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December 14, 2016
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September 5, 2000
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December 15, 1953
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Approved For Release 2001/09/11: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500330002-0 U.S. Officials Only COt FITVRNTrA?, WBRARY_.SUHJECT & AREA CODES - and - 772.5 w(6H) 772.5 3J(&M)(UM) Ur S. Cfficlala Only 772.5 3J(LK)(IM) 0ISTRIOUTION .S STATE j( ARMY -,( NAVY )( AIR Pel I I I This report is for the use within the USA of the Intelligence components of the Departments or Agencies Indicated above. It Is not to be transmitted overseas without the concurrence of the originating oflec through the Assistant Director of the Office of Collection and Dissemination, CIA. L-- CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT Ch:le/U--u,gq a r/Pets/Netherlands/Leb sti:wu/Fraace PLACE ACOUIRE (BY SOURCE) 25X1A DATE ACQUIRE (BY SOURCE) r +rcruwrra or nnr r. SICTr Ox. ?.f or rxr unr*co r+.. ... .... .xa )I.. or Twl ~... canc. .. .r.ral D. ~.. r..xlrr ?1~+w a. ..01. UfIOx o. rt. coxrtrr. 10 a. .{al N+ I? .x uxlY+xa.rllo ? II Thu foliateng ah.pmeats San-;!ago, Chile : DATE DISTR. /5 Dec 53 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT NO. DATE GROSS AC .EPi'ED AWP: NO NAMES OF SUIPPER AND CONSIGNEE COVIRNTB WRIGHT VAIIJE 10/3/53 109-130308 $iiippe:: Bnn:.o Sudaaaricano Gold 3.372 $ 1,575.00 Coeur .e: Bs.n'u La Caja Obrera, Coins Moatev1.tuo 1o/22/y3 10)-13&9'J Shipper: Bancu Italia= Gold 11.882 10,206.00 Cuaeip,:iuc% Bel.:ico krrancdrr' c Italia:lo, Caine MOJ`II;bV-300 10/1/5; 10y-:.4a5 J :~ ^;lo Cia. A?.3z nistradara do 2 Gold 28.500 32,064.87 Mi:lut; bare :ual.r,:iut: ~ar,Ptoir, Allamand, Par -,-I 109-142835 8::=.ppc= : Pco. ie C(ci: to del Fe-.C 2 Gold 26.700 27,239.15 Co:irig?;eo; Wm. R. Muller & Co., Bars kma tetchy l0/a1/53 10 9-14 9 3 69 Sh..nper: Cia.'atrador a de 2 Gold 34.600 37,797.17 Bard Coe.>gneo: Main^.s D~emal, Beirut 10/23/53 109-149395 9niyper: Banco de Cr(dito Wei Peru 2 Gold 22.200 24,839.65 Conaiguee: Htr.. F. Muller & Co., Bra Ai,;,ze_ day