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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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August 30, 1979
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' Approved For Rel p~/~~0~~:~1~-~DP80-00773A0001~040023-3 ~ ( ~~ ~~ pUG 1~7~` ME^TQRANDLI:.4_.FOR::?.,...D4YU,~mT:~:":'~~uz~~'z- r,:~E'=~-~?~-tra=tiol't FROM: TTarry E. Fitzwater ~----- Director of Personnel SUEJECT: Office of Personnel Weekly Report Week Ending 29 August 1979 ~~~inorit Recruitment : 25~1A 25~1A minority recrui er on e ai Directorate of Sc~en:ce and Technology, hosted. a luncheon in New Orleans on 16 August 1979 and another in Houston on 17 August 1979 for business, academic and political leaders in the black communities. Representatives of the black news media were also in att:endanc:e. The purpose of the meetings was to publicize job opportunities within the AT;ency and to solicit the assistance of influential blacks i.n referring qualified minority applicants to us. The discussions were spirited and the questions were good. There is clearly a s>ignific~ant degree of suspicion in the black community concerning; the C:IA; however, the meetings helped to dispel certain myth:; held by some participants. Several people commented that they were quite impressed by our willingness to meet and speak with them. Others were surprised to learn of the variety of occupational specialities used in CIA. Both meetings appeared to be successful in achieving our goals. (U/AIUO~ Z. Records Retirement: This year's Summer Only Employees, combined with certain of our regular Insurance Branch personnel, hed a significant goal i in 19.76 and 1977 records li s accomp and files for retention at the 25X~A Records Center: This effort resulted in t e orwar ing o 9000 insurance files and literally thousands of other insurance records to 0. In their spare time, these employees also managed to re-.alphabetize nearly 50,000 insurance files currently stored in the Branch's file room and have substantially restructured the + file system to accommodate anticipated expansion in the coming months . (C) Original CL BY: 012752 Review on 30 Aug 85 c~~~~~~y'~~,D Approved For Release 2002/05/0 P80-00773A000100040023-3 Approved For Release 2002/0 /(~2 P80-00773A000100040023-3 3. Sign Language: The July announcing the Corps of Interpreters for the Deaf generated employee interest. Three additional employees who have developed a skill in sign language volunteered their assistance; four others inquired about sign 1a.nguage: training; and two others were inquiring about fu.ll- time employment as sign language interpreters--one for a relative and the other for a friend. (U/AIUO) 4. Military Personnel and Reserve Activities: the new JMRTC Commander and certain members of his staff to discuss active duty training tours for the Agency reservists during the next fiscal year. (U/AIUO) (a) met with 5. PMC;D Course:: We revised a course outline for the Position Mar.~agement and Compensation Division Orientation Course that is tailored for. component personnel officers. This course is teTltatlVE',ly scheduled for this fall. (U/AIUO) 6. Valuntar Investment Plan: - The current unit value for 't e VIP z~ s now up the Growt~Func~o ' for the Income Fund is $16.33. (U) to $11.49 , The unit value ference Roam on 29 August 1979. (U) 8. Truck Fixe: ti+1e have bee n notified by GSA that a truck belonging Ito Washbia.rn Storage Com pany enroute to '~torth Carolina, Missouri and Texas caught fire in North Carolina. As luck would have it, two of our employees? ef fects were aboard the trL~ck as a result of moves arranged thxoug h G5A by Central Processing Branch. Na estimate of the amoun t or extent of damage is avail- 7. Combined Federal Campaign: The Agency's share of the National Capital Area Com fined Federal Campaign goal has been established at $300,000. The Agency's Campaign will be conducted from 21 September 1979 until 9 November 1979. The Kick-Off Ra11y will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, 21 September 1979 in the Auditorium with key workers from throughout the Agency in atten- dance. The 1979-80 Combined Federal Campaign Directorate Representative Meeting was held in the Office of Personnel Con- 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100040023-3 Approved For Rele~~~ 1 1 ~1 f J''i~P80-00773A000'tip0040023-3 able at thi:> time. One of the employees has been contacted and ward left with the other's office. GSA will advise us as soon as possible as to the details of the fire. (C) 9. Suggestion Box: No suggestions were received this week. The total nurn~ex of suggestions received since the program began on 15 June 19'77 is 71. (U) :L O. Rehired Annuitants: See attached report. (A/IUO) security inspection of the 18 September 1979. (U/AIUO) COMING E~JEN'TS (1) T;he Office of Security will conduct a physical Recruitment Office on (2) of the Policy Staff continued to study background material in preparation for the first meeting of the task force an Selection Guidelines scheduled for 6 September. (U/AIUO) w Att Distribution: Orig ~ 2 - Adse 1 -- DD/0~'/SP 1 ?- DD/01?/RA P (w/o att) 1 - DD/OP/PA C (w/o att) 1 ~- C/ SAS/ OP (w/ o att ) 1 - OP / Cb40 (w/ o at t ) D/Pens Chrono D/Pers Subj File IiA/OD/Pees/ ;kav 25X1A 30 Aug 79 Harry E. Fitzwater Approved For Release 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100040023-3 ~'~ ~"`.~"4 a~'od{"'S~, pp .d +' ~ ~ ,?,~ HUN Approved For e'~ease`~0~'/`05~02 : ~1~~` ~C~~80'-11C~7~"`3`i~~00100~0023-3 W~EKI.Y REPORT Q~ R.EHI~ED CIVILIAN ANNUITANT ACTIVITIES pOR THE. AGENCY (22' to 28 Augus 19~79~? The ~o1low,ing xe;hixed civilian annuitant ca~e~;were ~xocessed as new hires: Independent Contractor, QP, effective. 23 August' Independent Contractor, qS:, effective lQ August 179 Approved For Release 2002/05/A02:CIA-RDP80-00773A000100040023-3