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November 17, 2016
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July 28, 2000
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November 11, 1977
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Approved For Release-2900/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A0110100030027-0 EGRET 1 None. ter MEMOVULIMU74, FOR: Acting eputy i irector 25X1 A FR SECT Acting 3: rector of ice of Personnel R ,ek W i n g It Nov (L-'/AI 'O) Retirement Activity: These figurers depict total retire e t its r the period 10 August threugh. %1 ec ber 1977. The ft gu `es in the clear show totals. The fi urns i er, tl es s represent persons who hav* opted for options of discontinued, service or involuntary' retirement, the figures In parenthesis are inclade.d in the total figure. Thus, of 20 .orsoas to y /s4y',.#o~y by 31 December, 6i are going uiJer the ?I ral.. opL~lens. Civil Service but appear definite 44 (22) 59 (14) 5( 91 4 (22) To 2 i~b Is 2. (C) on Season # otices E On 3 Nove ,bor 1017, d 2,600 u t cis er w r`ot3reees concerning the e . season period of 14 November through 9 i'ecc ber 1977 for changes iu registration ua d*r the a etith Benefits Pro r . 2 IPDT cLF,(012752 May be dowugr de to COAPIDENTIAL w ou c ss arat*d from classIfi + 1 Approved For Release 2000/084'C =kDP80-00773A000100030027-0 Approved For Release 2,0,00/08/15 0 l ked w es (either iIvalved coa fete day p; eapl oyeos In order to also prepare Dhow they were this ea Saturday. The .etire :e .t Co tselia. s Assistance Drasch (CE ) also re or activity resul,tin ; fro the pl*s ed RCiA pre-retirement counselors cant increase i" phone calls, visits and scheduled ap oints exits froo- ros ctlvas Persons on the ~)90 list sr o 4 . (U) tabs of O * Ti e ull pre-retirement and ,fob-searc!-. cou their status an,.4-1 most of Election CIJWS participants who sre schedule retire eat between mow and 31 March version of the emar r h has just re frost the printers and we have started paring to distribute it. 5. receiver to t4 ision, The total cumber of pr*Lram began oft 11 June 1977 is 41. :. ors s were fo lows is Servic al I teiligonce. Approved For Release 2000/08/1 ~RDP80-00773A000100030027-0 Approved For Release. 200/08/1 tx kJP80-00773A0QQ100030027-0 25X1A 407 by Agency explo which rop rss.nts cards are coat :ivity. In adit TWA in and ut of i-Afi.acfVi' "- 9v lt;? dept$ 4ts sho in t ho world. Act Branch to change because to the flights *MJ the ' $A/ T)A has 12'f of them. still *utsta Pledge l.y Approved For Release 2000/08/15 :CIA-RDP80-00773A000100030027-0 ixty^._ _ t tal-ef 49 e .,ploy 1977. Of these 4 , six were t of Agency depcnte is were Black. :aict1ons ? The i) t t l restrict dealing with the subject, pledged p tgn Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100030027-0 , T MUItarits See Attacrhe report. cog 1 Employee being drafted aa4 w: 4 wwblic&t is forwarded t Orrice of *rse .oi at the intern nc o ap a ttlg on 11 November at the '. C. `h .. l dld b Posaeveopey CSC Vieo chairman ''A Plan for Spocia1 Ba p asis Employment Et) We P ~d APP time cycle. 25X1A 25X1A A.ttacbat. Distribution: o a 2 Addressee 1 - DD/PERS/P ;c 1 _. DD/PERS/R&P 1 - DD/PERS/SP 1 - C/SAS 1 - Subject File 1 - D/PERS/Chrono 25X1A EA-D/PERS/ :rj (I1 Nov 77) Approved For Release 2000/0. 'r` RDP80-00773A000100030027-0 Approved For Release 2DA0/08/15 :,P80-00773A0QQ100030027-0 WEEKLY REPORT OF REHIRED CIVILIAN ANNUITANT ACTIVITIES FOR THE AGENCY (4-11 November 1977) (U/AIUO) 25X1A 1. (C) The following rehired civilian annuitant case was approved for extension by the Acting Deputy Director for Administration: Independent Contractor, Confidential Correspondent, Office of Security, one-year extension. 2. (S) The following rehired civilian annuitant case was terminated: 25X1A - Independent Contractor, M terminated 31 October 1977. Approved For Release 2000/081RDP80-00773A 00002b#ff -0 25X1A