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April 22, 1999
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February 23, 1954
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Approved For ReleAV2b - P80-00809A000500400094-1 25XI CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT 25X1 25X1 DATE DISTR.;)L3 Feb 1954 NO. OF PAGES 9 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT NO. Vitkovice Steel Works: Production/Layout ISIS OOC UN LMI CONTAINS ........ION .TISCTINS TNL ....ON" ..LLNSL OI THE UNITED STATtS. 117X114 TNCN0ANLNO Or TITLE Ir, SECTIONS luI NO 11.. OF TN[ U. S. M. AS ANtNGt0. ITS TSANSNISSION ON RM. CATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR WWI SY AN UNAUTNOAIA(O IENSON IS r T r THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION Location 2L "The lfx Steel Works in Vitkovice are located in the eastern part of the town, east of the Vitkovice-Hrabueka highway. The plant area is 2000 m x 1000 a. On three sides the area is fenced by iron grating 2.5 a high on three sides and by s. wooden fence two a high on the northern side. Installations 3. The New Steel Works comprise the following installations: (a) Manganese foundry, about 20 x 30 m, situated in the eastern part of the plant area. -Two furnaces, each yielding five tons of 'mangaa' fo-i,7 every four hours. Depots for raw material, about 15 x 3 x k m, situated about 20 a north of the foundry. Mill for magnesium, about 1? x 20 x 10 (No. 16 on plant diagram). Foundry (No. 20 on diagram) with two Martin furnaces (Nos, 1 and 2 on plant diagram) and eight Talbot furnaces. The foundry is in the came building as a depot for fire-clay bricks. The building is situated about four a east of thr raw material depot and consists of one floor, 120 x 60 x 30 a. The Pirst Martin furnace produces 25X1 e1STSIOUY16N STATE ARTY NAVY 1 AIR T-1 I 'el -1 1 Tula report Is for the use within the USA of the Intelligence components of the Departments or Agenclas Indicated above, It to not to be transmitted oversew without the enneurrence of the 25 X1 75 tons of steel in seven hours. The second. aartin furnace produces 150 tons of steel in seven hours. Each Talbot furnace can produce 225 tons of high quality steel in eight hours. However, these furnaces are used only when needed. The majority are idle. The hall for heating the ingots has eight heating furnaces, which can heat 15 ingots. The actual new steel works have five crones for 100 tons each, one crane for 150'tons, three cre.nes for 1.5 tons, tour cranes for 10 tons. Near the heating furnaces are four cranes for 50 tons. Old rolling mills (No. 33 on plant diagram), situated four a east of the foundry. size about 60 z 30 x 30 it. ?quipped .with one rolling 'chair' with five profiles; one hydraulic shears. (f) ;few rolling mills, about 60 x kO x 30. llot completed z:s of July 1953. No machinery instal:.:. (g) Pumping station, 30 x 20 x 12 m, situated 20 youth of the old rolling wills. (h) railway freight. station for the New :steel Works. :-ituated south of the plant. (i) Re.ilvay line running from the Old Steel.'",orl;s of Vitkovice to the northern part of the plant. (j) Transportation department for the entire national enterprise. Situated 'behind' the VitkoviceLlirabxV'Xa highway. Approved For Release 2004/02/11 :M" $Q-00809A000 X Power 14. wrr-p2ant receives electric power frola the electric power plants of the First of May, in Moravska Ostrava. Tranlrpbrtstiou. _ 5. The Nev and the Old Steel Works at Vitkovice each has its own transportation system: a'narrow-gauge railway. There'are three locomotives. Row Vhtcria7.s 6. "We New :;teal Works receives:: Iron ore from the U:'."R, , wcdcn, 'olend and .yowl:i:.. ",crap iron mostly from ')=ollnd and from Brno rud Pilsen in Czechoslovakia. Manganese are from the U;',::13 and :iweden. Dolomite from ?ola.nd. Chromium, shipped in boxes 100 x 60 x 6o cm from the port of Trieste. Bach box holds 150 hg of chromium. 'Silicon, shipped in bores 100 x 60 x 60 cm, weighing 150 kg. Origin unknown to me. iroduction 7. 'Tack'"month the factory produces: (a.) Three large pieces (tivei~hing about '! 0 ton,.) -which .re later used for the production of cranksh-.rf't::. (b) 9000 ingots for the froductic.