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December 14, 2016
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October 26, 2000
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February 10, 1955
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DEC ""'Approved For Release 2002/01/03 : CIA-RDP80-00809A000500410116-5 U.S. Officials Only 111E .TPENT TAL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT .trl: rt!s1_eirag Pres?ure Fr?_`T. O;11ne-3 .`mm'z'.ist errmcr' PLACE ACQUIRED (BY SOURCE) DATE ACQUIRED (BY SOURCE) THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INTONYATI ON ArrLCT INO THE NATIONAL oLFENTE Of THE UNITED STATES, ?ITIIII TIILMLANINO Or TITLE I. SECTIONS TSS AND TE.. OF THE U.S. COOL AS AMENDED. ITS TIIANSYISSION ON NEVE? LAf ION OF ITS CONTENTS TO ON NECE IPT DT AN UNAVTNOA I ZED PENS ON IS N?O..ITlTCO IIY LAII. THL P[PIOOUCTION Of TNIS NCPOIETID PROH IOITLO. a:L,-,ng Chine,. s:hcol5 in Ina-:ac r.C di `.r 3 ts_ tb k a:-,ft the P1=Linlx,'. 1''2? u1u . 00/c N 0. Oro ?. rA N0. nrI T,G. D. !" DISTR. /U Feb NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT NO. 2. The Chine e Cc:rnmu:.,s' in Cantcr hive 1c,:ked upon with a fec=lir:g ..f -;,Jsl:_cion and hcetility ever they :.ame ir.*_o power in the winter of 1919???1950, The are some cf the -.muse _, rf this u.n?'riendly attitude: nA tlnwii.lingne.s= .f the P,.trtu,gueee authcrsties t,) ac_ept Chinese 'CcmRra:_.iat. auggF1'1rn:?c *,:c box Chinese agencieta (e.g. 'the cffi:isl repr*r_en'::atiue : f he Nationalist Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Mary cf these sugge.,~.icn he.ue= ^mpe.nied by valuable "gift?s'I. b. Ref-.:sal cf the Ma.:.a E,c er 1tLP.r_', tc .f '. n:sh information regarding Natirnali.-t visi-:cr s ir., ,3,r,3 Tu a..ia' E ,c.apee : tc, Macao. d. Liar :warm 0 iOpT:ed by Chln,- 3r. men: ha. *. war d t emm,r l ?*. ., dF:l' .T,,,:p(?r?!-.. goods. One, .:f 'E.h(. yt'is 1C 1C I.ei "111 ' + l n-lint er .?' guard; wee gre --,tly tr. :ea.l:tl 1.:,-,jrh '-he exa;t number was never di s: 7; sod. One brief wri.te-?al. in the Ccrnmu.r..'f ' O'r,c-red Wen Hui Per (a daily r ,Ll_. r_ed ...n Hi -rig Kong) about Chit ,-; t,mns -1-.1me 19E`:1. wh'L.':.h gave the fip-L>_r : as 2500 stl'lped ?z4, 1,7 750C, was pr.oba:.'oly ac?:ura;e ac.'crdinr, t!- , . '_a.l.le v~-ndo:rs whr ha-re crc:.sed ';re brrdrr. U.S. Officials Only CONFIDENTIAL LDISTRIBUTION Mr/ STATE I jARMY 1 NAVY AIR Fbl This report is for the use within the USA or the .!T- ?.elllgence components of the Departments or Agencies indicated above. It is r-#, t" be transr .ed overseas without the concurrence of the originating office through the Assistant Di..:ctor or the ('fce of r 11ection and Dissemination, C,IA. Approved For Release 2002/0103: CIA-RDP80-00809AO0500410116-5 25X1A CONFIDENTIAL/US OFFICIALS ONLY Another measure cf reprisals the increased nontrol lof ,_ork ex -,rts from The mxir-land tc Ma--ac which somewhat parallels the anticri 'taken with .-=gard to Hong Kong. In recprt months there have been three,' during whist the supply of pork to Ma:ao was entirely H-.-It off: a. Around Mid-AL'umn Festival 1953 -- for abcu' three weeks. t. 15-25 N---. 53. New Year season, 20 Dec: 53 - 10 .Tar.. 54. Resu,_lt: price of park z. se from HIC$275 per pieul i -ember '9713 to B4355 per pi al as of the middle of anuary 1951}. Ancther pher--men.=n in the Macao market, .:heated possibly by Domuu.uni.s-. reprisal immed.i.5teiy fallowing Christms.s day 1.953, was the dumping of imported goads and s:.pplie- iota Ma tae by the C9lnton Cowmunist,. The most ncti-.eable .item. wore- a, Imprrted .them.,: als, in:1u ding dye _, . b. Phctcgrephi: supplies an4'ejuipment. ai.pment ., A1.1 the f:xpcr1. wFro routed t~ Mao-;ao by land and by water, and offered far sale .t a price lower than the, :.Lr ent in Macao. terror.,=-.t a::tiiritles might be .spread to Macao soon was indicated by the innrease of blackmailing; letters sent to educational administrators and echocl tea -:here, ar gir!g -them to gear l ',their s _:hool curriculum to the needs of the "people or else - - - The first resent victim of pionned battery was Lin Yin-tangs Fren :h eda:: c-----d former professor in the College of Education of the former Sun Yat-sen Uriversity Jr Canton, now engaged in organizing anti-Communist labor organizations in Macac. He was waylaid and beaten up by four ruffians on 26 Dec 53, after rte had given an anti-Comm:nlst address the day before, on which the Nationalist Anti-Monarchy Day was celebrated. - end - LIBRARY SUBJECTS & AREA CODES C-02-0615 2/ 5 122.561 IL C (BL) 176.1 IL (BL) 117.503 1L 814.1 IL C (BL) 75 1.22 3 I L/C (BI J CONFIDENTIAL/US OFFICIALS ONLY