Contractor, Office of Security, one-year extension. Independent Contractor, Office of Security, one-year extension. 3. (S) The following rehired civilian annuitant case was terminated: Independent Contractor, ORPA, terminating 17 February 1978. E2 IMPDET Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RD1P8D--0E7BA000100030015-BL BY: 063837