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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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July 5, 1979
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~ECHET Approved For Releas002/05/01-: CIA-RDP80-00773A000100040031-4 ww, 05 JUL1919 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Administration Harry E. Fitzwater Director of Personnel Office of Personnel Report -- Week Ending 3 July 1979 (U) 1. NAACP National Convention: Recruiter participated in the NAACP National Convention in Louisville on 25 28 June 1979. Also representing the Agency were members of the EEO Staff, the directorate Minority Employment Coordinators, and a representative from the Office of Public Affairs. Reaction to the Agency's presence was quite favorable. A large amount of recruitment` literature was distributed to interested candidates. A few particularly strong candidates were :interviewed and given application forms. (U) 2 Presidential Management Intern Program: The Chief, Staff'Personnel Division atten e a meeting of Coordinators for the Presidential Management Intern Program this week. Information concerning orientation sessions for the 1979 group of interns was distributed and the status of unplaced interns was reviewed. The Office of the Deputy Director for Administration had planned to hire three interns this year; two are in process and the third dropped out. An alternate for the third position was interviewed and selected last week. We are awaiting receipt of her application forms. (U/AIUO) 3. Sign Language Interpreters: We have drafted an All- Employee bulletin announcing the establishment of a corps of sign language interpreters to be administered by the Coordinator for the Handicapped Program. The Office of Data Processing-(ODP) originally hired the current interpreters and has graciously served the entire Agency for several years. With increasing Regraded Confidential. when Derivative CL BY: 308235 Separated from. Secret: Att Review on 5 Jul 99 A9c4.1 Approved For Release 200 ? M PIA-RDP80-00773AO001 +JLUi L 1 Approved For ReleasiV002/05/01 : CIA-RDP80-00773A0001Q 40031-4 demands for interpreter services throughout the Agency, the Office of Personnel (OP) and ODP agreed that OP would be in a better position to meet the needs of all components for the services of sign language interpreters. (U/AIUO) 4. NAPA: The majority of NAPA Project Group members are in place and are reading background material provided by the Office of Personnel and others. Briefings are being held on selected subjects by Office of Personnel officers to assist the team in better understanding some of the terminology and concepts with which they must deal. (U/AIUO) 5. Retirement Activity: The figures shown below depict the total retir ment: activity for the period from I May through 31 July 1979. The figures in the clear show totals. The figures in parenthesis represent persons who have opted for discontinued service or "involuntary" retirement. Thus of 129 persons to depart by 31 July 1979, 40 are going under the "liberal" options. Civil Service CIARDS TOTAL Retired 36 (8) 46 (8) 82 (16) Signed to go 23 (16) 24 (8) 47 (24) Total 59 (24) 70 (16) 129 (40) (U/AIUQ) 6. Workshop: We conducted a Directorate of 0 e ti S p ra on 25X1A Workshop at t. e to review the Supergrade Factor Evaluation System. It was the consensus of the participants that, with some modification and refinement, the system would provide meaningful criteria for determining whether Agency functions justify allocation at supergrade levels. (C) 7. Travel by Amtrack: The Central Processing Branch has 25X1A been advised y Office of Finance, that Government employees traveling to New York must utilize the Amtrack Metroliner coach service between Washington and New York in order to take advantage of the 20 percent discount offered for official Government travel. This ruling is in accordance with the latest change in the Federal Travel Regulations. Exceptions to the travel requirement may be allowed on the basis of lack of time for train travel, lack of space, security reasons, etc.; however, under normal circumstances, travelers will be Approved For Release 2002/05/0111 -00773A000100040031-4 Approved For Rele sh-2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000Q9040031-4 Amtrack was queried regarding the above and arrangements were made to receive the discount on all reservations made by Central Processing. We do not have credit arrangements with Amtrack and tickets will have to be purchased with cash or personal checks (preferably the latter). We will maintain a count on the tickets obtained with the thought in mind of attempting to arrange credit purchase or bulk purchase of tickets if the volume warrants it. (U/AIUO) 8. Educational Aid Fund: The Educational Aid Fund Board of Trustees met on 3 July 1979 to review the Audit Report and to determine the amount of funds-to be allocated, to this year's Educational Aid Fund winners. One hundred and two applications for financial assistance have been received. (U/AIUO) 9. Suggestion Box: No suggestions were received this week. The total nuns er of suggestions received since the program began on 15 June 1977 is 71. (U) 10. Rehired Annuitants: See attached report. (S) required to use the Metroliner. COMING EVENTS (1) An Office of Security team will visit our 25X1A office on 1.5 August 1979 and our 0 office on 22 August 1979 to conduct physical security surveys. The recruitment offices have been informed of these upcoming surveys. (U/AIUO) (2) We plan to work on the following: a. Performance Appraisal System b. Automation of APP report. V Harry E. Fitzwater Approved For Release RI"If L'1J .i., -?; O ri g F Agpr-ovvd For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA=RDP80-00773A000100040031-4 1 - DD/OP/SP 1 - DD/OP/R&P (w/o att) 1 - DD/OP/P&C (w/o att) 1 - C/SAS/OP (w/o att) 1 - OP/CMO (w/o att) 1 - D/OP Sub j File EA/OD/Pers :kav 2,1 Jun 79 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000100040031-4 Approved For Rele sW 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000s040031-4 WEEKLY REPORT OF REHIRED CIVILIAN ANNUITANT ACTIVITIES FOR THE AGENCY (27 to 3 July 1979) (U) The following rehired civilian annuitant cases were processed new hires - Independent Contractor, f RT ~'K'W f~ Vow's 3 July 1979 (U) PSC/CSS, effective 20 June 1979 Independent Contractor, DCD, effective 31 May 1979 (S) n 'RVVATIVE+CLUY 061749 ,~...., D 0ECLUREVW ON -3-JULY-1 f99 ; w ~iV 1) Fao.m D9c. 6 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP80-00773A000100040031-4