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December 15, 2016
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February 18, 2004
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April 12, 1954
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5X1 5X1 5X1 5X1 2. Ferdinand von 8chill vas commander of the "Achill Hussaren" during the Napoleonic wars early in the 19th century. Hia exploits against the French made German hiecory. However, he was long forgotten until Hitler's historians dug back into the past and revived what could be called oTlr d - memories." Anyhow, Hitler's aim was to revive German nationalism or caper natiopelism by telling the German people what a glorious last they had. Tt was Also designed to kindle the hatred of the French. Hitler succeeded, and in 1937 every school textbook carried the Schill story. Books about 8chill appeared in the bookshops. He was again a hero. He victoriously .&ought the French -- a great national hero in the eyes of the Nazi propagandisti. 3. When Communist education "specialists" began, turning out new school text- books for the East German suhoola, all roferenco to Germany's past was deleted. Poems by Schiller, whose rationalism and so-called "love for freedom" were contained in much of hi.c work, were taboo. Instead, the COUNTRY Germany (Soviet PLACE ACOUI ED Schll German r..i~ OOCUr[MT CO.TUrt I 31S*T.C. ?rr[C,i.4 Inc s?r$^r.L Clrcnft 71 T>[ UFI TL t??Tlt. .. i>~> ,.c r[?., i..c cr 11%9 I. s[C?!:.c 1(1 ?w7 tt?. pI T.[ VJ. COC I. .[ ?rl.Dt .. irl L??fn tai ., ^., .. r[. r.n.0.'? .-i CO'.TI T > O . - . - ..-. .[CCiri tr ?. 1,..?U .if[G rc.f Cw .t DISTRIBUTION C* I!s is UNEVALUATED INFORMATION RESPONSIVE TO 1 2 CD No. 00d. 7U. CAS tiC. -_- OCI '.0. DATE DISTR. /.4 Apr 5L NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO PEPORT NO. as a Stamp wit a orse ac picture o er nan pt eta von c i . It was a large Stamp (Game as UL' special delivery), magenta color, of GDR02O denomination. I was astonished to see this particular design -- and I believe it is hishly significant in evrluating preeen*, politlieel tactics by the Communist regime. - ?-?- .L, ,o ncc co De transmitted overseas wlthoat the concurrence of the originating otilce through the Assistant Dl rector of the G1P.,ce of Collection and Dissemination, CIA. ~I I Approved For Release 004/03/26 : CIA-RDP8 -00809A000500450135-0 CONFIDENTIAL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT Zone) Belief that Communists *.re Using von Stamp in Propaganda Effort T,) Foster Nationalistic Feeling against France SEE LAST PA " 7 1:1, A P (ARMY 25X1 25X1A 25X1X Approv d For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP80-00809A000500450135-0 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP80-00809AO00500450135-0 CONFIDENPIAL 2 C unists made an attempt to sell the Soviet Army and the "glorious" past of COME n2Bm to the, Germans. This involved many strategies, Fuge . pictures of Communist leaders and Soviet heroes decorated East German cities which were so lit up by colorful red stars that many of them looked like amusement parks. The Germans didn't go for that, and this carnival-type display was made the eurject of many anti-Communist jokes. 4. It seems to me that the Communists now have resorted to another means of "getting" the Germans. If this postage stamp is any indication, they are using the old Hitler tactics -- namely, to revive the old nationalism. 5. This, in my opinion, is very serious. I believe these tactics ace designed to stir up once more the hatred toward the French by making Schill an East German patriot, thus a Communist patriot. If this present campaign is intensified, it could vary well block France's participation i., ',EDC. I believe that this is the real aam behind this strategy. The words at the top of the stump Deutsche Patrioten -- indicate to me that she stamp is only one of a series. 6. I don't think you could go wrong' in wa,chinu this situation. If this ' campaign continues, hard-hitting" commentaries over RIAS and the, Voice might creak its back. 7. The 148 Encyclopedia Britannicla contains the following on vonlSchill: SChILL, Ferdirand Baptista von (1776-1809), Prussian soldier, was born in Saxony. Entering the Prussian cavalry at the age of 12, he was still a subaltern of dragoons when he was wounded in the battle! of Auerstadt. At Kolberg he played a very prominent part in the cele- bratedsiege of 1807. After the peace of Tilsit he was given the C PYR G H T nommand of a hussar regiment. In 1409 the political situation in Europe appeared to'Schill to favor an attempt to liberate his country fr' the French domination. Leading out his regiment from Berlin under pretext of maneuvers, he raised the standard of revolt, and marched for t..e Elbe. At Dodc.ndorf (5 May 1809) he had a brush with the Magdeburg garrison, but was lsoon driven northwards where he, hoped to find British support. With little more than his original force Sohill was surrounded by five thousand Danish and Dutch troops in the neighborhood of Wiener. He escaped by hard fighting action of Damgertsn, 24 May)' to Stralsund! The Danes and Dutch soon hemmed him in, and by sheer numbers overwhelmed the defenders (31 May). was killed.7 himself - - and 25X1 rovFZDEHTIAZ, Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP80-00809AO00500450135-0 25X1 25X1A 25X1