- of, rea.ils (:n:,c.+ i _ (.) . (c) 9000 ingots for the production of iron ..hest. (mok~.el oi' mli :ture wi). 25X1 Approved Or 25X1 - 3 - C:ONF ID 11TIH.L. 25X1 (c) -U00 ar.~ored plates, 150 x 110 x 35 cm, model of the mixture 7. (-. 20 ingot,. ,, high quality steel for the production of axles; mixture f J_ ingo-4s f p oduction of rails. 8. ?liigh quality ~-eta r sI Iy av not been available for the production o high ] n January _uulity s ee._. 195 3 th ,percentage of rejects in the rolling mills was 451-' l al the foremen Tiere trans:k r ed elsewhere. ` . The entire uroduc {{ on of ::arils is exported to Korea. The 1srge axles and :>iri~. propellers arc co. feted in the Old ,teelevorks and then shipped to ::ziitzeri; The ingots for iron sn' ets are used or ;;aecnoslovak needs. The iron plate-- are ex sorted to the The ingots of' high quality steel are trans-sorted to the black- ssmith section of t e t.l d ,teel works in Vitkovice. 10. In the first six vontihs of 1953 the Five-Year Economic 'Program us.:; fulfil1_ec1 4.bzenteejs)u of wor) crs P mounted to 30;A. rlnini. s trat ic;n 1l. 'x he nrgcs of the 14ec~? : tees !.,corks is (.,nu) duller, as C aunist, about 1'(4 cni~ tall with e_arc hair. He all lays *%rrars glasses. l2. "'1"he proc!u:?ti4n z. per 1:, K LLII ('u nu) '.FatOpC']C, _.' ,".6)iWllllai8t, ;bout 3.63 cry:; taf!s or' , hon l0 are 'eonen. About 1&0 politico.). pri3oners :L: es ''he niakltnry :c;ide y s'?t ~'r .Gal:: unload rail y :Freight cars. '.:'here were ztbout 50 J brigadiers in the n)::6 About 20 brigadiers from other facteries worked for :;ix months date not Eire / in the New teal Works as voluntary brigad.c . There ,^ere no soviet er[~171oyeez. lit. `.kyesge net monthly salarica in the new currency i ost `0 ??;ty 53 III Cir,eneral. worker -1.500 Cro'.'ns aorkisag 2or sap or old master -2200 Crolans Young enginLcr -1600 Cro*.vns altiarentice - 150 Crowns plus food s.nd loigin, urnace ~orkex -2500 Crowns fdlrst helper near furnaces -18CU Crowns and helper near urne,ces -1500 Crowns Crane driver -i6oo crowns Director -3000 Crowns Female employee in the technical otficea 700 Crow'ina 15 ? "'A typical foundry worker away corn 1600 Croi..ns net per month but have to work every ;undnyw ''s'he discount: acid deductions) for this :iorker may come to 1.96 Kco per month, plus l'`.s of groc s sa.lerJ l,for }t0H fee.,. (obligatory col .unir;t union for warkcra). fifty per cent extra to paid' 1;cr ',unsay yr rk. Ti' the first :Voundry worker near the l'urnrccrs exceeds his nora he earn as mucn -is 10( Kcs extra pc-r month. J. "''Meat of the ui v'ker $~a in privz+.te 's'he CP members et :tats in g- the per) lining ripe.rterz of th ?;tcr_). ;desk:,. t?:u::t of the vo1?? crs~ bring their meals froz hc. e. h r cy fete buy the cold IDteri? s in the i acto?ry cr'nteen. 25X1 Approved ~Or _.,~ . 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/02/11 CI 0809A000500400 25X1 17. ?. r.d are tvo hours ax 5011ticr1 ed4cxtisn s *t!k, sftrr tv*rk rstvo aAya. The cawing at,rkers . aa+j ? e d.14g *hoer, of the op reesi're.epecis . tbr.+ a--oath courses &t isrseslcs'. ?1~trx~ai~ . t fter that pr psretion they beoe a p*11ticAl instructors r.WOg the, vwkere. 18. *'Thi vorkers arp not i terrrted iu their jobs. There.- Irt lerv- `t'+crceatdge of absenteeism. They w4rkcr,c were infuriated by the come y rtforwj' my the xelc3.i rog 'fords' 1. vftcn reed "ti-cehrw+iriet SAode*s, ecur 19? "`' ;getekeepct r a writh pistol --sx+e pasted cheer the tntmace gets. ht ai+ght tv) seoabere of the v*rkf--v' a;i.liti* gasr5 the Bite. -Ihey -ere -rsed with pistols.. ':flri' r"nadrxys I - al,vr qs sev; -the the, file-tt hti ; gpsriL? abSt. 2(. is ~, he tic: r the 1' yt xt of the !ems teel" usrkk at itkgrlce: /-See. ze ? 4vi1lg *i 7 25X11 New See l Mlorks V - kov ~c - 25X1 25X1 V-Approved For Release 2004/02/11: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500400094-1 F Approved For Release 2004/02/11, CIA-RDP80-00809A000500400094-1 25X1 25X1 Uo k::, Vitkovice W. rtin J'U:1-Ii3 tee. iboot :iu:?n:..: i?' , J.. iu;ancryc :;. tic urn'.'. .r;;)t c'or .Line. mr--gnErium carbonate). 16. M:.l.. for c: