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November 17, 2016
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July 28, 2000
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January 27, 1978
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" CRET Approved For Release 200f /15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000100030016-2 27 January 1978 MEMORANDUM FOR: Acting Deputy Director for Administration FROM Acting Director of Personnel 26X1A SUBJECT . Office of Personnel Report -- Week Ending 27 January 1978 1. (U/AIUO) Meeting with Ambassador Carlucci Messrs. Malanick, Janney and met wit Ambassador Carlucci on 25 January to brief h Won personnel matters prior to his con- firmation hearings. We were very encouraged about his open- mindedness concerning personnel management and have obtained a commitment that he will meet with us soon regarding this subject at an early date after his confirmation. 2. U Minority Career Program: Recruiter of our Recruitment 0 ice reports favorably on the Minority Career Program held at Michigan State University on 19 and 20 January. Despite extreme weather conditions,which made travel difficult, about 200 employer representatives were in attendance. About 60 students expressed interest in CIA careers, and interviews were arranged the following day for our current requirements. Resume forms and literature were passed out to many students at freshmen, sophomore, and junior levels, and our summer Graduat St di e u es Program was also explained. 25X1A 3. (U) Participation - National Conference: Preliminary arrangements have been made to participate in the Fourth National Conference of the Consortium for Black Professional Development which is to be held at the Hollenden House in Cleveland for the period 17-19 May 1978. This is a group effort by the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC), the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and Recruitment Division, Office of Personnel, and involves the setting up of an exhibit, attendance by representatives, and participation in the science student competition awards. 25X1A E 2 IMPDET CL BY 012752 Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A00010003b1j6-2)e downgraded to ^ U/AIUO when separated AGRI IL from attachment Approved For Release 200;,(08/15 : CIA-RDP6t 100100030016-2 4. (U/AIUO) New Clerical Employees: There were 24 clerical EOD t s on 16 January 1997W Of the 24, there were three Blacks , one handicapped, five part-time and two contract conversions. 5. (U) Domestic Excursion Plan: A new domestic excursion plan has recently been put Into ect by most airlines for travel in the United States. This plan requires booking and pickup of tickets seven days prior to departure, which is good for 30 days, but requires the traveler to stay over one Saturday between departure from and arrival back at origin. It does not contain a penalty clause in case of cancellation and the savings realized are approximately 20% better than normal economy fares. We will attempt to use this plan whenever feasible. 6. (U/AIUO) Educational Aid Fund (EAF): To date, Ill EAF applications have been distributed. Eighty-seven of these applica- tions are for dependents who are applying for assistance for the first time. 7. (U/AIUO) Briefing - Management Seminar:. The Chief, Professional Placement Branch/OP - i sc ie .ule to-'address the Management Seminar on 26 January on the subjects of Vacancy Notices, Employees Available for Reassignment (EAR), and the Handicapped Program. 8. (U) Suggestion Box: No suggestions were received this week. The total number of suggestions received since the program began on 15 June 1977 is 45. 9. (U/AIUO) Reaffirmation of Retirement System Status: The following shows the status o the one-time reaffirmation memoranda for participants in CIARDS: - Memoranda sent - Returned - Elected to return to CSRS 10. (S) Rehired Annuitants: See attached report. 2 - Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-~$OQ7A000100030016-2 Approved For Release 20QW08/15 : CIA-R'B A00010003 6-2 COMING EVENTS: (1). (U) Rear Admiral Donald Harvey, the Director of Naval Intelligence, will be our guest speaker for the Reserve meeting on 30 January 1978. His subject: "The Naval Intelligence. Command and the US Navy Organization for Intelligence and Counterintelligence. (2). (U/AIUO) We plan to complete the Personnel Development Plan (PDP) analysis draft. Distribution: Orig $ 2 -,Addressee 1 DD/Pers/SP 1 - DD/Pers/REP 1 - DD/Pers/P&C 1 - Chief, SAS. 1 - Subject File 1 - AD/Pers/Chrono EA.-D/Pers :rj (27 Jan 78) Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RD3P80-00773A000100030016-2 Approved For Release 20Q,Qj,08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A00010003-2 26 January 1978 WEEKLY REPORT OF REHIRED CIVILIAN ANNUITANT ACTIVITIES FOR THE AGENCY (23-27 January 1978) (U/AIUO) 1. (S) The following rehired civilian annuitant case was approved for extension by the Acting Director of Personnel: 25X1A -. Independent Contractor, Office of Security, one year extension. 2. (S) The following rehired civilian annuitant case was terminated; 25X1A - Independent Contractor, O/DDA, terminating 31 January 1978. S E C R E T Approved For Release 2000/08/15 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000100030016-2 E2 IMPDET CL BY: 063837